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Are Citizens From Gauteng Eligible for a Loan with SA Home Loans? Branches and Quotes

     If you feel you are wasting your money on rent, maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about investing on your own home. Of course, this isn’t so easy to do but, luckily for you, we’ll cover what SA Home Loans offers for you to have it in mind if you need financial support. We’ll talk about its home loan options, terms and quotes. Besides, if you live in Gauteng, we’ll show you the branches you can find in that area.

SA Home Loans Branches

    I want to start with SA Home Loans contact information. If you live in the province of Gauteng, you have six branches to go to. Let’s take a look at the places where you’ll find them.

            Option 1: if you live in East Rand, there’s a SA Home Loan at 1st Floor, Eastland’s Office Park, 1 Bentel Avenue, Jansen Park, Bocksburg. If you prefer, you call the number (11) 255 7000 or email them to

            Option 2: there’s another branch in Fourways and, you’ll find it going to Pineslopes Shopping Centre, Corner Sunset Boulevard and Forest Road, North Wing, First Floor, Fourways. The phone number to call is (11) 745 5000 and, the email address to write

            Option 3: in Johannesburg South, you can direct to Comaro Crossing Shopping Center in the corner of Comaro and Boundary Road, Oakdene. You can also write to or, call the number (11) 436 8840.

            Option 4: for those living in Pretoria (Menlyn), you can go to Menlyn Maine, Cnr Mercy and Amarand Street, Menlyn, Pretoria.

            Option 5: besides, there’s another location in the city of Vanderbijl Park. The phone number for this branch is (16) 932 1251 and, the email address You can also visit them at 2 Hobhouse Street, in the corner of Hendrik Van Eck and Boulevard SE2.

            Option 6: finally, if you live in West Rand, you can also take advantage of a SA Home Loan branch. You have to go to Horizon View Shopping Centre, First Floor, Corner Sonop Street and Ontdekkers Road, Horizon, Roodepoort.

What are the products SA Home Loans offers?

    As the great financial entity SA Home Loan is, they have a myriad of products for you to choose. On one side, there are three regular home loan products. They are Variable Home Loan, 30 Year Home Loan and, Edge Home Loan. And, keep in mind, they also offer 3 special home loans. These are Affordable Housing Package, 100% Home Loans and, GEHS Home Loans. Next, I’ll explain briefly each of them for you to decide which is the best alternative for your situation.

    - In the case of Variable Home Loans, you’ll get a variable interest rate, which is set up based on your risk profile. Also, you can choose up to 20 years term and, you can get extra funds based on the price of your property. Keep in mind, this product is available to switch. This means, if you’re working with another entity, you can change to SA Home Loans and, pick this option.

    - Now, the 30-Year Home Loan, as its name shows, offers to repay the funds in 30 years. As with the previous option, this product’s rate is variable and specifically fit according to your risk profile. There are two points to pay attention to, you can only take this loan if you’re buying a new house, not switching a current bind and, you must be less than 45 years old.

    - At last, the Edge Home Loan option, allows clients to pay only the interest over the first 3 years of the loan period and then, you pay the principal on a standard 20 years loan. Bear in mind, you’re allowed to also pay capital during those first 3 years to reduce it and save money.

Next, you’ll have SA Home Loan key information like, terms and quotes in a chart. It can be of great use to have it at hand when you decide to apply with SA Home Loan

Interest Rate

Variable rates tailored to your financial situation


From R 75000 to R 150000

Repayment Period

20.23 or 30 years.

Address in Gauteng

Pineslopes Shopping Centre, Cnr Sunset Boulevard & Forest Road, North Wing, First Floor, Fourways

Phone Number

0860 24 68 10


Up to 45 years old for a 30-Year Home Loan

Email Address

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SA Home Loans Calculator

    This company provides their clients with an amazing online appliance to calculate the cost of the loan. Actually, they offer four types of calculators: Affordability, Repayment, Switch and Refinance. The first one shows you how much money can you spend on the loan, the second one will show you the cost of your loan once you know the prize of the house, the third one will help you find out how much money can you save if you decide to switch to SA Home Loan and, the last one will work for you if you need to refinance a current loan.

For any of these options, the results will be based on your financial situation and, the terms of the loans. Next, I’ll illustrate with an example.

    If you submit your gross monthly income on R 25000, you make a deposit of R 3500 and, you repay the loan over 23 years, the calculator tells you that you should look for a house valued on R 797599. 43. It will also tell you the monthly payment may be around R 7500 over an interest rate of 10.25%

    As you can see, using the calculator can be of great help to know where you stand financially before starting the application process. This will help you avoid entering a contract you may find difficult to complete.

    To conclude, SA Home Loans has a variety of products to help you get a new house. So, if you think it’s time to buy your own house, you should think about this company as a viable option.

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Questions and answers

Does the online calculator show the final cost?

No, the calculator shows an approximated cost. The final rates and quotes will be set based on your specific situation

Can I apply if I’ve never taken a loan with SA Home Loans?

Of course! First time buyers are welcome.

Is there a phone number to call from any part of South Africa?

Yes! You can dial the number 0860 246 810.

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