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Which Are the Requirements for Standard Bank Quick Loans? Loan Department and Online Application

Do you need quick money? Are you in search of a convenient company that meets such need? Good choice! Standard Bank is what you need. Since 1862, this company has been working so as to financial help South African citizens to achieve their goals. Among the many services offered by Standard, we will focus on the lending programs which are currently the most wanted.

                For those who are in a hurry, we will describe how easy is to get quick money from Standard Bank. What is more, we will also show other programs that are useful to finance other needs. And finally, we will talk about how to locate agents and representatives that are willing to help you with financing.


                Standard is highly interested in helping current and prospective clients by facilitating money really quickly. You can use the money to pay for holidays, to finance the purchase of furniture, or even to consolidate old debts. As far as financing is concerned, you can choose terms that go from one year five years. Interest rates can be either fixed or variable with a maximum of 25%; however, rates tend to flirt 10%.

                Imagine you need R150 000. If you think that it is an amount of money that can be returned in 1 year, interest rates can be near 8.25%. In this case, you will make 12 payments of fixed quotes of R13123. You can also choose a financing program of 5 years. As terms are longer, interest rates are a little bit higher, such as  11%. Therefore, payments will reach a monthly quote of R3337.


                Apart from financing money for unexpected expenses, vacations or other things, there are exclusive programs that help you to get the property you want. If you are about to buy your first home, you can borrow the 104% of its value. This is because the program is thought to pay for the property and the rest, 4%, should be used to pay for needs. If you already a home, and you want to buy or build a new one, the bank will give you the 100% of its value. And finally, if you need to finance a property to run business, the bank will help you with the 80% of its value. As far as financing is concerned, interest rates will vary based on the amount of money borrowed, but they never surpass 24%. Terms can be as long as 20 years.

                Imagine you want to buy a home whose value is R300000.  If you choose the longest financing period, you can repay the money in up to 240 payments. In this case, you can apply for an interest rate of 10.5%. Therefore, monthly payments will be of R3000. There is also a possibility to finance the same amount of money in 6 years. As terms are shorter, interest rates can be lower: 7.25%. As a result, monthly payments will make 72 payments of R5000.

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                There are also interesting and quick programs that are useful to finance business needs. The money can be used to buy expensive assets or to make business grow. There are amounts of available for a minimum of R 50000 up to a maximum based upon your ability to make payments. As far as interests are concerned, they can be fixed or variable, but they are attached to the Prime rate. Please take into account that if you choose fixed interest rates, payments will remain stable but an increase on rate will definitely affect monthly quotes.

                Now you know enough the company, let’s take a look at how it is possible to get what you want. If you are in a hurry and you need money right now, take advantage of online application. By entering the official webpage, you can select the loan that is best for you and click on apply now. In this way, you will not lose time talking to representatives or waiting hours in a branch. Via internet, you can also read more about the programs and get possible payment quotes. In case you have questions, take into account thie e-mail address:

                Another quick way of application is by phone. Standard has an organized system of lines so as to assists clients by avoiding long hours on the phone. In case you have general questions about the bank, the number available is 0860 123 000. But if you are sure you want to apply for a personal loan, please call 0860 123 001.

                And finally, it is possible that when it comes to money, people prefer face to face attention. In this case, there are many offices of the bank all around South Africa so that you can pay visit to the nearest one. Some of them can be found in the following areas:

Kimberley: there is an office in this corner: Bultfontein Street and Lennox Streets. Its doors are open Monday through Friday from 9a.m. to 3p.m.

Johannesburg: in the area of Southdale, there is an office exactly located at Corner Alamein Street And Lansbsbourg. 

                All in all, let's conclude that no matter how quickly you need the money, Standard Bank will be ready for you. The company offers programs that lend you money in a matter of seconds and other that are long-lasting. It is time for you to make a balance and choose the one that best meet your needs. Let professional be in charge of financial problems and enjoy life!  

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Can I pay for medical expenses with quick loans?

Yes, you can!

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Which is the highest interest rate available?

The highest interest rate is 24%.

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