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Can I get a Sanlam Loan if I Currently Live in Durban? Details and Contact Information

      If you are residing in Durban and you are sadly experiencing a hard situation with your money, perhaps you need the help of a loan. That is right, there are companies that carefully create loans for your needs. And, that is the case with Sanlam, one of the most well-known credit providers nowadays.

    In the following article, I will give you data about the history of the company and its ideals. Then, I will offer information about Sanlam´s loans, such as the amounts granted, application and more. Finally, you will get tons of contact information so that you can easily contact this company from home or in person. For such purpose, you will be given phone numbers and physical addresses.

The history and the ideals of Sanlam

   We are talking about a financial company that opened its doors a lot of years ago, more precisely in 1954, and had as it biggest aim to provide insurances to people, such as Home, Car and Business Insurance. But then, the company realized that the citizens had another needs in mind, which needed to be satisfied. For that reason, Sanlam introduced its loans, which have the peculiarity of being very individual, as they are designed for each client and they are unique.

    Regarding the ideals of this company, it can be said that it is an honest, transparent, consistent and effective company, which aims at giving their clients safety and at the same time financial security they are looking for.


Now, let’s focus on its loans for the citizens of Durban

       There is a maximum value, which clients have access to, so citizens can be granted up to R 3000, which is the final value accepted. Moreover, the value can be increased by adding R 1000 on a monthly basis. That way, it is guaranteed that the client receives more money at the end of the loan. And, when the application is okay, the client can receive the money requested in the account with the bank.

     If you liked those features and would like to know about the application, I will tell you that it can be carried out in two simple manners: the client can use its phone and directly phone on a free line designed for application: 0861 08 08 08 88, a service which is available to everyone on weekdays from 8 to 8. And the other manner has to do with an online application, in which the client enters the company´s website and completes the application very quickly. Regardless which one you choose, you will immediately receive a phone call from one member of the company so as to move on with the application. One important thing to bear in mind is that by doing that, you kind of avoid interviews made by most financial companies to its customers, that turn out to be really uncomfortable for the person interviewed.

   And of course, there are minimal requirements you need to comply with: having the majority of age, being employed and showing a salary proof of R 2500 or more, having a perfect credit history and showing you are a citizen of this country.

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    But, if you wo not want to waste time filling the application and would like to know beforehand if you are approved, you have the online calculator available every day in the company´s webpage.


Significant facts about Sanlam:

    There are some facts I want to focus on, which shows us this is a very committed company:

1) Guards its consumers:  Sanlam always warns its clients to bear in mind the possibility of fraud that exists nowadays, as it happened many years ago when another company tried to use Sanlam´s name and gave false loans to people. Which is why, their clients are trained to recognize signs of fraud and scams. So, it is recommended that you only sign documentation by the name of Sanlam Personal Loans. That is the only name under which you will find the company.

 2) Sanlam´s facilities in numerous languages: as Sanlam is committed to the fact that every person can get their loans and insurances, all the data regarding these two services and the application, has been translated into numerous languages. That way, every race is included and you will not suffer any misunderstanding.

Closing Ideas

    All the loans Sanlam has developed can be really helpful when it comes to facing emergencies, problems with your house, vehicle or medical expenses that you cannot afford at once. And, the company will carefully examine your situation so as to design a loan that will be unique and only adapt to your circumstances. Moreover, you have plenty of ways to begin the application, you will choose the one you feel most comfortable with.


Contact Information about Sanlam in Durban

     There is a physical branch located in the Milkwood Crescent, found at the Milkwood Office Park. This office is in La Lucia Ridge.

     There is another office in Durban, in the area of North Beach, situated at Sylvester Ntuli road.

    Another way by which you can contact Sanlam is through its website, which is filled with data about insurances, loans and other programs for businesses. There is also a contact section, so that citizens can communicate from there with the company.

    There is a phone line, suggested for customer service to the citizens of Durban. It is the following number: 0861 44 00 44. People can phone on that number in order to ask questions and share their queries.

      All in all, the people that reside in Durban and are stressed about their financial troubles, can come to peace with the support of the loans granted by Sanlam, which are individual and designed for each specific client. I really advice you to either phone the company, go in person or enter its website, and begin the application now. Stop wasting time, you need to have your problems solved now and not later!!!

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