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Does Sanlam Offer Unsecured Loans? Application and Contact Information

Nowadays, it is very common to see financial companies granting loans, but asking for collaterals, which is something not every citizen can afford. There are some people that do not possess valuable assets to secure the loan and that becomes an impediment at the time of the application. Fortunately, that is not the case with Sanlam. This company has developed Personal Loans which are unsecured, to guarantee that every citizen can have access to them.

   In the article you are about to read, I will provide you with information related to Sanlam´s history and values and data about their unsecured loan, in which I will mention the requirements and the application process. After that, I will talk about good aspects about this company. At the end of the article, I will offer you its contact details, which includes phone numbers and addresses.


Sanlam´s history

   Sanlam was founded many decades ago, in 1954. It is part of other units such as Sanlam Investments or Sanlam Personal Finance. Since the beginning its founders thought of it as an insurer, but with the passing of time it also included loans, as the company wanted to satisfy all their customers´ needs. It can now be found in many cities around South Africa and the world, which is why it has gained much prestige and honor.

    One of the important aspects of Sanlam has to do with their code of ethics and their values, such as those of reliability, efficiency, morality and uprightness.


Sanlam´s unsecured loan

     The unsecured loan offered by Sanlam requires no collateral, which means that you will not have to possess any asset so as to secure your loan. This is a great advantage in comparison to other loans.

   Regarding the amount Sanlam offers you, you can be transferred a maximum of r 200 000, but there is also a minimum of R 3000. How does it work? The company can increase on a monthly basis R 1000. The interest rates that correspond to this loan are fixed, so there will not be awful surprises during the course of the loan. Once approved, you will be able to make use of the money in about three days.

  Now, it is important to bear in mind that even though there is a maximum, you need to qualify for it, which is why the amount is determined by your financial status.

   As regards the requirements for the unsecured loan, you must have the majority of age or more than that, being a resident of South Africa and earning a monthly wage of this minimum 25000. What is more, you need to show you have a good credit record with another credit company.

       If after reading about the terms and the requirements of the loan you feel like applying for it you need to know that the application can take place in person, by phone or via the net. If you choose to begin the application by phone, you can press the following numbers: 0861 08 08 08 88. Such phone line is available during weekdays from 8 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon. If you choose to begin the application in Sanlam´s official webpage, you can simply fill in the form destined to applicants.  After you have applied, you will be contacted by phone by an operator. The operator will offer you a loan designed just for you, whose rates and financing periods will be super affordable.

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Sanlam´s calculator on the net

     It is worth mentioning that if you want to know beforehand whether you qualify or not for a loan, you can make use of a calculator found in the company´s website.


     Good aspects about Sanlam

The company aims at protecting its clients: there was an episode many years ago, in which many customers where involved. A company used a false name, Sanlam´s name, in order to grant loans that were fake. For that reason, Sanlam suggests its customers to only sign agreements in which there appears their full name: Sanlam Personal Loans

 2-All the agreements and documentation have been translated:  in order to guarantee that all South Africans can have access to its loans and perfectly understand the terms, Sanlam has translated the contracts, information and more data.

Final remarks about Sanlam´s unsecured loan

     You will observe that their unsecured loan will be really helpful whenever you see you cannot afford a daily expense, your children´s university or a medical expenditure. Based on the amount of money you need, the operator will suggest a loan that will match your needs and your income. So, it can be said that the loans are totally personalized, as they will depend on the customer´s financial situation.


Contact Information

-In person

    Sanlam has established itself in Cape Town, where you will find an office in Western Cape. This branch is located at 2 Strand Road, whose telephone number is 27219479111. Make sure to call there during weekdays.


    The company has also developed its own webpage, to provide you with a contact section, a section devoted to loans and a section about insurances they offer for you and your family. Moreover, there is a short form you can fill in, so that the company can contact you based on your schedule and availability.

    -By phone

     Sanlam has created a special phone line for customer service, so if you have any doubts or questions, please call on0861 44 00 44 and an operator will answer your call right away. Sometimes, your call can be answered by a machine which will transfer you to an operator so as to speak to the right area.

    All in all, obtaining an unsecured loan, with no collaterals is really possible in Sanlam. Sanlam offers a totally unsecured loan, with fixed interest rates, which are the lowest in the market, and also many ways of applying for the same loan. What are you waiting? Get in touch with Sanlam´s operators and begin the application!!!

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In the company´s website or in person

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