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What Are the Sasfin Bank Loans Available for Port Elizabeth’s Citizens?

Do you live in Port Elizabeth? Are you tired of being worried with cash flow in the market? Do you need financial support? Stop wondering to think about to solve your start-up or your company, Sasfin is in South Africa ready to help every type of entrepreneur. And in this article, we will provide you with a summary of many loans that the company has available for citizens from Port Elizabeth. We are going to include details and financing options so that you can choose the best for your needs. What is more, as Port Elizabeth is plenty of banking company, we have selected some other ones and take some business loans for you to have an idea or extra programs.

                Let me start talking a little bit about the company itself. Sasfin opened its doors in 1951 and currently has the headquarters in the city of Johannesburg. But in order to reach as many small and medium entrepreneurs, it has been opening offices in many cities of the country and Port Elizabeth has been chosen among them.

                Let’s continue by mentioning the lending programs with their respective details.

-Loans to finance equipment: Sasfin work in conjunction with Innovent Investmen Holding so as to provide the best financing for those who want to buy facilities. Not only you will get the amount of money you need, but you will also be advised in the leasing or renting. Don’t fall behind competitors and acquire whatever you need.

-Loans to finance trading: there are many offices who find trading so overwhelming, either to buy or to sell goods. In order to make this process a little bit “easy-going”, Sasfin grants money as well as professional tips. You will be able to satisfy suppliers, to request payments and even to finance shipping with the affordable rates and financing options.

-Loans to finance debtors: with the professional help of Sasfin, having debtors can be a blessing. Sasfin can cover the expenses of goods sold a month ago and in the following three. You will have direct access to cash money for the 80% of the value owed. A plus to the program is high discount on the invoice process itself.

-Loans to finance corporations: Sasfin offers advisory and support to manage balance sheets. This is essential to combine with money loans so as to buy fixed assets to use as offices, or either to buy necessary equipment to be updated. Count on the help of real professionals so as to make your business grow with the years.

Extra important information about Sasfin         

-Sasfin will obtain high values from shareholding so as to support its clients’ business transactions.

-It will give clients support so as to be present in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and to create equity capital.

-The company also supports clients in reorganizing companies in case of financial burden. There are rescue plan in charge of another leading advisor: Post Commencement Finance.

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How Can I Contact Sasfin in Port Elizabeth?

In Port Elizabeth, you can visit an office in person. One of the offices is located in the Greyville House, in the area of Greenacres. During typical business hours, representatives are available to talk face to face or by phone using the following number: 41 363 5989. You can also contact the bank dialing up the help center phone that is 27 11 809 7500, and in case you need to send paperwork, you can do so through the fax line number 27 11 887 6167. And last but not least, you can send comments and questions to this e-mail: The answer will be ready in some minutes.

                Now you know a lot about Sasfin, let’s take a look at other business loans that can be found in Port Elizabeth:

-Business loans by Nedbank: apart from being a leading company that offers personal loans, Nedbank has interesting business loans that are used to finance purchases or to improve cash flow. You can buy from equipment to vehicles and offices for your start up! Please, take into account that financing periods can reach up to 10 year. In order to have access to any business loan, you can call 41 393 6800 or go in person to 329 Cape Road, in the area of Newton Park in traditional office hours.

-Business loans by Absa Bank: instead of using you own capital to finance purchases, transactions, payments and even more, count on the help of Absa Bank. This institution has special programs destined to pay off old debts, to cover overdraft, to manage shares and even to buy assets. There are fixed interest rates that will keep the same payment during the entire loan and there are financing periods from 3 to 120 months. An office of Absa Bank can be located in the Walmer Park Shopping Centre of Port Elizabeth, located at the Main Road. In case you prefer telephone assistance, please call 41 502 1111.

-Infrastructure and Transport loans by Investec: among many others departments, Investec offers loans with more than 20 years of trajectory to guarantee convenience and affordability. In fact, you will receive advisory on how to solve transaction, even for long-term operations. If you want to know more about this program, don’t hesitate to go to the Investec Bank branch located at Pommern Street. You can also call the office by phone calling: 41 396 6700.

                To conclude, if you are suffering from a commercial burden, stop sleeping on it. It is time consider different alternatives that will facilitate business processes, such as lending companies. You have read a lot about Sasfin Bank in Port Elizabeth, and you also got some information about Nedbank, Absa Bank and Investec. Try to think about the most convenient loan and make your life in the market easy!

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Questions and answers

How can I finance trade?

There is an exclusive trade finance loans for this.

Can I apply for the Sasfin loans online?

No, the company doesn’t have this service.

Is there a phone line to call Absa Bank?

Yes, please call 41 502 1111.

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