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Are There TEBA Bank Loans in Gauteng? Requirements and Contact Information

If you are residing in Gauteng and you are wondering whether you can have access to a loan for your needs, let me tell you the answer to that question is yes. In fact, you need to know two things about this company. It has changed its name to Ubank and it not only offers loans, but also different packages for its clients.

   Fortunately, this company is present at Gauteng, which is why I will write a full article about the bank´s loans and packages, both of which will be really useful for your finances. Then, I will give you contact information of the bank in Gauteng


    This banking company has its biggest aim which is to give clients a maximum of R 180 000 and offering them the chance of repaying for that amount in no more than 72 months.

Interested in the features of this loan? Let me show you them:

-You can ask for a maximum of R 180 000

-You can decide to pay for it in 72 months or less

-You will obtain a unique bank account to make use of

Which are the requirements for this Personal Loan in Gauteng?

-You need to show you possess monthly salary and proving you are given it in your bank account each month

-Your age should be between 18 and 65 years old

Ubank will focus on finding out if you are a respectable applicant or not, by examination how your finances are being managed at the moment.

 If you are now concerned about the application procedure for a Personal Loan, bear in mind this useful piece of information:

-Being ready to submit your recent pays lip

-Being ready to submit any proof of your address you have with you, which must also be recent

-Being ready to grant the company your identification book, so as to demonstrate you are a South African inhabitant. It can as well be your passport.

-Being ready to show to the company different bank statements with your financial movements, which cannot be more than 3 months older

After you have started the application for a loan with this banking company, you will need to finance some fees such as the initiation you pay at the beginning and the monthly service fee, which must be paid each month of course.  Furthermore, there will be interest rates present that have a tendency to fluctuate following the Prime Interest Rate.



What are the several features that make up this package?

-You will only need to pay interest rates whose maximum is if 0.50%

-You will be able to use a bank account so as to make deposits and more

-You will be able to be protected through a special cover, just in case you have an accident or you pass away. The fee is of R 2000

-Making use of a savings balance that the bank authorizes to be of R 1000, the maxim of course.

-Making fixed deposits of about R 10 000 or less than that.

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How can I apply from home for this package?

Well, you will first need to submit your identity book or your passport if you cannot find it, a proof of the place you are now living in and being capable of paying monthly fees that do not surpass this amount 59.


What are the features that comprise a package like this one?

-You can obtain a bank account with the company

-You can obtain a card called Silver Card, which comes along with the support of Visa

-You can make as many transactions as you want and you will save up to R 30 each month

-You can receive a funeral cover for R 3000 to protect your health and your finances

-You can make fixed deposits of up to 10 000

As regards requirements, they tend to be pretty similar to the ones mentioned for the other package, but you will need to pay some fees of about R 99 and only for once r30 for a Sim card you will receive.


    If you would like to obtain a Gold Package, you need to know that apart from obtaining a bank account with the company and a special card named Gold Car, you can easily make multiple transactions and avoid paying extra charges for that operation you make with the bank. In fact, which a package like this one most clients happen to save up to R 40 each month. What is more, you will receive a funeral insurance of R 5000 to protect your health and feel safe while making transactions with your finances.

   Another important feature of this package is that you get to enjoy savings balances that come along with a maximum of R 1000 and the possibility of making fixed deposits of R 10 000


Contact information of Ubank in Gauteng

There are plenty of ways through which you can communicate with the company´s representatives, so I strongly advise you to take a look at them and decide which one will bring you more comfort:


The most usual way of communication is through phone, which is why you can dial up a free number and speak directly to the company´s representatives. The phone is: 086000 8322. There is also another phone number for people calling from abroad: 27 11 5185780.


The head office of Ubank in Gauteng is precisely located in Johannesburg, in Sunninghill. The exact address is Sunninghil Park, 1, in Eglin Road. Its phone number is:011 518 5000. You can also send a letter of your own to the following postal address, if you want to receive a letter from the company. The address is: Private Bag X 101.


Another way of contacting Ubank is through its website, as you get the chance of entering there and with one click finding out lots of information. You can even send an email

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Can I pay for an insurance with this company?

Yes, there are many insurances available

Will I qualify depending on my salary?

Yes you will

Can I finance the loan with a debit card?

Sure you can

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