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What Are the Requirements and Interest Rates of Standard Bank Loans in Kimberley?

Are you in search of financial support in the city of Kimberley? Is it hard to find a responsible company? Don’t look for it anymore and… Congratulations! Standard Bank is what you have been looking for. This company is one of the youngest in the market, but it boasts a wide variety of lending programs destined to meet whatever financial need that may appear on the road. In this article, we will try to focus on the most convenient loans available for Kimberley’s residents. Let's focus also on where to find offices of Standard in such area and other ways to obtain the money needed.

                We will develop the first part of the article to mention some different programs with their respective financing details, rates and possible payments.


                First of all, you can count on Standard Bank so as to upgrade you life quality. This means that you can borrow money to finance holidays, to buy new furniture and even more. These personal loans are characterized by having either fixed or variable interest so as you can choose what is most convenient. If you are worry about terms, there are really flexible programs that go from one to five years.

                As far as rates are concerned, they can be as high as 25% but they usually flirt 10%, based on your credit history and amount borrowed. If you want to clear the loan before hand, there are no termination fees required.

                Let’s take a look at some figures for a loans of R150000. You can choose a financing period of 1 year and get an interest rate of 8.25%. Then, you will make twelve payments of approximately R13120. If this is a highly monthly amount, you can choose a longer period: 5 years. In this case, interest rates will possibly be a little higher: almost 12%. Therefore, the quote will be of near R3340 for 60 months.


                Secondly, you can also ask for money to be used with a specific purpose, such as home purchase. With Standard Bank, there are many programs that you can take advantage of. If you are a first time buyer, you can borrow money for the 104% of your desired home value. With such amount you will pay for the property and you will use 4% to finance transferences, deposits and other unexpected fees. Those who have a home and want to invest in a second property can count on the bank, which will facilitate the 100% of the home’s value and, as clients, they will be in charge of paying for extra fees. When it comes to construction, Standard also has exclusive programs. In these cases, all the money you need will be financed during the building period and even more. And last but not least, you can also apply for mortgages to finance home for business. In this case, the bank will lend the 80% of the property’s value.

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                If you are interested in any of these programs, you are required to be older than 18 and have an account with the bank. Besides, you have to guarantee that you earn more than R3500 to borrow money for personal home and more than R6000 to borrow money for business home. All the plans can be consolidate in periods of up to 20 years and interest rates never surpass 24%.

                Let’s take a look at how interest rates work in mortgages by choosing a home loan of R300000. These are the figures that were revealed by the online calculator that appeared in the webpage:

-If you choose the maximum length -20 years-, you can get an interest rate near 10.5%. As a result, you will pay 240 installments of R3000.

-If you choose a shorter term -6 years-, you can obtain an even lower interest rate: 7.25%. Therefore, you will pay 72 installments of R5000.

                Now you know what Standard Bank has to offer, let’s take a look at how it is possible to have access to such programs:

In person: in the area of Kimberley, you can take advantage of the official branches so as to talk to representatives in person. There is one office in the corner of Corner Bultfontein and Lennox Streets. If you live nearby, you can visit it during the week from 9a.m. to 3p.m. At weekends, its doors are closed. You can call the branch by phone to the following line: 860 123 000.

By phone: there is alternative to face to face attention: phone line assistance. If you in search of more information about personal loans, or you just want to start an application, the line available is 0860 123 000. In case you want to focus on mortgages, you will have to use another line which is 0860 123 001.

Via internet: if you don’t need such personalized assistance, you can do everything by yourself by means of the official webpage. You can visit it, choose the loan that seems more convenient and click on “Apply online”. What is more, take into account this e-mail address: to send questions.

                To conclude, if you live in Kimberley, there is no need to worry about money any more. You have the possibility of getting Standard Bank financial help so as to buy whatever you need. There are personal lending programs to finance education cost, car purchase and vacations and you can also resort to mortgages so as to finance home acquisition. Nothing in life deserve more than your own happiness. Don’t let money be a hinder to success. Go to Standard Bank and live the kind of life you deserve.

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Questions and answers

Can I buy a property to run business?

Yes, you can.

Do I need to visit an office to apply for a loan?

No, you can do it by phone or via internet.

Are there personal loans available for 17-year-old people?

No, the minimum age is 18 years.

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