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Is it Possible to Get a Quick Loan at Sanlam? Contact Numbers and Addresses

Are you looking for a quick loan in order to solve your financial troubles at home? Did you know Sanlam provides Personal Loans to its customers in a simple and fast way? That is right, this company has carefully designed loans that are easy to obtain, without further complications.

    In the next post, I will give you some information about the company for you to know it better and data regarding its loans, which includes the application procedure and the requirements. Then, I will stress some points that are worth knowing about this company. Finally, I will give you their contact details, so that it is easy for you to talk to an operator of the company.


   Sanlam first started as an insured and then it opened its wings and expanded to the credit service, turning into a credit provider. It has established all over the world in many places, because of the quality of its services and its transparency when dealing with people´s finances. It was founded many years ago, in 1954 and is nowadays one of the financial companies most chosen by citizens.

   Many people choose Sanlam because of the ethics and standards, which can be translated as honesty, reliability, honor and efficacy of its services. Moreover, Sanlam constitutes several units, among which we can find Sanlam Investments and Sanlam Personal Finance.

Sanlam´s loans for South Africans

   As you can imagine, there are many circumstances that will require the help of a Personal Loan, in which Sanlam will be there to support you. This company can give you support through loans whose maximum is R 200 000, that come along with fixed interest rates. The loans are unsecured and the repayments can be done in about 72 hours, so you can obtain the money right away.

     So, I said that there is a maximum, but the amount granted by Sanlam will always be defined according to your financial status. There can be loans which consist of a minimum R 3000 for instance. Moreover, Sanlam enables you to increase the amount of the loan by giving you R 1000 each month. The moment you are approved, you will receive the funds directly in your bank account.

    Let’s move on by focusing on the application procedure. The company will offer you two ways to carry out the application: by phone, dialing up 0861 08 08 08 88, which is a phone available Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm, not during weekends. Or, by filling an online form that appears in Sanlam´s website. After you apply, you will receive a call from one of the members of Sanlam, confirming the operation. This means that the company will not make you face interviews or interrogatories. Once the application begins, the operator will suggest a loan that adapts to your needs, whose financing period will be the most suitable one for you.

    Last but not least, pay attention to the requirements for this loan: being 18 years old or older, being a citizen of South Africa, possessing a job, whose salary is that of R 2500 or more. Finally, having a good credit score is very important.

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Checking your affordability through Sanlam´s calculator

    You will find in Sanlam´s website an online calculator in order to see whether you are eligible or not for a loan you are attracted to. You will need to choose how much money you need and a financing period. The calculator will carry out the calculation right away.



Points worth knowing about Sanlam:

    I would like to stress certain points about this credit provider:

1)Protects its customers: Sanlam advices all their customers to be catious at the time of applying for a loan, since in the past there was a false company that tried to use Sanlam´s name and hijacked many people. Which is why before signing the contract, make sure the name is Sanlam Personal Loans

 2) Sanlam´s services in many languages: this company wants to make sure that every citizen, regardless of its race or language, can access to its loans, which is why all the data about their products and services has been translated to more than five languages. This is a wonderful opportunity to break the language barrier.

Closing Comments

    Sanlam´s Personal Loan is just ideal for those customers who are facing emergencies or hard situations with their finances and are looking for easy money. For instance, these customers can buy new appliances, pay their kids´ school tuition or medical expenses. And, there are three ways of applying for their loans: by phone, online or in person. You will get to choose the one that suits you best.

   What is more, each of the loans the company has developed is meant to cover individual needs of the customers, so they will be adapted to their needs.

Contact details of Sanlam

-In person

    If you want to enjoy obtaining information in person or starting the application there, go to their office in Cape Town. It is found in Western Cape, at 2 Strand Road. You can also phone this office to this number: 27219479111.


    By entering Sanlam´s website, you can get more data about their loans, insurances, contact them by email and also ask their operators to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

-By phone

   There is a customer service designed for questions and queries about Sanlam´s services. You can also use it for the application. The phone number is the following: 0861 44 00 44.

   To conclude, when it comes to obtaining a quick loan, Sanlam can be just what you are expecting, since there are plenty of ways to begin the application and once approved, you will instantly receive the money. That is what makes Sanlam one of the best credit providers ever found in South Africa. I strongly suggest that you contact their operators and begin an application right now!

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Questions and answers

How often do I have to make payments?

On a monthly basis

Can I open a credit line online?

Sure, you can

Does Sanlam have an app?

Yes, you can get if from its website

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