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Can Johannesburg Citizens Acquire SA Home loans? Financing Periods and Contact Details

   Residents of Johannesburg that are suffering difficulties with their economy, can really find a solution of they rely on a company with vast experience such as SA Home loans. This corporation has developed more than three loans to take care of each of the needs of South Africans. Fortunately, this company is present in Johannesburg, which means its citizens can contact it in person or even by phone or email.

    In this article, Johannesburg citizens will find all the data they need to know about SA Home loans and then the contact information of the company, including different means of communication.

Variable Home loan

Which features make up this loan?

1.Competitive interest rates and extra products that will really improve your loan

2.Variable interest rates which will always depend on your financial status

3. Being able to finance the loan in up to 20 years

4.Possessing your own property

5.Obtaining more than one property under your name

6.Obtaining up to R 75 000 in no more than three days

7.Getting R 150 000 when all the documentation was submitted

8.Obtaining surplus on the products given by the company

Variable Home loan

What can Johannesburg residents get from this loan?

I believe the greatest feature of this loan is that it comes along with competitive interest rates and it can be repaid in about 20 years. Of course, the interest rates depend on your income. Clients can get up to R 75 000 but the company can increase the amount in special occasions.

Edge Home loan

This loan has the feature of possessing really low monthly installments, because the client will be made to pay for the interest rates for 3 years and not more. This is a great way of SAving money in the long term for most citizens that are worried about wasting money on installments.

    The third loan granted by the company has the greatest benefit of having low installments, as they will only need to pay the interest for a period of 3 years. Another great feature is that after those 3 years have passes, the loan will revert to its previous condition and can be extended to be paid in about 240 months. Of course, the customer will maintain the benefits and features given when the application started.

Moreover, customers will not be made to acquire capital payments each month because the totality of the property will be fully paid with this lending program. But, the customer can pay off the capital for 3 years and will diminish the capital balance. Thus, interest rates will be lowered as a consequence of that situation.

Personal Loans

With this loan Johannesburg customers have access to a maximum of R 70 000 that can be granted to the customer in less than 24 hours. This is wonderful for those customers trying to afford expensive costs of emergencies or situations that require money right away.


The application is super easy, since you will need to follow some steps:

1.Contact the company by phone, if you dial up0861 000 376 or sending one  email to:

2.Wait until the company checks your affordability when observing your personal and financial data

3.Send the bank statements of the company together with payslips

4.Wait for the different members of the company to tell you the result of the application

5.Sign the contract sent to you once the application is approved by the company

Please remember that the different terms of the loan you are granted, including financing periods and limits are dependent on your budget. The interest rate will be fixed during the course of the loan, so you always pay the same amount and there are no surprise in the future. You will also be offered insurance for your health, car, belongings and valuable assets you possess and you keep at home or inside the bank.

Quick Cash

The Quick Cash Loan comes along with the fact that you can obtain  a property in about 72 hours and in that period of time be granted the money you need. You can ask for about R 75 000 but the company is allowed you grant you more money if necessary. You can also ask for R 150 000 if you are willing to submit all the documentation the company asks you to. Moreover, you can also destine the money to multiple purposes and you can build equity on your property if that is what you wish. Many clients , for instance, make use of this money so as to improve they already existing home and even to buy offices for the business they have just launched with their brand.



You will be amazed at how simple and easy it happens to be contacting SA Home loans if your place of residence in Johannesburg, one of the biggest cities in South Africa. Let’s focus on each means of communication available:

-You can contact the company over the phone by dialing up a special phone number, not free of charges: 27 (31) 560 5300 or you can easily send a fax to this special number: 27 (31) 562 0362.

-You can make use of the official website of the company where you will find a calculator, a segment for applications, a message sector and more information about the different loans that can be found at this financial company.

-You can go in person to one of the offices of SA Home loans, located at Oakdene in the Comaro Crossing Shop Ctr. The street is called Comaro.

-In the following chart I will give you complete information of another branch of the company in Johannesburg, in Fourways:


From R 75.000 to R 150.000 in no more than 3 days

Interest Rate

Competitive  rates, fixed ones

Telephone Number

560 5400


Johannesburg at Comaro Street, Oakdene 1st floor

Working Hours

On weekdays from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African  citizen

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Is the company present in Durban?

Yes it is

Can I try the calculator?

Yes, in the company´s website, for free

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That is free of charges

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