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Get a Loan at SA Home Loans in PMB: Review Calculators to Grasp Your Ideal Future

If you are a resident of PMB, also known as Pietermaritzburg, and your goals is to get a loan that can uplift you financially, you can accomplish your task easily. Pietermaritzburg is known to be the capital of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa. This amazing place that was set up in 1838 has options for all tastes. There is company that can be found there, called SA Home Loans. You will learn all about loans of different sort, calculators that can help you solve future equations for your budget, services, resources that are meant to make your life easier.

Which products are provided to customers at SA Home Loans?

                At SA Home Loans, you can find five main products:

1) quick cash

2) home loan with 30-yaer old term

3) variable and edge home loan

4) personal loans

Which values can I calculate at SA Home Loans?

                In PMB, you can make use of the calculators provided at SA Home Loans. They allow you to determine:

a) repayment

b) refinance

c) affordability

d) switch

Calculating affordability at SA Home Loans:

                With affordability at SA Home Loans, you will be able to determine the amounts that you can afford on a brand new house. This will be determined by an available deposit and income.

                Imagine that the household income per month is of R 100 000 and the deposit amount required is of R300, with a repayment term of 20 years. With an interest rate set at 10%, you would be able to afford a house of R3 109038.56. Your installment per month would be of R 30 000, which means that the home loan amount would consist in R3 108738.56. Customers should always remember that these values provided work just as an indicative, so your rate might value based on the criteria of the customer.  

Calculating repayment at SA Home Loans: How to do it?

At SA Home Loans, you can obtain an estimated installment per month on a brand new mortgage. It would be based on the house you are wishing to buy. There are different values on display: the purchase price of your property, the repayment term in years, the deposit amount, the household income per month as well as the type of income. Now, imagine then that the purchase price of your property is of R150 000, the deposit amount is of R 2000 and the repayment term is of 23 years total. Now, your household income per month consists in R80 000 and the type of income is salaried. Thus, your installment per month would be ideally of R1 496.56, the total fees of your home loan would be of R12 121.5, the home loan amount would be of R148 0000 with an initiation fee of R6 037.5. Your rate would be of 11.2%, your registrations fee would be of R6 084. The interest you would get paid over the loan’s term would consist in R265 049.54 while the estimated transfer costs would be of R6 995.

What happens if you would like to switch?

                This option is generally used by clients when they want to have an estimate of the amount they could save by switching the bond on their property with a bond at SA Home Loans. You would have to enter two different values:

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-the details of your home loan

-the details of your personal income

                As regards the details of your loan, you will need to enter the estimated value of your property, the outstanding balance that you’ve got on your home loan, the repayment term (once again, in years). As regards your personal income, you should enter the income per month regarding household, the cash out required and the type of income.

                Imagine now, thus, that the value of your property is of R180000, the outstanding balance that you have on your home loan is of R60000 and the repayment term is of 30 years. Now, your monthly income would be of R50000 and the cash out required would be of R 80 000. The income type would be self-employed. Thus, the amount for your home loan would be of R141384.62, while the fees would be of R14 901.45, each. The installment that is estimated would be of R1357.13. As regards the initiation fee, it would consist in R6037.5. The rate, on the other hand, would be set at 11.1% and the registration fee would be of R5362.95. There would also be a certain interest paid over the loan’s life, which would be of R347135.38.

How to stay in contact with SA Home Loans?

                SA Home Loans provides customers with a very short form for them to complete. They can submit this form by providing their contact number, name, email address and surname. You will also have to state whether you are a new customer or an already existing one.

Are there any offices in Pietermaritzburg(PMB)?

                Yes, there is only one office located in 3 Cascades Crescent, in Montrose Pietermaritzburg. The number is 3200.

Are there any emails at SA Home Loans ?

The email you can use to send comments, opinions or questions is It will be delivered to this particular location. The number that you can call is 27(33)3475212. The closest store you will find is located in Richards Bay.

                Do not hesitate to visit the blog provided by SA Home Loans, it is amazing all the tips and suggestions you will find in this blog.

                Remember that you can leave your opinions and comments in the website, just like other clients. For the company, it really matters what their customers have to say about them. This way, they can create solutions that can help all clients with their financial troubles. Work your financial way through SA Home Loans. The company is fully equipped with the loans you have been searching, with services that are totally new and innovative. They are here to bring stability to your life, to bring your financial dreams closer to a more tangible present.

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Questions and answers

Do I have to provide SA Home Loans with particular details when filling for a calculator?

Yes, you will have to provide certain pieces of information such as amount, income, etc.

Where or how can I access the blog?

You can access the blog of SA Home Loans through their website.

Can I find other SA Home Loans offices in PMB?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The only address provided above is the only store available.

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