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Can I Find Sasfin Bank Loans in Durban? Programs and Contact Details

   Sasfin Bank, one of the leading banks is present in Durban and offers its citizens the wonderful opportunity to access to its variety of loans, among which we find 5. Which is why, I totally recommend you to keep reading this article, as you will get precise information about each loan, so as to make sure all the areas of your life are satisfied with its loans. Moreover, I will give you the company´s contact information in Durban, including phone numbers, addresses and so on.

These are Sasfin Bank Finances for the residents of Durban:


    As you can expect from its name, you can easily acquire a full variety of equipment’s you are planning to possess and a support in terms of leasing and rental finance you want to be involved in. This is true because of the bank´s association with the Innovent Investment Holdings, since Sasfin Bank owns 31.45% of the shareholdings of the company. Moreover, the bank has associated with Sunlyn, a company that also guarantees financial and legal support and help Sasfin to give clients access to the funds they want. Both subsidiaries are really reliable since they come along with the BEE score, which means that are verified by the BBEE.


    Through this Finance, clients can easily participate in foreign trade without having to stress about paying for expensive bills and not knowing how to deal with financial problems such as the fact of not having enough money to pay suppliers when acquiring goods. This is a problem caused by the fact that clients typically pay a long period after you have paid your supplier for the goods.

   Another problem, typically solved thanks to this loan, is not knowing how to afford for the marine insurance of shipping your goods and the clearing of them too.

   As a third financial problem, also solved by this kind of loan, I would like to mention taking risks when it comes to money and rates, because it usually happens that the value of goods change once they have arrived to the customer´s ware house, so the customer ends up earning less cash than what he thought at the beginning.



     The main feature of this Finance is the opportunity it gives clients to sell the good they want in about 30 days, but there also exists the possibility of financing them in two months. Moreover, some clients tend to finance this loan in a period of 3 months. The most important benefit is that the client has access of up to 80% of the debtor´s book, which will immediately cause the following:

-The client will have access to the disclosure of the loan when required

-The client will be given important discounts on invoices, which the company assures to be private and confidential, so only the client has information about invoices and those type of financial documents.


     Through this Finance, clients of the company will be able to make many investments with their capital, and those investments can be related to green projects, which will favor the environment in the long term. Such projects mainly have to do with enhancing energy systems and resources.

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   Sasfin Bank can easily grant this type of finance since it has linked itself with the International Finance Corporation, which is a part of the World Bank Group, and also thanks to its link with the Government of Canada, which has its own Climate Change Program. The main objectives of such associations have to do with finding efficient energy sources and guaranteeing that the bank is helping the environment through its actions.


   Through the incorporation of a Corporate Finance, Sasfin has guaranteed that each of its clients can find an affordable way to cover its professional needs, which will turn them into better and successful professionals in their fields of work. For that purpose, these clients will have immediate access to several advice and support they need so as to guide themselves in the professional area. Moreover, the bank is willing to grant its clients with help when it comes to the balance sheets they deal with in their everyday life at work.

   Take a look at how the company can help its clients with this finance:

-The company can help clients to sell the shareholders they possess and also finding a good value for them, so that the client really benefits from this transaction

-The company will totally support clients that are dealing with the listing in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the capital that appears there, typically related to the equity one. This action is performed thanks to the bank´s link with many associations.

-The company can provide special support to those clients that are trying to reorganize their business, whenever they are having a hard time with finances and are planning to start from scratch. Through the Post Commencement Finance, customers can easily rely on an effective solution for those matters.


Contact details of Sasfin Bank in Durban

Let’s see how Durban citizens can easily contact the bank through their varied means of communication:

-Durban residents can get into the bank´s website, which is the official one, and request for more information or further contact

-Durban residents can also send a letter to this bank to a special postal address: 95104, Grand Park, whose zip code is 2051.

-Durban citizens can phone the company on the following free number: 27 11 809 7500 and even send a fax to the company´s members by pressing the following numbers on their phones: 27 11 887 6167.

-Durban citizens can also send an email to this email address:

-Durban citizens can also go in person to one of the company´s physical offices in Durban, located at the Westaway Office Park, in Spine Road. It can be found on the 7th floor of the building. It is found in Westville. So, for personalized attention, please go to this office so as to obtain precise details about each of the loans mentioned in the article

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Questions and answers

Can I contact the bank on weekends?

By accessing to its website

Is it possible to pay with a debit card?

Sure it is

Can I pay with cheque books?

Of course you can

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