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Are Home Loans Available at Sasfin? Features and Contact Information

   Are you looking for the ideal loan in order to satisfy your home needs? Did you know there exists in the country one company specialized in granting you specific loans? That is right, Sasfin, one of the leading companies nowadays, has developed many loans just for you. Even though the company does not have Home Loans as such, their loans can be used to satisfy your needs in terms of properties and new acquisitions.

  For such reason, in the next article I will expand on each of the loans, all of which can be used as Home Loans also, and then I will give you the contact information of this company. You will see how easy it is to get in touch with Sasfin either from home or in person-

Sasfin´s main loans:


This is a wonderful chance that members of the company offer to clients that are searching for equipment for their homes or offices, and it has to do with leasing processes also and rental finances as well. The bank has a special program called Innovent Investment Holdings and the company possesses nowadays 31.35% of the shareholding. Thanks to Sunlyn, the bank can offer clients this incredible product, as it is enabled to sign contracts. Moreover, this type of loan is totally secured by the BBBEE, because the bank has its own BEE score today.


Through a Debtor Finance, clients of the bank can pay any kind of debts they have generated with the passing of the years because of their houses or goods that they have acquired for their homes and they find it easy to afford at present. For such motives, the bank gives you up to three months to finance the debt, so that you home does not hold any debts in the future.

You can have direct access to the debtor´s book and then to the cash that belongs to such book. Sasfin is willing to pay you for 80$ of the debtor´s book, which if you think about is a lot.

What type of benefits will you get with this loan?

-You can access to the disclosure of the credit

-You can always get discounts on invoices because the bank assures you that it is completely confidential because only you have control over the debtor´s book mentioned above.

Now, let’s move on by focusing on the other loans:


The main characteristic of this loan is that you will be given money to make investments in many projects so that your house can be improved and get better with the passing of time. Moreover, the bank is really interested in protecting the environment, a reason for which the company will try to find energy sources that protect the earth.

Sasfin has associated with the International Finance Corporation, member also of the so called World Bank Group, which enable you, the client, to invest on any type of capital project you are attracted to, taking into account that energy resources are carefully examined previously.

 And now, the last loan you can find at Sasfin, also profitable for your home:

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      The main characteristic of this loan is that you can not only get solutions for your personal needs, but also for your commercial and professional needs you needs you need to satisfy right away. For such motive, Sasfin will guide you towards the whole process and also assist you whenever you need. You will be able to finance from a new residential property, to an office for your starting business.

Take a look at what Sasfin does through this loan for you:

-Sasfin has the ability of selling clients their shareholder and getting a perfect value for that. What is more, the bank can give the client freedom and total support when it comes to the disposal of the enterprise the client holds.

-Sasfin can always support the client in terms of the listings observed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the equity capital of the company and the client. This is carried out thanks to the many groups the bank is associated with, which give the company total support. This enables the client and the company get access to equity services free of charges.

-Sasfin can also give clients support in terms of the different organizations linked to the bank that enable the company to provide a rescue service. The Post Commencement Finance enables this service and provides the company total security.

Contact details of Sasfin Bank

If you feel like one of the loans explained above will satisfy your needs in terms of possessing a new property, office, new equipment of financing an old debt, thank take a look at the many ways through which the bank can be contacted. It does not matter where you are located, you will find a means of communication to establish direct contact with Sasfin. Let’s see:

-You can enter in the company´s website with the objective of sending a personal message with your information and that includes personal and financial one. So, from your computer you can contact the bank.

-You can also take your car or go by foot in person to one of Sasfin´s offices located at the following address: 29 Scott Street. This branch is in Waverley, Sandton.

-You can even send a letter to this company if you keep with you the following post address: 95104, Grand Park 2051

-You can directly call the company from the comfort of your home by dialing up their national phone number: 27 11 809 7500. You  also have the chance of sending a fax to Sasfin to this fax number: 27 11 887 6167

-You can also send an email to the following email address designed for requesting additional information about each of the loans and further services offered by the bank to South Remember, that if you have doubts or concerns about the services you have already obtained, this email needs to be discarded, and its aim is to provide future clients with new information and also quotes.

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Whenever you are ready you can close it

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Yes it is

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No it is not

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