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How to Access SA Home Loans in Polokwane? Learn More About Calculators, Rates and Benefits

Do you live in Polokwane? Are you interested in finding loans? Polokwane is known as the Limpopo province’s capital, in South Africa. It is a beautiful city that invites different communities to explore it and find beauty in it. If you are looking for loans in Polokwane, then your problems could be solved at SA Home Loans. SA Home Loans is a financial organization that displays an array of services, products and resources for clients to use in different ways and to serve several purposes. You will find in this article details and information about SA Home Loans, the ways in which you can exploit your cash, the different actions you can enforce financially and more.

How did SA Home Loans start?

            It all started back in the year 1999. It was February and there was a desire to build something that could help different communities to boost their financial lives. In most companies, the interest rates were set at a very high percentage (23.5%), making it almost impossible to save money or make a good deal out of a loan. Thus, SA Home Loans wanted to create a system that could enable clients to reach their financial potential, find positive solutions and save money at the same time. SA Home Loans, therefore, decided to introduce a total change in the industry: the rates set up by SA Home Loans were of 19.6%, which meant that clients had now a completely different alternative they could turn to.

            In 2001, SA Home Loans started gaining popularity and respect from clients as well as from other companies. Due to the fact that SA Home Loans has already reduced its rates, the other competitions found themselves to be forced to bring down their rates. Otherwise, they would be kicked out of the market anytime soon. A much friendlier atmosphere was created in the loan financing industry.

            The years went by, and in 2003 SA Home Loans managed to keep its rate a percent of 9.5, while the rest of the company only managed to offer 11.5%. This paved the way for SA Home Loans to keep competitive among the rest of the companies. The rates at SA Home Loans were always a priority since it was one of the best ways to attract clients while offering them a good financial deal. SA Home Loans also noted that clients were looking for a company they could trust and that would assist them in a friendly way, and that’s what SA Home Loans did. Clients at SA Home Loans found that they were gaining personal recognition, that they weren’t just a number.

            SA Home Loans at the same time started designing products made exclusively for home financing, such as mortgage and insurance.

What does SA Home Loans offer?

            Throughout the years, SA Home Loans has continued developing and creating products that could mostly benefit customers. These include:

a) loan products for your home: the possibilities in this section are varied. There are home loans of thirty years, home loans that are variable and edge home loans.

b) The products that are ready for access are transfer assist, quick cash, lending products, personal loans, among other items.

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c)  There are also protection products at SA Home Loans in Polokwane. There is a cover for those who own their house. SA Home Loans also offers bond protection as well as CAP rate.

d) You can special offers regarding home loans: SA Home Loans offers a housing package that is really affordable; it enables users to access home loans at 100% and even home finance for GEHS.

Does SA Home Loans provide calculators?

            Yes, it does. SA Home Loans is well known for offering all kinds of help to the communities it serves. One of the typical resources offered to clients are calculators. You can use different calculators to calculate different values:

1- switch

2- affordability

3- refinance

4- repayment

            All you have to do is enter the calculator and proceed to enter the information relevant that will help you determine your financial future’s shape. You will have to complete the required fields with values such as amount of loan, rate, payments, etc.

How to reach SA Home Loans in Polokwane?

            There are different means that you can use to contact SA Home Loans in Polokwane. The number you can phone is 27 112557000. One of the offices can be found in Gauteng, in Jansen Park Boksburg, the number address being 1459. If you wished to contact SA Home Loans in Polokwane, you can send an email to this address: The website has a branch locator program incorporated for you to filter the results of the different offices spread all over South Africa.

How is the home loan of thirty years?

            It is a product that comes with a variable rate and it is amortizing. The best benefits of this product are that it provides flexibility for cash flow since it comes with installments that are lower. Here are the basic features of this loan:

a) it comes with a 30-year-old term

b) the rate of the loan is variable and is adjusted to the profile that you have

c) it is not available for those clients who would like to change the bond they already have. It is only for those who are willing to buy a new home.

e) the people that apply for this loan must be a maximum of 45 years old.

f) you can access insurance

            Clients should remember that the longer the loan’s term, the higher the cost. This means that there will be a great difference between a loan of 30 years in term and a loan of 20 years in term. This could be exemplified the following way:

            If the term of the loan is 30 years, with a rate at 9.25%, it would come with an monthly installment of R8 226, and the total cost would consist in R2 961631. On the contrary, if the term is of 20 years, at a rate of 9.25% too but with an installment of R9 158 monthly, then the loan’s total cost would be of R2 198080.

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Questions and answers

I will like to have a home loan so that I finish building my house

Among the loan products SA Home Loans offers, you can get four different kinds of home loans. The one that can help you will depend on how far have you gone building your house as, that will establish the loan quote you need. What is more, if you only need to finish up some details, a personal loan may be enough. If you need more money, you might want to give it a go with a Variable Home Loan from this bank.

Are there different kinds of insurance?

Indeed. There are two different kinds of insurance.

If I access a loan of 15 years, will it be the same as a 20 year-term loan?

No. The costs of the loan will be higher if the term is longer.

I have 47 years old, is it possible for me to apply for a home loan of 30 years in term?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. The top age is 45.

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