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Can I Obtain TEBA Bank Loans? Online Calculator and Contact Information

Teba Bank, which is one of the most remarkable banks in the history of South Africa has changed its name to Ubank, however their wonderful services and products remain the same and are accessible to every citizen of the country.

   For that reason, I will devote the next article to talking about their loan called Personal Loan and then several packages the company has designed for its clients. Then, I will give contact information, so that South Africans find it easy to communicate with the company.


    The company is willing to provide its clients with up to R 180 000, which can be easily financed in a period whose maximum is of 72 months, a lot.

   Let’s take a look at the different features that make up this wonderful loan:

-Requesting the bank for amounts of about R 180 000

-Being able to repay for the loan in a maximum of 72 hours

-Getting direct access to the funds in your bank account

Which are the requirements for this loan?

-Having a monthly salary and receiving it in your bank account

-being between 18 and 65 years old

The bank will take care of finding out whether you are a good candidate or not, by checking how your finances are doing.

 If you are interested in the application procedure, bear in mind the following data:

-Giving the company your recent pays lip

-Giving the company a proof of your address, which also need to be recent

-Giving the company your identity book, in order to prove you are a South African citizen. It can also be your passport

-Giving the company the different bank statements, which need to be no more than 3 months older

Once you apply for a loan with this bank, you will need to pay for certain fees such as the initiation and the monthly service fee. Moreover, there will be interest rates that tend to fluctuate in accordance with the Prime Interest Rate.


If you are interested in checking your affordability with this bank so as to obtain a loan, you can use the calculator. Once in this app, you need to give information related to the kind of employment you possess, how much money you request the bank to grant you, by choosing minimums and maximums, the type of loan you wish to acquire and the financing periods you would like to take for the repaying of the program.

As an example, if you choose a new loan and you are permanently employed and require for R 1000, you will need to pay R 502 each month in a period of 3 years.



Its features are the following:

-Paying for interest rates of 0.50%

-Getting a bank account for every need to experience in your daily life

-Obtaining a debit card in order to purchase the goods you want

-Being able to make free transactions so as to save lots of money on a monthly basis

-Getting an insurance to cover funeral costs in case you die or there is an accident that affects the applicant of a loan. This insurance is of about R 2000

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-Having savings balance of about R 1000 and being notified about this in no more than a month, which can be really helpful for the education of your children

-Access to fixed deposits of a maximum of R 10 000

How can I apply for this package?

You will need your identity book or your passport, a proof of the place you are currently living and being able to pay monthly fees whose maximum is of R 59, which of course need to be financed before obtaining the package. Now, if you are not able to afford the different monthly fees supposes to be paid for the package, you can ask the company´s representatives to give you financial options.


What are this package´s features?

-Getting a bank account for the client

-Obtaining a Silver Card with Visa so as to buy goods

-Being able to make transactions that translate as saving up to R 30 each month

-Obtaining a funeral cover of up to R 3000

-Paying for an interest rate of about 0, 75%

-Access to fixed deposits of about R 10 000

The requirements for this package are the same as the previous package, but the client will need to pay monthly fees of R 99 and only once a SIM card which costs R 30, no more than that.


    By applying for this package, the client can not only receive a bank account of their own at the bank but also complete access to a Gold Debit Card with Visa, so as to purchase as many goods as he requests. The client is also able to make multiple transactions so as to save lots of money, such as a maximum of R 40. Moreover, clients have access to funeral covers of about R 5000. But, what differentiates this package from the two already mentioned is the possibility of obtaining a cellphone banking subscription which of course is free of charges. The interest will be of 1%.

     Another feature of a Gold Package of the fact of getting savings balance of about R 1000 and making fixed deposits whose maximum can be of R 10 000. Finally, there are monthly fees of R 139 that need to be financed and a connection of fee which tends to be of no more than R 50 each month.

Contact information of Ubank


Clients can call the bank on their free phone number, designed for customer service, one is national: 086000 8322 and the other is an international phone number: 27 11 5185780.


The Head Office of the bank is in Sunning hill, whose telephone number is 011 518 5000. The exact address of this office is Sunhill Park, n1. Located in Johannesburg. You can also send a letter to the following postal address: Private Bag X101. It is found at Sunninghill, 2157


Apart from entering the bank´s website you can send an email to this

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Questions and answers

Please I need a loan to settle the existing one.

If the loan you already have is also with UBANK (formerly known as Teba Bank), you will not be able to ask for a new loan to pay off the one you already have. However, if the loan you need to pay for is with another banking institution and you have a good affordability and credit history, you might be able to request a loan with UBank.

I need loan of 40 000 how much can I pay per month and for how long?

TEBA Bank is now called UBank. At this bank you can pay out your loan in 72 months, tops. In order to qualify for this loan, you need to be 18 to 65, be permanently employed, have a bank account (it can be a bank account at any bank), and provide the bank with your payslips and account statement from your bank.

What must I do to apply for a loan at Ubank?

In order to apply for a loan at Uban, you will have to present certain documents: your original payslip (it must be the latest), a document that proves your address (It should not be older than three months), a bank statement. It should be of the last three months and an ID that is valid.

I need loan of 40 000. How much can I pay per month and for how long?

With TEBA Bank, you can borrow up to R50000 and you can repay the amount of the loan in thirty six months term. Remember that every bank, whenever you send the application, will take into account other factor that may affect what you may have to pay per month and the rate might change too.

What are the terms for a Teba loan?

Teba works with ubank for this financial service and these are the terms you can get. The highest quote they issue is R180000 and, the longest payment term is 72 months. You can ask them money whether you bank with ubank or not. In case you bank with another entity, you need to add bank statements to the list of documents to present.

I want to pay for my wedding. Please TEBA, can you help?

Yes! You will find the help you need with TEBA and ubank’s personal loan. You just need to plan a wedding whose budget is of 180000 rands top, as that is the quote you can request TEBA to lend you. One great advantage of this company is that the payments are flexible so you can adapt them to your own benefit.

Can I obtain a loan without being employed?

No you can not

Do I need to present collateral for the loan?

No, you will not

Can I finance the loan in cash?

Of course

I'm a Lesotho citizen residing & working in South Africa, am I also welcome to apply for a loan?

Sure you are! As long as you’re completely sure you meet TEBA’s requirements, you can go after your personal loan with them. Remember two important points. One of them is that they work along with ubank’s partnership for their financial services offered. And, the other important point is that you need to have the right document that shows you are within the applicants that live and work in South Africa.

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