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Is There a SA Home Loan Branch in Kimberley? Requirements, Terms and Contact Details

     In this article I’ll refer to SA Home Loans which is a company that assists their clients on the purchase of their own house. They offer different types of home loans for borrowers to find the right one for them. I’ll cover the requirements and terms for their loans along with the contact information you need. As they don’t have branches in Kimberley, I’ll provide you with some addresses from another entity in this city, African Bank.

First of all, let’s review the following table with outlined information. You’ll find quotes, rates and terms for this entity.

How much Can I borrow?

Minimum R 75000. Maximum R 150000

What’s the fax number?

It’s (31) 56 0362.

Phone Number

0860 24 68 10.

Head Office Location

Two Milkwood Crescent Milkwood Park, La Lucía Ridge 4051. SA

Interest Rate

Rates are variable.

What are the Requirements?

Bank statements, latest proof of salary, copy of ID.


Minimum: 20 years. Maximum: 30 years.

SA Home Loans Requirements

Before thinking about applying, please check the following list as, it details the requirements any client must follow in order to be eligible for a SA Home Loan.

    For employed clients, these are the requirements:

            a) If you’re married, you must provide the company with the copy of a Marriage Certificate.

            b) You must also provide a copy of your ID.

            c) Also, you have to submit a proof of income. Bear in mind, you should submit the last three salary advices, in the case you’re paid overtime or commission.

            d) As regards statements, you must send SA Home Loans your bank statements from the previous three months. Besides, if your loan size is R 1 500 000 or more, SA Home Loan will request you to submit statements for Personal Assets and Liabilities.

            e) If you want a New Purchase loan from this entity, a copy of the Purchase Agreement will be asked.

            f) Now, if you want to switch a current loan to SA Home Loans, you have to present the bond statements for the last three months. Also, your latest rates, Utility and Levy statement will be asked.

    For self-employed clients, there are some other requirements to pay attention to. For instance, you should present the business account statements of your business, the personal bank statements from the last 6 months and, the Annual Financial statements of the past two tears.

How to contact SA Home Loan?

    Next, I’ll provide you with the Head Office’s contact information but, you should know SA Home Loan has many branches around South Africa. In this case, the address is Two Milkwood Crescent, Milkwood Park in the suburb La Lucía Ridge. The phone number for this branch is (31) 560 53 00 and, the fax number is (31) 562 0362. If you prefer to write an email, you can do it to

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    Besides, there’s a Client Service Helpdesk which phone number is 0861 888 777 and, fax number (31) 571 3150. Apart from this, there’s a Sales Contact Centre. Its telephone is 0860 246 810 and, the fax is (31) 576 58 63. The email address for this section is

SA Home Loans Online Calculator

    There are three different calculators for you to use before applying for a loan. I’ll expand on the information each of them requires to assist you on the loan cost.

    Let’s begin with the Repayment Calculator. You have to submit the price of the house you want to buy, the deposit amount you would pay and, the term you would choose. Also, you’ll be asked some information like your monthly income and if you’re employed, for example. With this information, the calculator will show you the approximated monthly payment you would get and, the fees, rates and so on.

    In the case of the Affordability Calculator, you must provide SA Home Loan with information about your income, deposit amount and the term of your loan. Then, you’ll be shown the house prize you can afford, an estimated monthly payment and, the rate.

    If you want to Switch your existing loan, you have to upload information about the value of the property, the outstanding balance, the repayment period and, your monthly income, for example. Then, you’ll be told if you qualify or not and, the terms for the loan in case you qualify.

    Now, for those living in Kimberley, there’s a lending entity called African Bank which has many branches in this area but, I regret to tell you, they don’t offer home loans. Either way, I’ll talk about this entity in case you need it in a future.

 Kimberley Branches

    There’s an African Bank store in Diamond Pavilion Shopping Mall and, the phone number to call is 053 831 1454. Also, there’s another branch in Market Square, Old Main Road, shop 5. If you want to call them you have the following telephone number, 053 830 4300. You can also direct to 74 - 76 Jones Street to visit an African Bank’s branch or, call at 053 832 4253.

What are African Bank Trading Hours?

    For any of these branches, you can have the next office hours as reference. For weekdays, they open from 8:30 am to 5 pm. If you want to visit them on Saturday, you can go from 9 am to 1 pm. Bear in mind, they don’t open on Sundays and public holidays.

What loans does African Bank offer?

    As I mentioned before, home loans aren’t among the products this entity has to offer. However, it can be a great option if you need a personal loan or, to consolidate your debts.  They even offer a 15% Loan that offers fixed rates for clients who prefer to know how much money will they spend each month.

    As you can see, I’ve provided you with information about two lending entities that can be really beneficial for you. Whether you need to get your own house or, a personal loan to furniture it, you can count on either of these companies.

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Questions and answers

Can I apply with SA Home Loan if I’m non-resident?

Yes, but you must pay attention to some extra requirements.

Is a phone number to call from outside the country?

Yes! You can dial the number +27 31 57 65 858.

Can I refinance an existing SA Home Loan?

Yes! You must check if you’re eligible for a refinance.

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