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Is Cape Town Eligible for Sanlam Loans? Features and Contact Information

Are you a permanent citizen of the wonderful city of Cape Town? Are you now experiencing difficulties with your money? If that happens to be your circumstance, you have just arrived to the perfect place to make those worries vanish away. That is right, there is more than one company dedicated to providing solutions, through loans. And fortunately, one of them is Sanlam, which in facts is present in Cape Town.

    For such motive, I will devote the following article to talking about the history, roots and the main values of Sanlam when it comes to dealing with their customers´ needs. Then, in another section I will give you data about each of the features that make up their loans. Finally, I will give you contact facts about this company in Cape Town. So, I strongly advise you to keep on reading this article, as it will be very profitable for you and you will learn a lot about Sanlam´s loans.

About Sanlam´s roots and its values

    It will surprise you to know that this company was founded in 1954 and aimed to be just an insurance company. As all their covers were pretty affordable and effective, the company wanted to expand itself to the field of lending programs. In fact, it created several loans, each of which is defined by every need a client has. So, there is not a loan exactly identical to another, each loan is unique on its own.

   Regarding the valued that identify Sanlam, I can tell you that people choose this company because of its reliability, integrity, completeness and simplicity, factors that are crucial for a good financial company.

Now that you have a bigger picture about Sanlam, I will continue with data about its loans, which are Personal Loans. Pay attention to their features:

-There exists a limits in relation to the amounts of money authorized by Sanlam, which in fact is R 3000. Such limit can be improved by asking for additional R 1000 each month.

-After the client is approved with their application, the company will deposit the money in the account in an immediate way.

-Sanlam has translated all the data about the lending programs, their contracts and papers to be signed, in more than five languages, which turns out to diminish cases of misunderstandings at the end of the loan

-The different members of the company will make sure to find a loan that is perfect for you, which means that loans are individualized, since they are defined by the client´s needs

-The company will automatically suggest its clients to make sure every document appears under the name of Sanlam Personal. This measure has been taken so as to prevent frauds or scams of false companies. So, before you start doing all the paper work, take that into consideration

-The company gives its clients total freedom to choose when to start the closure of the loan. So, whenever you have the money with you and you feel like closing it, please talk to a representative and they will orient you towards its closure

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-There exist a variety of payment methods accepted by Sanlam, among which we can find chequebooks, cash or automatic deduction.

 Apart from those features, there is a tool you must bear in mind before beginning the application procedure: Sanlam´s online simulator. It works just like a calculator as its aim is to calculate whether you are eligible or not. This is very useful so as to avoid paperwork before knowing your position in terms of the loan.

Now, what is it needed to become eligible? Complying with every requirement: showing your ID book so as to prove you are a citizen of South Africa, being employed and earning R 2500 or a higher amount and being 18 years old.

Okay, so before I give you the contact details of this company, let me remind you that the money granted by Sanlam´s Personal Loans, can be used on whatever need you might be experiencing at the moment. By saying that, I mean that you can for instance pay your medical expenditures, buy a new home, pay for your kids´ tuition at school or university and even make improvements to your house. As an example, most customers tend to request for a loan, whose maximum is of R 2000, so as to make necessary repairs to their homes, which otherwise would be impossible since they do not have all the required money at once.

  Contact Information

-You can go in person to their two main offices:

One of them is located at the Maynard Mall, in the third floor of the mall. Its exact location is Wetton road.

Another office is in Bellville, exactly in Eikenbosch. The exact address is 55 Willie Van Schoor Avenue.

-Another means of communication to get in touch with Sanlam is in its official website. There you will find several sections, depending on your needs: insurance, loans, contact section and a retirement section.

-You can even communicate with the company from the comfort of your house by dialing up their free number, destined to customer service: 0861 44 00 44. Citizens usually make use of this number so as to receive specific details about the loans and check their affordability over the phone, so if you do not want to use the simulator or you do not possess a computer at home, this is another tool you can take advantage of.

  To conclude, those people living in Cape Town which were dealing with financial troubles that were an impediment to their happiness, can now forget about those troubles. They can rely on Sanlam in order to take care of their needs, which will offer them unique loans based on their economic status and the type of need they have in mind. Please try to communicate with the company by phone, in person or online, and start operating with Sanlam, I guarantee you it is totally worth it!!

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Questions and answers

Does the company receive credit cards?

Sure, that payment method is taken by the company

What about the financing periods?

They need to be discussed with a representative, since each one is very individual

Are the office open on weekends?

No, they are not

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