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What Are the Requirements and Contact Details of Standard Bank Loans in Bloemfontein?

Do you need a trustworthy financing company? Standard Bank can be good choice. It is a prestigious banking company of South Africa with more than 150 years on the market offering outstanding services. Among the most popular ones, we can find lending programs, which are highly chosen among most South African’s citizens.

                In this post, we will develop information about the loans that Standard Bank has for those clients who reside in the area of Bloemfontein. We will describe them and facilitate some possible quotes so as you can make calculations on your own. We will also show you how, when and where you can take advantages of the programs.



                One important objective of the company is to help Bloemfontein’s citizens to have the money they need to satisfy personal needs, such as furniture, education, vacations and even more. For this purpose, it has programs that lend money and can be financed in periods of from 1-year to 5-year length with interest options that can be fixed or variable. Although there is a maximum set rate of 25%, most programs have interest rates that are near 10%.

                If you want to take a look at how this figures work in real life, let’s take an example of a loan of R150 000. As it was mentioned before, you can repay this amount with interest rates near 10%, 8.25% to be more specific in this case. This means you will pay 12 installments of around R13123. In case you prefer the longest financing period, interest rate will be a little bit higher: 11.25%. In this case, you will pay 60 installments of approximately R3340.


                It is important to know that Standard bank has exclusive programs that aim at making specific dreams come true. One of them is the acquisition of your own home. There are many plans depending on the kind of home you want. For example, if you are about to purchase your first residence, you can borrow the 104% of its value to finance the complete value of the property and use the other 4% to finance other expenses (deposits, fees and more).  And finally, you can also buy locations for business by borrowing the 80% of its value.

                All the programs can be repaid in periods that go up to 20 years with interest rates always lower than 25%. Let’s take an example of a home loan of R300000 to show you some possible quotes. You can choose a financing term of 240 payments and ask for an interest rate of 10.5%. As a result, payments will be of R3000 for 20 years. If you prefer a shorter term, you can get an even lower interest rate: 7.25%. Consequently, payments will be of R5000 during 6 years.

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                And last but not least, Standard is also ready to help clients to achieve their goals in business. Do you already have your own business? Is it time to start your own enterprise? The bank offers amounts of money from R 50000 that you can use to buy new equipment, to increase cash flow and even more. There are refinancing options with fixed interest rates that guarantee stable payments during the entire mortgage. It is important to highlight that quotes can be made monthly or twice a month.


                Standard Bank has an array of possibilities when it comes to getting more information about the programs or applications. There follows some of them:

Visit an office in person! Fortunately, there are many branches of Standard Bank in the city of Bloemfoteni to assist you. One of them is in Westdene, and another one is in Melville Drive. 

Contact Standard by phone! There are current and prospective clients that don’t need face to face attention so as to be sure about asking for money. That is why they choose other alternatives and they take advantage of phones or applications. In order to meet this need, Standard has organized a system of phone lines that is really well-organized. For general information, you can dial up 0860 123 000. What is more, there is an exclusive line for personal loans which is 0860 123 001. 

Use your PC! By using you personal computer, you can get further details about the programs. Standard has an organized webpage where you can read more about loans as well as location, rates and possible quotes. You can also download the application so as to keep the loan under control and avoid missing due dates. What is more, you can select the loan you prefer and start online application without talking to any bank’s representative. Another alternative you have is by writing e-mails to the following address: 

                Are you still in search of financial support? Are you sure that Standard doesn’t have what you need? The bank offers a loan for every need that you may need to cover. There is money to pay for personal and even business loans so that no aspect of life is left aside without coverage. Don’t hesitate to be happy with the help of real professionals in the market. Contact Standard Bank and enjoy life!

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Questions and answers

Are agents well-prepared?

Yes! All of them are specialized professionals.

What is the minimum amount of money to borrow for business?

The minimum amount is R50 000.

Can I finance 100% of a property for business?

No, only the 80%.

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