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Is Kimberley Eligible for Sanlam Loans? Application Details and Contact Information

     Do you permanently reside in Kimberley? Are you short of money to cover your needs? Fortunately, there is a company you can rely on to bring you the solution you deserve, and it is Sanlam. Yes, one of the leading financial companies, whose objective is to make you feel at ease with your finances. And, as said before, Kimberley is eligible, as this company has several offices there.

    In the article you are about to read, you will be given an introduction about this company, which includes its roots and its principles. Then, you will receive information about their loans. For instance, you will get its features and info about the application process. Finally, I will give you phone numbers, physical addresses and information about the company´s website, for you to be able to contact it.

Sanlam´s roots and its main principles

    The roots of this company date back to 1954, a couple of years ago, when it first started to operate in the country as an insurance provider. Then, when the time came, it expanded its horizons to the world of loans and the fact of giving financial solutions to people. In fact, this is not the only unit, since the company has also several other units, such as Sanlam Investment and Sanlam Personal Finances.

   One of the reasons people tend to favor this company over others, is that it has established in the country following important principles such as those of transparency, simplicity, decency and trustworthiness.

Let me continue by focusing on Sanlam´s Personal Loans. Regarding is features, here you have a list of them:

-The company enables clients to obtain a limit in terms of the amount, which in this case is R 3000. However, customers can add R 1000 to that amount in order to increase it

-Clients are transferred the money directly into their bank account once the application is approved by the company

-The documentation and all the important information regarding the loans are in many languages. So, no matter your race or language you speak, you can easily access to their loans with no mistakes or understandings in the middle of the application procedure

-Once you apply for Sanlam´s loans, a professional from the company will indicate which loan matches you and your needs, based on your salary and your chances of complying with certain financing periods

-Before signing any documentation or contract with Sanlam, the company strongly advices its future clients to make sure they are dealing with Sanlam and not with a false company, since these days it is very common to see cases of fraud. In fact, it happened a couple of years ago, that a company with a similar name, gave false lending programs to clients, which turned into serious financial problems for those customers. Please make sure every documentation you sign is under the name of Sanlam Personal

-You have the opportunity of closing the loan whenever you are ready, the better you finish its financing, the lower the amount of money you will pay at the end of the program

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-You can choose to pay for the loan either in cash, automatic deduction or chequebooks

     Let’s focus on the important part for being eligible, the requirements: your age plays a crucial role, since you must be 18 or more. Then, you must possess a job and earn at least the following amount of money: R 2500. Moreover, you need to prove you have a good credit record and show your ID book to prove you live in the country.

   We should also bear in mind that there are certain tools in the company´s webpage to take advantage of, such as the online simulator that works as a calculator. That means you can know beforehand whether you are capable of applying for a loan or not. It functions like this: you put your personal and financial information and you receive an approximation of the loan. Not every company offers simulators, so is a great opportunity of knowing if you can apply or not.

     Before I finish this article, I will like you to know that Sanlam does not care on what purpose you will spend the money granted on, since as long as it satisfied the need you are experiencing, you are totally capable of applying for their loans. The company understands that every person has a different lifestyle, and thus, different needs and priorities. So, do not let your needs become an impediment at the time of applying for the loan. Which is why, the company recommends to try their calculator, find out your affordability and then apply for their loans. Simple as that, you see?

Contact Information about Sanlam in Kimberley

If you reside in Kimberley there are certain means of communication you can take advantage of:

You can go in person to one of its offices located in Labra, more precisely in 13 Bishops Avenue or you can go to another office in the Record Building, which is found opposite to Build It. This branch is located at 49 George Street, in Vermeulens Hardware. You will find it on the ground floor of the building. These two offices are open during weekdays on business hours.

Another way by which you can contact Sanlam is from your laptop, by entering its website. It is full of data about the terms and conditions of loans, the simulator and further services.

But, if you prefer to do it on the phone, you can dial up this number and start talking to their members: 0861 44 00 44.

     To conclude, people that reside in Kimberley can now enjoy the peace of mind they were looking for, since they have all their financial problems solved by relying on Sanlam and its loans. Please do not hesitate to contact the company, try their simulator and begin the application process from whenever you want. You truly deserve happiness and it is so possible with a loan from Sanlan!

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Questions and answers

How long do I have to wait for the simulator to function?

In less than 2 minutes you receive a calculation

Wherelse can I find Sanlam?

In Johannesburg and Durban

How can I contact the company on a holiday?

In its website

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