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Does Sasfin Bank Offer Loans for South Africans?

      Are you interested in Sasfin Bank? Did you know this company is one of the most prestigious banks in the country? One of the reasons of being so important has to do with the many chances it gives clients to satisfy their personal and professional needs with the granting of its loans.

   For such reason, in the following article I will give you information regarding the different type of loans you have the chance of finding at Sasfin Bank. After discussing those loans, I will also give you contact details about this company, so that it is really easy for you to communicate with the company´s representatives no matter where you are located.

   There are five different loans:


    This is a great opportunity the bank gives you to buy any equipment you have in mind through different sales, facilities when it comes to leasing processes or even rental finances. This is possible thanks to the bank´s link with the Innovent Investment Holdings, as the company currently has 31.45% of the shareholding. It is also possible with the support of their subsidiary called Sunlyn, which allows the bank to give contracts in the rental finance area. Both subsidiaries help the bank to make your dreams come true and are relay reliable, since they are now BBBEE verified, as they have their own BEE score.


    As you can imagine, this loan enables clients to have a satisfaction when it comes to foreign trade, a situation in which most customers will need to pay expensive costs and at the same time face hard challenges on the way.

Which are those challenges?

Well, for instance you can think of all the goods you will need to finance, as perhaps your supplier will request you to pay for the totality or part of the goods before they are shipped and as you know, your clients will pay for them in a longer period of time.

   Another challenge has to do with the supping of such goods, as you will also need to pay for the appropriate marine insurance and also for costs related to the clearing of the goods so as to deliver the ones you bought directly to your office or warehouse, a very complicated process in which you will need the support of the bank.

  You will also need help when it comes to the risks you take, speaking in rate terms. As you know, the moment your goods have arrived, it can happen that the exchange rate has changed and you will have less profits, so you need the help of a loan to guarantee that the costs for input you have, are not affected by such changes.


    This type of loan enables you to sell the goods you have acquired in periods whose minimum is of a month and whose maximum tends to be of about three months. This loan gives you the chance of getting access to the cash that belongs to your debtor´s book as the company will pay you in advance as much as 80% of the value of such book.

   There will be two main benefits you will get with Sasfin as a result of getting access to that 80%:

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-Being able to access to the disclosure of the debtor finance

-Obtaining a discount on the invoice, which the company guarantees to be confidential, as the client will have full control over the debtor´s book so as to maintain privacy


     With this type of loan you can make investments in projects that will benefit the environment, also called green capital projects, which have to do with providing alternative energy sources, different equipment grades and also a way of improving the energy control systems that are present nowadays.

This is possible thanks to Sasfin association with the International Finance Corporation, which is also a member of the so known World Bank Group and also thanks to the support of the Canadian Government´s Climate Change Program, which enables customers to make many investments in the field of capital projects that have to do with efficient energy resources.


   This is the last loan, but one of the most profitable ones for clients, wince through this program they can obtain solutions related to their professional and commercial needs. The bank is willing to give them assistance and guidance so as to make customers improve and make their business get bigger with the passing of time.

    For that reason, Sasfin offers its clients different services to orient themselves and also a support when it comes to balance sheets. Those two services are really taken advantage of by clients that are planning to acquire new offices, appliances, actions and son on.

   The following actions, will be the ones the company is authorized to perform through a Corporate Finance:

-To sell the clients shareholder and obtaining a good value for such performance. Moreover, the company will give clients support in terms of disposal for their business or company

-Giving help to clients when it comes to the listings that appear on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and also the equity capital. How is this carried out? The bank has several groups which give advice to clients that have to do with equity underwriting of services.

-Supporting clients when they are dealing with different reorganizations of their company, which of course has to do with the rescue of the company. This is possible thanks to the Post Commencement Finance.

Contact details of Sasfin Bank

As you will now observe, there exists more than one way to communicate effectively with the company, please pay attention:

-You can get into the company´s website so as to send a personal message with your information.

-You can go in person to one of its offices located at 29 Scott Street, in Waverley, Sandton

-You can send a letter to the company to the following post address: 95104, Grand Park, 2051

-You can call the company by dialing up their phone number: 27 11 809 7500. You can also send a fax to Sasfin to this number: 27 11 887 6167

-You can send an email to the following email

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Will I be given options in terms of financing plans?

Yes you will

Is the company open on weekends?

Not on Sundays

How can I contact the company on holidays?

In its website

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