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Can I Obtain Sasfin Bank Loans if I Live in Bloemfontein?

Are you searching at this precise moment for sustainable loans in Bloemfontein? Did you know that there exists one bank in charge of giving you the loan you need? Sure, I am talking about Sasfin Bank.

    In the article you are about to read, I will give you full information about five different sort of loans found at this banking company and also the contact information of Sasfin Bank. Now, even though the company has no physical locations in your city, that does not represent an obstacle at all, since you will see you are capable of obtaining its loans through other means.

   However, in the contact information, I will also give you details of another banking company which happens to be present in Bloemfontein, just in case you favor contacting a bank in person, I am referring to Absa.



      The main objective of this loan is to make Sasfin customers to purchase in an affordable way a wide variety of equipment. The bank makes this possible through its association with important subsidiaries such as Innovent Investment Holdings, because the banking company currently possesses 31.45% of the shareholdings, which is a lot. There exists another association with Sunlyn, which gives clients total financial and legal support in important transactions such as the purchasing of big equipment.


     The main aim of this loan is to enable clients to be involved in any type of foreign trade that their jobs require, without having to pay for extra costs. This loan is crucial for customers that are worried about not being able to pay their suppliers on time. Moreover, this loan enables clients to finance the appropriate marine insurance so as to carry the goods bought.




     The main benefit of this loan is that clients have the wonderful chance of selling their goods in a month or more than that, up to three months. These clients can make use of up to 80% of their debtor’s book. And that leads them to the following benefits: disclosing the loan when needed and accessing to big discounts on invoices and legal documentation.


      An Equipment Finance has been designed to help customers which are trying to invest their money in important assets, whose main objective is to improve the environment through the acquisition of new energy resources. So, this loan serves to purchase energy systems these clients have in mind. It is important to bear in mind that this loan can be granted to the bank´s clients thanks to the support of the International Financial Corporation and the Government of Canada, both of which have incorporated green measures to as to preserve our environment.


     This sort of loan enables the customers of the bank, to make sure all their business needs are well taken care of, as clients who possess important businesses get the chance of receiving guidance and advice in terms of legal and financial matters. Moreover, Sasfin has a special group in charge of providing them assistance when it comes to their balance sheets and the administration of their business.

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   With the intermediation of this loan, Sasfin Bank can help the citizens of Bloemfontein whenever they feel ready to sell their shareholders but with the intention of obtaining a good value for them, as it should. Moreover, clients will receive guidance when dealing with listings of the so known Johannesburg Stock Exchange and equity capital. All these actions are carefully performed with the supervision of important subsidiaries the bank works with.

   Clients can also receive support when trying to organize again their business when things are not going that well and they need to make extreme changes. In such situation, Sasfin Bank guarantees the citizens of Bloemfontein to help them through the Post Commencement Finance.

   Contact details of Sasfin Bank in Bloemfontein

Although the bank does not have physical locations in Bloemfontein, there are other ways of contacting the company and getting access to the different loans explained above, let’s see:

-Bloemfontein citizens can get into the company´s official website so as to request for complete information

-The citizens of Bloemfontein can also send a letter to the company´s representatives so as to receive a response written by hand. The address is the following: 95104, located in Grand Park and the zip code is 2051.

-There is a phone number citizens can dial up from their homes, the following: 27 11 809 7500. There is another phone for international calls, also available to the bank´s customers: 27 11 887 6167. So, if you are calling from another country, those phone numbers can be really useful for you.

-There is an email address clients have access to, in order to request for information about loans or other products found at Sasfin Bank:

Another choice in Bloemfontein: ABSA

Contact Absa in Bloemfontein:

As you will observe now, this company has many ways of being in contact with the citizens of Bloemfontein, which is why I will proceed to list them for you:

-You can go in person to one of the company´s physical branches in Bloemfontein situated at Oranjesig, whose exact location is Cnr Horny and, Monument Road.

-You can also go to another branch of the company in Bloemfontein, which happens to be inside the Mimosa Mall, on Kellner Street. The phone number of this office is 875 7400.  You will find this branch open from Mondays to Fridays during banking hours.

-You can contact the company by entering its official website, which enables you to send messages, ask for information, clarify your doubts regarding the different loans and also beginning an application directly from your computer. Moreover, you have the chance of requesting information about insurances for your finances.

-There is a phone number designed for customer service, which happens to be free of charges, which is why here you have it: 0860 669 669. If you have questions or you need more information about the bank´s services and products, I strongly advise you to contact its customer service.

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Can I send an email to the second company

Yes of course, you will find the email address in their website

Do I have to pay for calling the customer service?

No, you wont

Am I allowed to pay for a loan on a monthly basis?

Yes you are

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