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Are You Considering the Idea of Applying for a Sasfin Bank Personal Loans?

Sasfin Bank introduced its services in the South African market almost 30 years ago so as to be part of the wide verity of options available when it comes to lending. Nowadays, financing companies are part of everyday decisions since there are many people who need money support to make their dreams come true. In this opportunity, we will focus on the lending services offered by Sasfin Bank. In order to open the horizons, we will also talk about other banks that have similar programs.

1. Loans to Finance Equipment: one of the most important business loans offered by Sasfin Bank is programs to pay for equipment. The bank offers money so that clients can buy what they need for production without falling behind competitors. Financing periods can be adapted to clients needs. 

2. Loans to Finance Trading: those start-up or consolidated enterprises that are subject to international transaction can count on the help of trade loans. The money granted is destined to finance everyday transactions that involve selling of goods. The bank offers the possibility of making payments on the client’s behalf, and the clients will be able to pay later, for all the goods or part of it.

3. Loans to Finance Debtors: these loans focus on financing what other people owe you. You can borrow up to 80% of the amount that people owe you for goods that were sold a month ago or goods that will be sold in the near future. There are extra discounts that can be applied to invoices.

4. Loans to Finance Corporate: with this loan, not only can you finance business programs but also personal needs. The company will provide you with advisory so as to help your enterprise to have more influence on the market. In fact, you can get support to buy offices, to buy new equipment and even to improve the amount of cash flow. Get the most convenient financing programs for this option.

How Can I Contact Sasfin Holdings?

One way of getting in touch with the company is by visiting any of the dozens of offices located all around South Africa. As an example, there is one in Pretoria, specifically in the Menlo Park area. The exact address of this branch is 337 Brooklyn and consultants are there during the week 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, but they are not available at weekends. It is important to know that this office has an exclusive phone line that can call in the same hours of attention: 12 425 6000. Apart from this exclusive line, you can also call for general questions to 27 11 809 7500. This line can also be used to leave comments and start application. There is also a fax line to send required documents to get loan approval that is 27 11 887 6167. And finally, you can also contact representatives by e-mail. The address is and they answer in just some minutes.

                Let me tell you that if you are in exclusive search of personal loans, we will mention others granted by different companies in the country:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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5. Personal Loans by African Bank: as personal needs are part of everyday life, loans should also be considered when it is hard to meet them. In the case of African Bank, there are amounts of money available that go from R500 to R200 000. The company grants money and provides fixed interest rates so that clients can return it with fixed payments. Such interests are approximately near 10,5%, but they can be as high as of 28%. Financing periods are flexible, but you should choose between 3 and 72 months.

6. Personal Loans by Wesbank: with Wesbank, the amounts available to finance personal needs go from a minimum of R5000 to a maximum of R200000. You can invest such money that on education, on car purchase, on home improvement and more. There are fixed interest rates that flirt 30% and financing periods that go from 2 to 6 years.

7. Instant Loans by Absa Bank: if you need in a matter of hours, don’t hesitate to look for financial help at Absa Bank. This company has a special loan through which you can get minimum amounts of money from R250 to R3000. There are periods of up to 35 days of financing. You have just to prove that that you earn a salary of at least R250.

Contact Information of Other Banks

                An office of African Bank can be located in the CBD of Bloemfontein. There are representatives at 114 Charlotte Maxeke Street available in the week from Monday to Friday from 8.30in the morning to 5in the afternoon and on Saturday from 9in the morning to midday. They are also available by phone if you dial up 51 430 3787. A branch of Wesbank can be found, for example, in the city of Fairland. The Home of Wesbank is located at 1 Enterprise Road and it is available from Monday to Friday from 8a.m. to 5p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to midday. And finally, an office of Absa Bank can be located in the city of Bloemfontein at Bloemfontein at Graaff Reinet Street. In this case, the doors are open also during the week from 8.30 in the morning to 3.30 in the afternoon and on Saturday to midday. You can also write e-mail to to ask for questions and leave comments.

                To conclude, although Sasfin doesn’t have exclusive personal loans to offers, it does have some special programs for business that directly affect personal life. However, those who exclusively look for personal financing can resort to other options, such as African Bank, Wesbank or Absa Bank. There are as many alternatives as needs that may appear while on the road. Stop delaying dreams. Look for the most convenient programs and start enjoying life as soon as possible.

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Questions and answers

Are African Bank services available 24/7?

Yes, they are.

What bank offers the shortest financing term?

Absa Bank.

What is the lowest interest rate offered?

One of the lowest is offered by Absa Loans.

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