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Is it Possible to Obtain a Loan With Standard Bank in Durban? Contact Details

Is Durban the place you reside? Do you want to get financial support? Thanks God you have arrived here. Standard Bank, the most prestigious financial institution can help you with that. How is that possible? Through their many lending programs. And, of course, this bank is found in Durban.

     This article will be very useful for you since you will be given a lot of information about Standard Bank´s key loans: Home Loans, Business from Home and Personal Loans. You will get data about the requirements and the benefits you will get. Finally, I will give you their contact details, so that you see how easy it is to obtain their loans.

As said before, there are 3 loans I will focus on:


     Standard Bank understands how hard it is sometimes to be able to buy the house you want for you and your family. And that has to do with the highly costs of a house nowadays. For that reason, you can choose a house that costs up to R 100 000. As regards the financing terms of a Home Loan, you have the possibility of completing the financing in a comfortable period of up to 20 years. But, you can also choose to finance it in 10 years. So, you will need to make monthly payments that come along with interested rates fixed by the bank.

What will the bank require from me?

Firstly, you will need to pay for the Credit Life Insurance, which is a personal insurance Standard Bank provides to clients in order to remain protected in hard circumstances such as accidents on the road or domestic accidents.

Secondly, you need to submit documentation that states you are legally old and that you are currently employed. In fact, your salary should be of at least R 3 500.

In the third place, you will need to open a bank account with Standard Bank and be willing to acquire their Home Insurance, so as to make sure your home does not suffer the consequences of damages such as those of accidents or natural disasters.

If you find this type of loan appealing, you can apply in the bank´s physical offices. Of course, you will go to the one closest to your house in order to start the application procedure. Or, you have the chance of phoning the company on a free phone number: 0860 500 000, which is available Mondays to Fridays from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.



     If you possess a business and you want to choose your house in order to sustain your company, you can make it thanks to Standard Bank´s Business from Home Program. In fact, 80% of your house is functional for managing your business, which is a big portion of it. Regarding the financing terms you need to comply with, the bank offers periods up to 20 years, whose interest rates are fixed or variable.

However, before applying you need to take a detailed look at the requirements:

-Having the majority of age required by every bank, 18 years old or more

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-Possessing a job in which your monthly income is of at least R 6000

-Being able to pay for an Insurance that will not only protect you but also your house


     Do you want to finance your vacations? Do you need to pay many debts and don’t know how to afford them? You can use Standard Bank´s Personal Loan for such matters. Most people use it in order to finance their daily expenses or an expensive purchase such as medicine for a serious health condition.

When it comes to the financing terms of a Personal Loan, clients can discuss the periods of time accepted with the bank. And the interest rates will be defined at the time of applying for the loan, which usually are fixed.

How can I contact Standard Bank if I live in Durban?

    Take a look at the information below, since there are many ways to get in touch with this company:

-In person

    There is one office located at 369 Dr Pixley Kaseme St, Durban, 4000, South Africa. This office opens Mondays to Fridays during business hours. You will find another branch in Durban if you directly to 447 Anton Lembede Street, William Palmer House, Durban, Ethekwini, 4001, South Africa. This office has the same opening hours as the previous one.

You can also take advantage of a physical office located at 1, Standard Bank Centre, Kingsmead Way, Durban, 4001, South Africa.

If you want to speak on the phone with their consultants you can do it by using this phone number:  860 123 000. Once you phone there, your call will be immediately answered by one of their professionals.


    Standard Bank has one of the most complete webpages, in order to make it easy for citizens to get data about each of their loans. They can even use online banking there and start an online application. Furthermore, there is a calculator for each of the loans, so that clients get to know whether they are eligible or not before applying for the loan. This guarantees that you will not be wasting your time by applying for a loan you cannot afford.

-By phone

    As it happens with most banks, Standard Bank has created a special phone number for those citizens that have questions about their loans: 0860 123 000. This is a free telephone number and it is available during weekdays on business hours.

    All in all, if you are looking for financial assistance in Durban you can surely rely on Durban to take care of that. This financial institution has developed a variety of lending programs for you to be able to finance a house, manage your business and also satisfy your personal needs. I strongly recommend you to contact this bank and you will find the loan that best adapts to your needs.

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Questions and answers

Can I apply for a loan on the phone?

Sure, you are able to do that

Are more loans available?

As long as your income lets you and you meet the requirements , you can

In which other cities can I find this bank?

In Johannesburg and Pretoria

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