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Are SA Home loans Obtainable in Pretoria? Contact Details and Benefits

    Is Pretoria where you and your beloved ones live? Are you searching for more money? Thanks God you arrived here, I have just what you need. And that is SA Home loans. In this company you will find many loans that will surely satisfy every need you have at the moment.

    Fortunately, this company is present in Pretoria, which means its citizens have total access to its loans. I will focus on the four loans obtainable in this corporation and then I will give you contact details so as to apply for their loans right now.

Lets see the main four loans found at SA Home loan ins Pretoria?

Variable Home loan

What are the features Pretoria citizens can enjoy with this loan?

1.Super competitive rates and also extra services and products so as to improve the loan given

2.Interest rates that vary depending on the customer´s financial status and needs

3.Financing periods of up to 20 years

4.Obtaining your home under your name

5.Possessing more than one property

5.Getting access to as much as R 75 000 in 72 hours

6.Getting R 150 000 once you have finishes signing all the bond documentation provided by the company

7.Access to surplus once the Home loan has been granted

What can Pretoria residents get from this loan?

    I believe the main feature of this loan is that it come along with rates, in terms of interest ones, that are competitive when compared to others on the market. Clients have the possibility of financing the loan in 20 years and can choose rates that will adapt to their budget and not more.

     It also has monthly installments that happen to be really low and customers will just need to pay the interest rate for 3 years. This loan is just great if you are living in Pretoria and you really need to purchase your first home for you and your family. You will be given a loan that for sure will adapt to the money you possess at the present and which will be repaid in the future without complications.

    As an additional feature of this loan I would add the fact that the interest rate is paid for 36 months and that it will be the lowest one if compared to other rates. Although the status of the loan changes after those 36 months, customers can still enjoy the benefits that come along with them with no exception-


Finally, customers will never need to make capital payments as it is usual once the month finishes, because the house will be fully paid once the loan ends.

Personal Loans

Through a Personal Loan customers of Pretoria get access to R 70 000 and enjoy that amount of money in only one day. This loan is extremely useful when customers are facing emergencies at the hospital or school and need the money immediately.

And, the last loan, but also a very useful one, is called Quick Cash. Lets see what Pretoria residents find in it:

Quick Cash Loan for Pretoria residents

This is the typical loan that for the way it is called, grants customers the chance of obtaining money to buy their home in less than 3 days. The amount has a maximum of R 75 000 but in many occasions the company make exceptions and considers an amount of R 150 000 to those clients with good credit record. This loan also enable clients to build equity on their homes and save some money by doing that. But, in many cases this loan is useful for those customers that have already obtained their home but are trying to make repairs or renovations so as to make it more modern and comfortable.


If you pay attention, by following minor steps you get to begin the application:

1-Communicate with the members of the company either by phone:0861 000 376 or by email to:

2-Be patient until the company checks if you can afford certain type of loans, depending on your financial data provided

3-Send bank statements and also pay slips by fax or email

4-Wait until members of the company phone you or email you to gain knowledge about the status of your application

5-If the application is approved by them, the contract is sent to your place and you sign it

6-The money is deposited in your bank account

Now, please remember the all the terms corresponding to loans will always be dependent upon the budget you possess and that the interest rates will be fixed and never change during the duration of your loan. What is more, the company is willing to give you an insurance if you consider necesSAry to give protection to your assets and finances.


If you reside in Pretoria, you will be amazed at how simple it is to contact SA Home loans here:

-You can contact the company by phone, if you simple dial up this phone number from home:

27 (31) 560 5300 or you can dial up the following number so as to send a fax:27 (31) 562 0362.

-You can use your laptop and enter the company´s webpage where you can begin your application, experiment with the calculator and also obtain data about many other loans and services found in this company.

-You can go in person and experience the personalized attention received when going to a local branch of SA Home loans in Pretoria. In this chart you are given all the information you need:


You can ask from R 75 000 to R 150 000 in about 72 hours

Interest Rate

Competitive fixed rates that apply to all loans

Telephone Number

560 52200


Pretoria. Menlyn. Menlyn Maine Coronel of Mcery and Amarand Street. In the January Masilela area.

Working Hours

Weekdays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African resident and ready to submit bank statements, pay slips and ID card

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