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Is it Possible to Obtain Standard Bank Loans in Johannesburg?

Are you living at present in Johannesburg? Are you looking for new ways to finance your expenses and assets? Let me congratulate you, you have arrived to the perfect spot. You can easily obtain financial help with the support of one of the most remarkable banks in South Africa, Standard Bank. And, as it has expanded to many cities, it can be found in Johannesburg.

    In this post, I will give you a description of the main loans Standard Bank has for you, with every feature and requirement. I am talking about Home Loans, Home From Business and Personal Loans. Then, I will also give you their contact information, which will enable you to obtain a loan with them. So, please keep reading it as I am sure it will be very beneficial for you.


     If you are looking for an affordable means to acquire the house you always wanted to have for your family, take a look at their Home Loans.

Here you have a list with their characteristics:

-Amounts of money that go up to R 100 000, so any house that costs below this amount can be easily bought with a Home Loan.

-Interest rates that are not subject to change, which means they are fixed

-Financing periods of at least 10 years, and a maximum of 20. A lot!

-Opportunity of applying for a loan on your own as a personal client

Now, let’s focus on what is required to be eligible for these loans.

First, the bank will request you to finance their Credit Life Insurance, in order to be granted the maximum protection during accidents and bad health conditions that become an obstacle at the time of financing a loan.

In the second place you need to make sure you have the majority of age required (18) and that you are applying on your own. Moreover, your income should be sustainable in order to be able to finance the loan on time, reason for which the bank requests an income of at least R 3 500.

Finally, the bank will ask you to finance a Home Insurance in order for your future house to remain protected in every circumstance.

Pay attention to this: the bank can ask you for other type of documentation that has to do with your personal information and your financial status.

Applying for a Home Loan with Standard Bank

You can obtain this loan in three ways:

-In person: you need to find the nearest branch to your house and then once you know its opening hours you can pay them a visit.

-Online: you can access from your computer to Standard Bank´s website and in the section “Apply now” you can start your application.

-By phone: you can speak on the phone to the bank´s representatives so as to start applying for the Home Loan. They will orient you towards the application procedure.


     This loan can give you the possibility of controlling your business from the comfort of your home. In fact, you will be given access to 80% of the value of your house to use it for your company. The financing periods can last up to 20 years and the interest rates are fixed by Standard Bank, always taking into account your financial situation.

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The requirements for a Business From Home have to do with having the majority of age and possessing a monthly income of R 6000, which is the minimum amount requested by the bank. Moreover, the bank will request you to pay for an insurance for your property in case there exists a personal accident that damages your house or you, the owner.


     Finally, you can get a Personal Loan with Standard Bank, which can serve for many purposes, such as purchasing a new house, paying your school´s tuition, your vacations and also your debts.

If you are worried about the financing terms of this loan, you should know that the period of time will be negotiated with the bank. What is more, the interest rates are always lower than the rates of other lending programs.

How to contact Standard Bank in Johannesburg

-You can get in touch with the bank´s representatives at their offices:

One of them is situated in Carlton Centre Mall, 150 Commissioner St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa, whose telephone number is 27 11 354 9300. This office functions Mondays to Fridays during business hours.

One of their branches is located at 78 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa, whose telephone number is 27 860 101 341. It is available during weekdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

One of the offices is located at 76 Jorissen St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa and its phone number is 27 11 358 6128. This office is available Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 05: 00 pm.

These offices are not open during weekends and holidays, so please bear that in mind before paying them a visit.

-You can get in touch with the bank by dialing up the following number: 0860 123 000.  This number is free of charges and your call will be answered immediately.

-You can contact the bank by using its official website. It is divided into many sections. One of the sections is devoted to their loans. Then, you will have sections for applying online and sections for sending online messages to the bank´s representatives so as to obtain rapid responses from them.

    To conclude, the residents of Johannesburg have more than one lending program when it comes to finding a solution to their financial problems. They can fully take advantage of the programs offered by Standard Bank in their nearest branch or even by phone or via online. So, there are no excuses for not contacting the bank, you can get in touch with their representatives and find out how their lending programs can change your life for the better!

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Can I use a calculator for any loan?

Yes, there are calculators in the bank´s webpage

Where else can I find a branch of Standard Bank?

In Polokwane, Durban and Alberton

Does the bank have an online app?

Yes, you can download it from the bank´s webpage

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