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Can Durban Citizens Enjoy TEBA Bank Loans? Requirements and Contact Details

Are you now residing in the amazing city of Durban? Do you need financial help? Thanks God you arrived here, I know a solution for that problem, Teba Bank, which is now called Ubank. This bank has developed a wonderful Personal Loan to cover every type of need you have in life. Moreover, it has also developed some packages to make sure your finances are well kept and you make safe transactions.

   For that purpose, I would like to devote this article to talking about that Personal Loan and the numerous Packages available to the citizens of Gauteng.

Now, even though this company does not have physical offices in Durban, that is not a problem since clients of this city can still communicate with the bank and obtain its products. But, in the contact section, apart from giving you information about Ubank, I will mention another company and its ways of communicating with it, so that you can go in person to a physical office if that is what you want.



    The firm is eager to provide its customers with more than R 180 000, amount which can be straightforwardly financed in a period that has a maximum of 72 months.

  Now, let’s take a detailed look at the diverse features that complete this delightful loan:

-Demanding the bank for amounts whose maximum ranges R 180 000

-Having the incredible chance of repaying for the credit in a maximum of 72 months, which is a lot of time if you think about it

-Receiving straight access to the reserves in your bank account

Which are the necessary requirements for this sort of loan?

-Devising a monthly income and being paid in your bank account

-Being this age: between 18 and 65 years old

This bank focus on finding out what are the chances that you are a good aspirant or not. This is done by checking how your funds are doing at present time.

 If you are really attracted to the application procedure, consider the following data:

-Accepting to give the company your recent pay slip, which contains lots of information about your finances

-Accepting to give the company a proof of your residential address, which needs to be recent, of course

-Accepting to give the company your identity book, which enables the bank to prove you are a South African citizen and you are living currently in the country. Another option can be your passport

-Accepting to give the company your dissimilar bank statements, which is essential that they be no more than 3 months

As soon as you apply for a loan like this with the bank, you will need to reimburse fees, for instance the initiation and the monthly service fee, which of course will be super low and affordable. Additionally, you will observe interest rates that lean towards a fluctuation in accordance with the Prime Interest Rate that supports the bank.


   If after reading the information presented above, you find yourself interested in inspectioning your affordability with this company so as to attain a loan, you can start using the calculator. Once you have entered into this app, you will see that you need to provide information such as the kind of employment you have, how much money you need from the bank and also which is the maximum and the minimum you plan to acquire.

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I will focus on main package, which is the most affordable one for the customers of Durban:


Its main characteristics are the following you will observe now:

-You will just pay interest rates that do not surpass 0.50%

-You will immediately make use of a bank account so as to make deposits, receive money, and make transfers and more

-You will immediately receive a debit card, which as you can imagine lets you buy the goods you have in mind

-You will be granted an insurance to protect you and your funds, if an accident takes place or you suffer a serious illness and you do not have the money to pay for the charges of transactions and loans. The amount for this insurance is of R 2000.

-You have the chance of making 10 000 fixed deposits

-You have the chance of making use of a savings balance that comes along with a maximum amount: R 1000, which if you think about is quite high.

How can Durban citizens apply for the Bronze package?

    In order to start with the application, several documentation is needed: your identity book or your valid passport, a proof of the dwelling you are formerly living in and being perfectly capable of paying some monthly fees that cannot be more than R 59. Such fee has to be paid before you are given access to the Bronze Package.

Contact details of Ubank in Durban


You can always make a phone call to the bank, if you dial up from the comfort of your house this number: 086000 8322. And there is an international phone number for you to phone too: 27 11 5185780.


Together with entering the bank´s website

 You can always send an email to this email

Another option in Durban: GRINDROD

This is another great choice to bear in mind if you want to obtain affordable loans and packages for you and your family:

Contact Grindrod in Durban:

       If you are now residing in Durban, you can first contact the company by entering its official webpage, which you will see has many details about loans, insurances and special packages, just like Ubank does. You can also send a message to the company in their contact section.

    You can also establish contact with the company by going in person to its head office in Durban, located in Stamford Hill. The exact address is Kingsmead Office Park, at 5 Arundel Close.

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Can I finance the personal loan with a card?

You can use your debit card

Can I be given all the money at once?

It depend on the amount you request

What if I do not comply with payments?

You will be penalized

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