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Could I Obtain a Sanlam Personal Loan? Online calculator and Contact Information

About Sanlam

    This is one of the leading financial companies which at the beginning was supposed to be an insurer but then it expanded itself as a credit provider, due to its prestige and experience around the world. It was founded back in 1954. Through time it has become bigger and created new financial resources for its customers.

   Among the many values that identify this company we can say that it is defined by its transparency, integrity, honesty, effectiveness and the protection of every South African. This company consists of a variety of units such as the Sanlam Personal Finance, and the Sanlam Investment.

Sanlam´s Personal Loans

    There exist lots of situations that will make you ask for a personal loan, cases in which you need the money and it cannot wait. For that reason, you can rely in the Personal Loans offered by Sanlam, through which you can be granted a maximum of R 200 000, whose interest rates are fixed. This is a totally unsecured loan, whose repayments consists of about 24 and 72 hours.

   Moreover, as the customer, you can select the amount given and the financing term in order to adjust it to your personal situation. In fact, their loans can go from R 3000 to R 150000. What is more, the company enables you to increase every month R 1000. So, the increase of the loan takes place at a low pace. Once the company approves your loan, the money granted will be transferred to your bank account so that you can use it on whatever you need.

  If you are interested in applying, you will see how simple it is the application: you can either call this number: 0861 08 08 88 which is available during weekdays from 08:00 am to 8 in the afternoon or completing a form you will find in the company´s website, which means online registration is possible. So, the company will not make you participate in awkward or uncomfortable interviews so as to know whether you can apply or not. In fact, after you call or fill the form, you will get a call from one of their representatives in order to provide you with guidance throughout the whole procedure. Then, you will get to find the loan that was designed just for your needs. Please do bear in mind that the amount of money given will depend on what is your income and how are you doing with your current finances.

   Now, the most interesting part: the requirements: if you want to be found eligible for a loan you need to be 18 years old, being a South African citizen, being employed in South Africa, in which your salary needs to be of at least R 2500. Moreover, your credit record has an important role at the time of choosing you over other applicants.

Sanlam´s loan calculator

     In the company´s official webpage you will find a calculator so as to choose a loan you are interested in applying. You just need to select the amount of money wanted, repayment options and the webpage will calculate your affordability and how much will you pay for a loan.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Important facts about Sanlam

 There are certain vital pieces of information you need to bear in mind about this company, I am referring to measures the company has taken to protect its customers.

1) Protection against fraud

     Once you apply for a loan with Sanlam the company will make sure that you bear in mind this: get in touch and apply for a loan if they are granted by Sanlam Personal Loans and not by other name, since it happened in the past that another company used their name and granted false loans to customers, which turned into a disaster as many people lost their finances.

2) Sanlam´s language policy

    In order for every customer to understand the company´s conditions and their terms, Sanlam has trained its operators to speak five languages, which of course includes English and Afrikaans. And the documentation is also available in several languages. Moreover, you will see that the calculator, the contract, quotes and more appear in many languages too. This is a very effective way to prevent misunderstandings and mistakes at the time of signing a contract for a loan.

Last Observations

    A Personal Loan from Sanlam will always be useful when you find yourself in an emergency, when you cannot afford to pay your children´s tuition at school or university or when you want to finance the house of your dreams, any purpose is valid. And, it is good to take into consideration the fact that Sanlam gives you the chance of going in person to their office and waiting in line for lot of hours, but you do have the choice of applying over the phone or in their website, up to you.

    Moreover, one of the reasons to start operating with this company is that all the loans are designed for people that need them right now, so they will not make you wait.

Contact details

    You can go to Sanlam´s physical office located in Cape Town in Western Cape. Its exact address is 2 Strand Road. You can even phone this office on 27219479111.

    You can try the company´s webpage where you are able to send a message, ask them to call you and obtain information related to insurances and services for your business.

   You can also use the company´s customer service, whose phone is 0861 44 00 44.

     To conclude, Sanlam Personal Loans are obtainable in an easy and fast way, and are pretty convenient for customers that are looking for programs whose interest rates will not fluctuate with time, so as not to get surprises at the end of the loan. And, you are operating with one of the most reliable financial companies, whose reputation is excellent. Contact Sanlam and let them show you how your life can change!

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Questions and answers

Can I buy a vacation home with their loans?


Does the loan require collateral?

No, it is unsecured

Can I also get an insurance with Sanlam?

Yes there are plenty of insurances such as home insurance and funeral cover

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