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Can the People Living in Pretoria Obtain Sanlam Loans? Contact Details and Application

      Are you a current resident of Pretoria? Are you tired of suffering the consequences of a financial crisis and do not know what to do? Let me tell you, this place might be what you need. Yes, I can give you the solution you deserve through Sanlam, a prestigious financial company in South Africa that has dedicated itself to improving the lives of South Africa citizens.

     In the next article, I will first talk about the company so that you know how it works and its values. Then, I will provide you with all the data you need to bear in mind about the loans you will find in this company. At the end of the article, I will offer you all the contact information in Pretoria.

About Sanlam

     Sanlam is a company whose roots date back to 1954, a time in which it was only specialized in the field of insurance, leaving out finances. However, when its experience started to gain knowledge and prestige, this company wanted to offer more services to citizens and incorporated their loans.

    This enterprise is widely chosen by South Africans, because of its morality, prestige, honesty and close relation with the different members and citizens.

Sanlam´s loans for the citizens of Pretoria

     If you are interested in obtaining a loan with this company, you should bear in mind that the company only gives you access to a certain amount as the maximum, R 3000. You, the client, can also increase that amount every month and obtain R 1000 more. Now, before moving with the application steps, you need to know that the moment the company approves your application, the money will be deposited into your bank account.

     When it comes to the application, Sanlam wants you to have several choices in mind so that it is very comfortable for you to start it. So, you can take advantage of their free line, which is 0861 08 08 08 88 and call on that number on weekdays from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm. Or, you can also choose to complete the form that appears in the company´s official webpage, which will request you to submit certain kind of information about your finances and personal data. Then, you will wait until one of the company´s members contacts you so as to proceed with the following steps. Those steps include receiving the appropriate recommendation of a loan that suits you.

    Now, let’s focus on the requirements, they are the same for every company: being 18 years old, possessing a good job, whose salary consists of at least R 25000 and showing your ID book and your credit record that needs to be perfect.

    What is more, you have the possibility of getting to know whether you can afford a loan or not by using the company´s calculator, which is present in its website. There, you get to choose amounts and periods.

Now, before finishing the article I would like to tell you some aspects about this company that are really worth bearing in mind at the time of choosing them. First, this is a company that is entirely committed to the wellbeing and the satisfaction of its clients and will do anything it takes to make you feel like you deserve. Second, as this company wants everyone to understand their message and their services, it has dedicated to translate all its documentation in more than five languages, which are the most commonly spoken in the world. Which is something great.

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 Lastly, the different loans you will find in Sanlam are designed for meeting your needs and helping you get the life you deserve without complications. And, you can get to choose the purpose on which you will spend the money. For instance, you can use it to buy a new vehicle, another house, improve your summer house or even start paying for your summer holidays. Any use that you want to give to the funs is accepted.

And, the good thing is that the company will always design a loan just for you, based on your income and your possibilities of financing the loan in certain periods of time. That is a great advantage this company offers.


     Contact Details

      You can go to one of Sanlam´s offices found in Pretoria, which is inside the North Park Mall, located in Rachel de Beer Street. It is in the north of Pretoria.

      You can also go to another office in Pretoria, which is inside the Sanlynn Bulding, in the second floor of it. It is in office 16 and the exact address is Coronel Sanlam and Alkantrand road. Both offices are open during weekdays on business hours.

     You also have the chance of contacting the company via its website, where you can send an email or message so as to get more details about a loans that called your attention and you are planning to apply for.  In that website you will also have the chance of obtaining a simple calculation for a loan that attracts you and even asking for quotes if you are also interested in insurances.


     You can also use the phone line designed for customer service, if you have doubts about any product. It is 0861 44 0044. This phone is typically answered by automatic machines as there are many people calling at the same time and the company wants to make sure everyone obtains a quick response and is derived to the correct area they wish to speak. So, it is recommended that you hold on with patience until your call is answered.

   To conclude, residing in Pretoria and suffering a financial crisis is not a big deal since their citizens have Sanlam to make their ends meet thanks to their variety of loans, which are based on each citizen´s needs and financial status. Try contacting Sanlam through the different means provided above and apply for their loans right away, you deserve a good change in your life!!!

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Questions and answers

Is the office open on Sundays?

Not is is not

How can I send an email?

Via the company´s website

Do I have to pay extra for calling customer service?

No, that is a free number out of charges

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