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Is Rustenburg an Eligible Place to Obtain SA Home loans?

    Residing in Rustenburg? Tired of not knowing how to handle financial difficulties? Do not worry about it, I have in mind a company that will really help you. I am talking about SA Home loans, a company with lots of experience in the lending field, which has in its power more than three loans to offer Rustenburg citizens.

    Consequently, in the article you will start reading you will be given data about the many loans found at SA Home loans and the various means of communication through which you can contact the company.

Variable Home loan

What are the features of a Variable Home loan for Rustenburg citizens?

1-Interest Rates that are competitive and the chance of obtaining further products

2-Rates that will always be subject to the customer´s budget

3-Financing periods of about 20 years or more

4-Chances of having their home under the name they want

5-Possibilities of obtaining more than one house under the name of the customer

6-Access to R 75 000 or even R 150 000 when the documentation is attached on time

7-Access to additional surplus once the Home loan is granted to the customer

8-Insurances for the house and the assets contained in it

What can Rustenburg residents get from this loan?

This loan has with it interest rates that are low when you compare them with the rates of other loans in the market. You can finance the loan in a period of 20 years and the rates will be considering your current budget, so as to make sure you can afford the whole loan. The amount given happens to be of R 75 000.

Edge Home loan

     An Edge Home loan has the greatest quality of offering low monthly installments that must be paid by the customer for 3 years. And, after that period, the client has complete access to its property. That means, that the customer that applies for this loan will only need to pay interest rates for 36 months and that after that period the lending program changes its condition and can be renewed to a loan of 240 months, to give the client freedom when financing it.

There is no need to make capital payments as a customer, since the property can be fully paid once the loan has ended. But, the client can choose to pay off such capital for a period of 3 years and diminish the capital balance and the interest rates. So, it is a great chance to bear in mind trying to SAve some money for other causes.

Personal Loans

You should know, that because of its name, this loan is really helpful for customers that have multiple personal needs to be satisfied and cannot find a way to make ends meet in their daily lives. They have access to R 70 000, and that money can be deposited in their bank account the same day the application is carried out. Simple as that. It is useful for emergencies that tale place while driving, during a visit to the hospital and so on.

And lastly, the loan that most clients request, the so called Quick Cash Loan

Quick Cash

   Regarding the features of this loan I can mention that you can be granted about R 75 000 in no more than 72 hours, which means that it is quick loan, as it names suggests. You can also ask for higher amounts. For instance, some clients ask for R 100 000 if they have provided the documentation during those 3 days. This loan can also be used to build equity on your house and also to make purchases such as new furniture, appliances and products for your home or your business. The maximum permitted, with the documentation on time, is that of R 150 000, a good number to consider



As you will observe now, applying for a loan with SA Home loans tends to be really easy, since you can take advantage of many means of communication. But, you must follow these steps:

1. You must contact the company by phone on0861 000 376 or by email on the following address:

2. You must be patient until the company finishes completing affordability statements

3. You must attach or send documentation with your financial data

4. You have to wait for a call by the members of the company with the result of your submission

5. You must sign the contract once it arrives at your place (provided the application is approved, of course)

All the many terms that comprise the loans mentioned in the article, will depend on your personal budget. This means that interest rates as well as amount limits are based on your affordability. And, as a final benefit to those wonderful loans, the company has to offer insurances to take care of your home, your car and your personal assets.


The residents of Rustenburg can easily contact SA Home loans by resorting to the different means of contact:

-They can phone to the head office by dialing up this following phone number: (31) 560 5300 or they can send a fax to the next fax number: (31) 562 0362. Unnecessary to say, such number matches one of the offices situated in La Lucia Ridge, area of Milkwood Park. The head office´s address is this one, so keep it: 2 Milkwood Crescent.

-They can try the website of the company in their computers, where they can find a calculator, a slice for applications, a message segment and more info about the numerous loans originated in this company.

-They can go in person to the local branch of SA Home loans in Rustenburg. In this chart you are given all the data about such branch:


Ranging from R 75 000 to R 150 000. In 72 hours

Interest Rate

Competitive fixed rates for all loans

Telephone Number

560 5200


Rustenburg. 215 Beyer’s Naude Doctor Street.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays. 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


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