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Are Sanlam Loans Available in Johannesburg? Application and Contact Data

     Citizens of Johannesburg which are dealing with serious financial problems, can now be at peace, since they have a financial company that for years has dedicated itself to solving citizen´s problems with their finances. One of those companies is Sanlam, and among all the various services it offers to clients, loans is an outstanding service that has really helped many South Africans. Fortunately, this company can be found in Johannesburg, which is why I will give you all the information you need.

   In the first section of the article, I will provide you with a short introduction about the company´s past and its beliefs. Then, I will move on by stressing important facts about the loans like amounts given, application procedure and requirements. Finally, I will give you all the means of communication through which you can contact the company in Johannesburg and start operating with it.

Sanlam´s past and its beliefs

    You probably know that this company started working in the market many years ago, in 1954. Back in that time, the company was only interested in giving insurances and all type of covers to their citizens. But then, when the years passes by, Sanlam wanted to provide a further service which would improve people´s lives, a loan. Which is why, the company designed specific Personal Loans to meet their citizen´s financial needs and give them the life they always deserved.

   As regards the different beliefs and principles that characterize this company, I would like to stress that honesty, transparency, effectiveness and simplicity are the main values that characterize Sanlam and made it gain much prestige throughout its experience in the market.

Information about Sanlam´s loans

    One of greatest advantages of Sanlam´s lending programs is that every member gets the chance of obtaining a loan that will surely adapts to its needs, and will be exclusive. Moreover, Sanlam will enable clients to spend the money given on any type of purpose, as long as they are committed to comply with the financing period in time. So, clients do not need to justify the need they will cover with the loan as it is the case with most companies.

   Another advantage is that clients have liberty to choose how to proceed with the application: over the phone, at a branch or by filling an online form.

     When it comes to obtaining money, every company sets a maximum amount, which in this case is R 3000. But, you can ask the company to add every month a minimum of R 1000. That way, you get the chance to improve your loan and you receive more funds.

All the money can be obtained once the application is approved, which is why I will focus on its procedure. Fortunately, Sanlam gives customers the possibility of choosing between two different application ways: by phone or online. If they decide to start the application by phone, they will need to press, during weekdays from 08:00 am to 08:00 in the afternoon, the following numbers: 0861 08 08 08 88.

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    But, if they decide to do it online, they simply need to get into the company´s webpage and start filling in the application with their information. One of the positive aspects of both ways of application, is that the client can avoid interrogatories and being questioned a lot before the approval of the loan. Moreover, the moment the representatives of the company have knowledge about your status, they can recommend the best loan for your financial circumstances.

   Now, there are few requirements this company will ask you: having 18 years old or more, having a job in which the wage must be of at least R 2500, showing you had a good credit record with some other credit company and proving you reside in South Africa.

As an additional tool, if you decide to apply online, you can choose before the application, a special online calculator, which is a simulator that will give you your affordability for a loan you want to apply. That way you avoid wasting time filling applications.


     Before moving on with the contact information of Sanlam, I would like you to know that this is a very remarkable company, which aims at protecting all their clients. For such reason, at the moment of the application they are given certain recommendations and safety measures to take so as to avoid scams and cases of frauds, which are pretty common in the financial industry. Moreover, all the information as regards the services and products of Sanlam, appear in several languages, so that every client has the chance to understand the terms and conditions of the company.

Contacting Sanlam in Johannesburg


     One of its offices located in Johannesburg is in the Houghton Estate, in West Street.

    There is another office located in Sandton, which is in 11 Alice road.

These two companies are open from Mondays to Fridays during banking hours. So, if you prefer a personalized attention, please go there and their members will surely give you all the data you need so as to begin with the application.

     You can also enter Sanlam´s website, which in fact is filled with data about Sanlam´s loans, insurances, quotes and other services the company offers to small and big businesses.

     You can also get in touch with the company by phone that is by dialing up the following number from your place: 0861 44 00 44. Please wait until your call is answered, as this might take a couple of minutes.

    As a conclusion, when it comes to financial solutions in Johannesburg, Sanlam is the perfect company to give you what you want. Apart from obtaining insurances for you and your beloved ones, you can get a loan that will fit your needs and make sure you stop suffering financial troubles. Get in touch with the company´s members and see yourself how they can change your lifestyle for the better!! You really deserve to enjoy peace of mind!!

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No, that is a free line

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Try using the online simulator

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