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Can I Obtain Sasfin Bank Loans in Johannesburg?

Are you looking for a reliable company to grant you a loan for you and your family or your company´s members? Did you know you can count on Sasfin Bank? Yes, this bank can surely give you the loan you always wanted, and fortunately it can be found in your place, Johannesburg.

   Consequently, let me tell you this article will be about the five different loans found at this bank and the different means of contact trough which you can communicate with the company in Johannesburg.

There are 5 different loans found at Sasfin Bank:


    By applying for this loan, called Equipment Finance, you can easily purchase the equipment your company or recently new business needs, with certain flexibility in terms of payment terms and those kinds of agreements. The bank has liked itself to Innovent Investment Holdings, through which it is enabled to grant clients the money they need for their future equipment. With the support of this subsidiary, the bank can easily possess 31.45% of the shareholding. Moreover, the company has also established a link with Sunlyn, which benefits the bank in terms of making contracts in the rental finance field. Needless to say, both subsidiaries keep a good BBEE score, which is crucial in the financial market.


      This type of finance gives clients the wonderful opportunity of being able to travel and get access to international trade, by obtaining discounts on the total amount of money they pay for such procedure. Sasfin Bank can help clients with this loan by enhancing their experience with the suppliers, because as you know sometimes clients need to pay the suppliers for the goods, before buyers have paid for the goods at the warehouse.

   Another way through which the client can be benefited thanks to this finance is by obtaining an insurance for the sipping of the goods purchased and also obtaining the clearing of products in an easy and fast way.  What is more, the bank can help clients to diminish the risk the company has taken, as the company is willing to maintain the exchange rate and there will not be surprises once the products have arrived. This is a typical problems many clients face, since they come to the conclusion that the exchange rate has changed after the goods have arrived, and they lose money.


    With a Finance like this one, clients have the ability of selling the goods they want in a maximum of 90 days and a minimum of just 30. Clients are given full access to the cash corresponding to their debtor’s book, since the bank can give them 80% of such value. Together with the Debtor Finance, clients can disclose the loan whenever they consider appropriate and necessary and also being able to pay less for the different invoices. What is more, Sasfin is going to make sure that the invoices as well as any other financial documentation is confidential and all the data is kept in private.



     This loan has been called like this since clients of the bank can invest on whatever equipment they believe will enhance their company or property. Mostly, those equipment that are related to a better behavior with the environment, which requires for green measures and green projects. By obtaining this loan, the client can have access to more than one energy system, which will pollute less the environment and create less damage in the long run. So, the environment will also get benefited with this loan. Clients that really want to live in a safe planet, can take advantage of this loan so as to buy alternative sources of energy.

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    In order to make this happen, Sasfin Bank has associated with the International Finance Corporation and the Canadian Government, which have created their climate change program so as to create a big impact on the environment.


    This is another important loan that allows clients to find suitable solutions for their offices or the places where they have settled their companies. They can be oriented and receive full guidance in the leading of the business procedure. Moreover, clients will get to know better how to implement safe measures for the economy of their business and at the same time how to handle balance sheets.

   Most clients make use of this loan so as to establish new offices for their business and also to buy new equipment or appliances that will make their business become bigger and more modern than before.

   Sasfin Bank has incorporated its Corporate Finance in order to make its customers sell the shareholders they are owners of and getting an appropriate value for it, causing the customer to save money. Moreover, clients can decide to dispose their business whenever they want.

   Apart from that, Sasfin Bank can help clients with the different listings that can be observed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and giving support to clients when it comes to underwritings.

Finally, these clients can also receive help whenever their business is going through a tough time and they need extra support so as to reorganize themselves and find a solution that will generate profit in the long term. This is really possible because of the help of the Post Commencement Finance.


Contact details of Sasfin Bank in Johannesburg

As you will today perceive, there is more than one means to connect effectively with the firm?

-You can enter the company´s official website in order to send a personal note with your data.

-You can go in person to one of its physical offices in Johannesburg located at this address: 29 Scott Street, found exactly in Waverley.

-You can even send a letter to the firm to the next post address: 95104, Grand Park, 2051

-You are able to call the company by dialing up the next phone number: 27 11 809 7500. You also have the chance of sending a fax to Sasfin, by dialing up this number: 27 11 887 6167.

-You can send an email from your email box to the following, and obtain as much information as you need.

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Questions and answers

Is Sasfin present in Durban?

Sure it is

Where else can I find the bank?

In Durban and Bloemfontein

Am I allowed to pay with debit card?

Sure, their payment method is taken by the company.

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