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What Are the Loans Offered by Sasfin Bank in Pretoria? Addresses and Contact Information

Do you need financial advice? Is it time to stop dealing with money problem is business? Sure! Get the best aid from one of the leading companies of the market: Sasfin Bank. In this article, you will find information about the lending programs that Sasfin has available from current and possible clients from Johannesburg. You will read about a wide variety of loans, financing and contact information.

                Sasfin Bank was funded in 1952 and since then, it has been working so as to offer the most affordable programs for entrepreneur and medium and small companies. There follow a list the options available so that you can choose the most suitable for you. What is more, you will find data about other business loans offered by other banks in the same city.

1. Equipment Loans

Let’s start describing loans to finance equipment. It is time to take advantage of sales or even to invest in facilities. This process is facilitated with the help of Innovent Investment Holding and Sunlyn. Representatives will design financing periods based on clients’ budget and with the lowest rates of the market.

2. Trade Loans

If your enterprise is involved in foreign trade, you need money to solve transaction on a daily basis. Let me tell that although such expenses are really high, you now have the possibility of financing them with the most convenient programs. In fact, you have the option to pay either for the total amount or a part of goods that need to be shipped when it comes to consuming. It is important to highlight that there are long periods available to finance the money borrowed.

3. Debtor Finance Loans

This is a special program that provides financing for the selling of certain goods. In fact, you will have access to the same amount that the buyer owes to you so as to start using it. This process is open for goods you acquired a month ago and will be cancelled in the following three month. In advance, you will have access not to the complete goods’ value, but to the 80%. What is more, you will be able to get some discount on your invoices.

4. Corporate Financing Loans

Through this program, clients can finance not only business but also personal needs. In fact, if you apply for this loan, you will receive advisory and guidance to make convert your small company in a bigger enterprise as time goes by. These programs are chosen to finance new offices, updated appliances and even more. Stop working on rented offices and with old equipment and don’t leave your company behind the rest.

What is the important contact information you need to know?

If you live in Pretoria, you have to be aware that is a branch on Sasfin in the area of Menlo Park. The exact location is 337 Brooklyn. There, you can talk to representatives in person from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can also do so by phone dialing up 12 425 6000. Another phone line option is 27 11 809 7500. This is general line of the bank and can be used to make queries or even to start application. Should you need to send documents, the fax number is 27 11 887 6167. And last but not least, you can also contact representatives by e-mail writing to

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                Once that details about Sasfin loans have been given and you still what to know more option, take a look at the following possibilities:

-Nedbank Business Loans: Nedbank is also a lending company that offers financial aid for entrepreneurs. There are many options that are essential to help business succeed. In fact, you can borrow money to finance purchases or to improve cash flow with the most convenient financing. You can even pay for special vehicle or fund your own start-up! Most of the programs can be repaid in 10 years. If you are interested in this bank, in Pretoria, it is located in the corner of Church Street and Thabo Street and it is open during the week from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

-Mercantile Business Loans: another alternative to get financial help in Pretoria is Mercantile Bank. This company will help clients to buy updated equipment and even to finance fixed assets. What is beneficial about Mercantile is that the bank it offers fixed interest rates so as to guarantee stable payments during all the period. An office of Mercantile is located in West Business Centre. It is located in 477 Charlotte Maxeke Street and consultants are available in typical baking hours.

-Bidvest Business Loans: and last not but least, you can select Bidvest Bank. One of the main lending programs that excel at this bank is the ones to improve cash flow. There is no way to have business running short of money, either to pay salaries or to buy new equipment. Of course, there are also programs destined to invest on working capital and even more. It is important to know that financing options can be adapted to your needs. In order to contact this company, you can pay a visit to the branch in Centurion Corporate Hub, located at 1 Embankment Road. The doors are open during the week from early in the morning to 5 p.m. in the afternoon, and on Saturday from 9 in the morning to midday. During the same hour, you can call 012 683 2620.

                All in all, getting financial support for business is easy in Pretoria. Although we have focused on one –Sasfin Bank-, we have also provided you with insight into others so that you can choose among a wide range of option: Nedabnk, Mercantile and Bidvest. Stop wondering how to succeed in the market, choose one and be a leader with the most convenient help!

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How can I get more information of Nedbank business loans?

You can write to

Can I buy new machinery with Sasfin?

Yes, you can.

Which option offers fixed payments?

Mercantile does.

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