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Can the Citizens of Capetown Obtain Standard Bank Loans? Programs and Contact Information

Aboutthe bank

Standard Bank is a financial institution which has been present in the market for more than three decades. Apart from offering insurances for South Africans, it also provides a variety of loans in order to cover each of the needs a citizen can have in their daily life. For instance, it provides Home Loans, Personal Loans, Vehicle Finance Loans and Asset Finance Loans.

In the following article, you will be given complete information about each of the loans mentioned above. Then, once you have all the data regarding each program, you will be given the contact information of Standard Bank in Capetown.


Standard Bank wants to make sure your needs are fully covered with their HomeLoans. So, first you need to make sure if you are looking to purchase a new property, or if you want to manage a company from your place.

Lets take a look at each of the characteristics of a Home Loan:

-Clients can apply for a loan that consists of about 114% of the total value of the property as long as this client does not ask for more than R1000 000

-Clients can choose to finance the loan in periods whose maximum is of 20years

-Interest rates tend to be lower than those of other banking companies

-This loan can be obtained by private clients not as a company or an entity

-Befor applying for it, clients need to obtain a program called Credit Life Insurance, in order for them to be protected when their health is at risk and they can no longer finance the loan on time.

Interestedin their requirements? Here you have them:

-You are able to apply for this loan by yourself or on behalf of another private client

-You are requested to be older than 18 years old

-You should earn at last R 3 5000 each month, so your salary plays a very important role

-You will need to open a bank account with Standard Bank

-You will need to pay for an insurance with the bank named Home Owner Insurance

-You need to put forward the necessary documentation to the bank´sconsultants

Applying for them is very easy: you can phone on 0860 500 000, which is available from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm or you can go to one of the branches I will mention below. You can even start an online application at the bank´s website.

As stated before, you can apply for this loan as a individual person,not as a business, but you can apply with a partner of yours. The interest rates that correspond to this loan tend to be variable orfixed and you are able to obtain almost the total value of yourhouse. The financing period can go up to 20 years and you will have access to the Credit Life Insurance, in order to receive full protection for you and your property.

Now,lets focus on the Business From Home.

This program is destined to those clients thay want to use their house for business purposes or it can be that they use half of their propertyfor thta use.

Their advantages are that the client has the possibility of making a business usage of their house and being able to financing the loan in 20 years. Now, it is very important to consider that the client will have access to 80% of the loan.

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If you are interested in applying for this loan you must be at least 18 years old, earning a monthly income of R 6000, opening an account with the bank and having obtained the bank´s Home Owners Insurance.Finally, you need to submit all the documentation with your financial and personal information.

Okay,we have focused on loans for your home. Now lets see what can you get with Standard Bank´s Personal Loan.

As you probably know, a Personal Loan is designed to cover every type of need you may encounter, such as financing your expenses and bills,paying debts or spending daily money on food and utilities.

One of its advantages is that the interest rates will be very competitive in comparison to other banking companies and that you can finance the loan by making monthly payments. Regarding the application procedure,it is very simple and only requires few steps.

Lastly,lets focus on their loan called Vehicle and Assets Finance.

Thanks to this program, you can purchase any type of asset you want. In order to obtain this type of loan, you can start an onlinea pplication in the bank´s official website. There you will see that the bank offers a huge variety of alternatives to purchase the vehicle you want, and you will have many options regarding periods and payments. In fact, you can choose between financial lease,instalment lease or even a full lease.

Moreover,you can have access to Insurance products in order to protect your assets and vehicles from any type of damages they can encounter.

Contactdetails of Standard Bank in Capetown

In person

Oneof the bank´s physical offices is located at this city in a building called  Heerengracht Towers2  at the Hans Strijdom Avenue Lincoln. You can phone this office by dialing up27 21 401 2611. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 amto 04:00 pm.

There is another office found at Heerengracht street, in the area of Foreshore, Cape Town, South Africa. whose telephone number is 27 21 401 2311. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 amto 03:30 apm. It also opens on Saturdays from 09:30 am to 11:00 am.


In the bank´swebpage you have different sections destined not only to personal banking but also business banking and insurance. There, you can apply for a program or even send a quick message to the bank´s consultants.

By phone

You can dial up this number, which is designed for general inquiries:0860123 000

All in all, if you are residing in Capetown and you were kind of worried about your financial status, your worries can stop thanks to Standard Bank. This bank fortunately offers a big variety of lending programs to cover all your needs. Try this company and see how you can benefit from them!

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Questions and answers

What type of insurances does this bank offer?

Life, vehicle and home insurance

Does this bank accept automatic deduction?

Sure, that is a payment method accepted

How can I contact the bank on a holiday?

Through its official website

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