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SA Home loans vs FNB Loans, What Can Customers Get?

    SA Home loans and FNB are two great choices that South Africans face when it comes to finding a good loan for their financial needs. Both enterprises offer Quick Loans, Personal Loans and Home loans, which is why in this article I will give you details about each of these loans so that you can establish a fair comparison between them. After that, I will give you contact details of both companies in your country.


1.Quick Cash

What can you get from this loan?

The moment you begin the application, in less than 72 hours you can be given the totality of the money. You can enjoy certain benefits such as obtaining R 75 000 or R 150 000 whenever you have signed the bond documents, and having direct access to additional equity that is linked to your property. You can also use this loan to make renovations to your property, pay kids education at school, expenses, debts or even business costs. And, the interest rates will be competitive for sure.

2.Personal Loans

With a Personal Loan you can ask for R 70 000 and you finish paying for it in about 24 hours. This loan constitutes a great alternative for customers that have emergencies.

What are its benefits?

-Facing crisis strikes

-Useful to stay afloat with the money

-Direct contact with the bank, so no need to contact another institution

-Rates lowered by the company

-Secured loans

-Extra cash provided you paid on time

3. The 30 Year Home loan

This constitutes a long term loan which enables you to minimize the monthly installments that correspond to your loan. With this program you have greater cash flow and you have certain flexibility when it comes to the repayments you make each month.

As regards it benefits I would like to stress that you have up to 30 years to finance it, that the interest rate varies according to your budget, so sometimes it is lowered for your benefit and  that the amount can be increased. Regarding some extra details, let me remind you that you must be from 18 years old to 45 and that you can only apply for this loan is you are buying your first property.

How is the application carried out?

It is simply done by sticking to some steps:

1.Calling the company on this number: 0861 000 376 or  sending an email

2.The company fills in the assessment grid with your financial data

3.You send the company financial documentation

4.You are phoned by a member of the company with the results of your submission for the loan

5.You are sent the contract, ready to be signed

6-You receive your money in your bank account


1.Revolving Loans

    This is the perfect loan for customers that have already opened a cheque account with the company. They get the money instantly and they will be paying monthly installments that come along with fixed interest rates. However, in order to get access to the full amount asked, you must have paid at least 15% of the totality of the loan. Such money can be received in any ATM, transfers, in person by cash or in your card.

  As an additional benefit, FNB grants its clients a special insurance to protect themselves from accidents in their homes or in the road. There are also insurances from people that suffer diSAbilities.

2.Temporary Loans

    I am sure you guess from the way this loan is named, that it is a program that gives its customers money right when the application is started. They can easily open a checking account by asking FNB to do it so. The interest rates that come along with this sort of loan are of 13%, considered on the totality of the lending program, that is the total amount.

   The amount regarding this Temporary Loan is not fixed, and you know why? Because the company gives different amounts according to the conditions of its customers. It also depends on the credit record and behavior of customers with previous loans given in the past.

   Lastly, clients get access to important discounts provided they have fully paid the 13% of the entire loan. Such percentage is calculated on the total amount the client is given by the bank.

3.Home loans

    A Home loan happens to be one of the most requested programs, since many customers aim to meet their need of possessing their property, under their name. They can also make use of it so as to make improvements to their house.

Here you have some features of a Home loan at FNB:

-Clients can purchase their first property in an easy way

-Clients are offered houses they can afford

-Customers can merge the loan with additional programs

-Clients get access to discounts

-Clients that possess a good credit record will experience benefits

Now, regarding requirements, there are minimal ones: having a salary of R 25 000 and being 18 years old or older than that. So, financial stability as well as the proper age are crucial.


-You can try the company´s website so as to apply for the loan, use the calculator, send a message or get details of products

-You can go in person to their branch in Johannesburg inside the  Pineslopes Shopping Centre at Cnr Sunset Boulevard and the Forest Road. It is in the North Wing.

-You can go to another branch in Pretoria in the area of Menlyn, whose address is: Menlyn Maine Cnr of Mercy and Amarand Street.


-You can enter the website of the bank in order to begin the application.

-You can phone the company on the following number:0860 102 631.

-You can go in person to one of the branches in Johannesburg, located at shop 8 in Bracken City. It is found at Hennie Alberts Street

-In the following chart you have information regarding another branch in Johannesburg:


R 70 000 on

Interest Rate

Fixed interest rates

Telephone Number

27 87 575 9404


Comaro Crossing Shop, Comaro Street

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm


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