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Can I Find SA Home loans if I Live in East London? Features and Phone Numbers

    Is East London the place you live at present? Would you like your monetary problems to be solved in the blink of an eye? Yes, that can happen if you trust on SA Home loans to take care of your finances. How is that possible? By granting you a wide variety of loans, all of which are meant to satisfy specific need of your own.

   For that cause, in the following article I will mention those loans with its details, including features and benefits, and also the contact details of this company, which enables you to communicate with their loan team right after you finish reading this article.

So, SA Home loans has created four different loans:

Let me start with the Quick Cash Loan:

What are the chief features of a Quick Cash Loan like this one?

A.You can acquire a maximum of R 75 000 in not as much as 72 hours

Buyout can even acquire R 150 000 if you ascribe the papers on time and you have signed the agreement

You can gain equity on your possessions

You can use the cash for whatever drive you have in mind, fluctuating from instructive purposes, medical ones or business requirements

You can discover the maximum competitive rate in the marketplace in terms of welfares

Personal Loans

What is a Personal Loan made of for East London citizens?

    This is a loan whose supreme amount is of R 70 000 and you are capable of starting the submission and obtain its consent in only one day. Easy as that, you will acquire the money for any personal necessity that you have now in mind and urges to be covered. Furthermore, these credits happen to be supportive whenever you are in front of a financial crisis and you are in need of the credit to cover difficulties that are evolving at those problematic times. The worthy aspect of this loan, is that you will straightly communicate with the corporation, there is no need to contact other moneylenders or an outside institution

   If you are concerned about this type of loan you must know that the application can be commenced in two ways: by dialing this phone number: 0861 000 376 or sending a short email to this address: That manner, you will be communicating with the loan team of the business and they will examine your existing affordability, give you advice during the process, study your bank statements and other official papers and will drive you the loan agreement for you to sign it.

    By no means, you will not necessitate to concern about the money, because the company will guarantee that the loan they offer equals your pocket and your desires. In addition, the prodigious benefit is that apart from finding the money you required, you get entire access to covers for you and your household, and your belongings can be endangered with this firm.

Transfer Assist

   With a Transfer Assist, you are capable of obtaining a maximum of R 50 000 and you can straightly transfer your property to your designation. The company recognizes how tough is sometimes for customers to buy their personal home and that there are numerous costs that you must cover beforehand, which is why their team wants to make that procedure easy and debauched for you to appreciate it the maximum. With this Transfer Assist Cash you are perfectly able to obtain lots of cash in cash and finance the diverse arrear fees, expenses and obligations.

How does it function for you? In no more than this period:  24 hours, you can apply and attain the money. The application is similar to the one for the other loans mentioned, so you can perfectly select online application or even phone application. The documentation demanded by the members of the business will be identical, so do not stress about it.

And, last of all, let’s emphasize another loan that is assuredly very useful for your homebased needs: 30 Year Home loan.

   The great benefit of this loan is that you can detect how the different regular installments are depressed. This is a fantastic way of gaining the cash you need if you need to own a house and finish the financing of the credit in about 30 years.

Now let’s observe the many benefits you get access with a 30 YEAR HOME LOAN:

1. You can choose 30 years to finance monthly installments

2. You will be requested to pay immovable interest rates

3. The installments will differ and are dependent on your revenue and financial position

4. The loan will constantly be accessible to you, regardless of how many customers ask for it. This is one of the most requested loans

5. In order to be a good applicant you must be 18 years or up to 45 years old

Now, by gaining such loan you can also obtain a special insurance to defend your finances and the household you have just attained. As you probably know, is not only vital to get the money for your house but after you have retained it, you must protect it and assure that its state is delightful.

Please bear in thought that as the company provides you with a much extended term so as to finance the entire loan, the price of this loan can be larger than a loan whose period is of as much as 20 years.


Let me demonstrate you how stress-free it is co contact the company with the purpose of starting the application procedure:

-You can communicate with SA members by dialing up the preceding phone number: 27 (31) 560 5300. That is the number belonging to the head office of SA Home loans.

-You can try entering from your laptop to the company´s official website and make use of the calculator. There, you can also go to the application section.

In the next chart you have data about a branch of SA Home loans in East London:


A minimum of R 75 000 to R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed when the application starts

Telephone Number

560 5300


East London. Vincent. 4 Princes Road

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm


South African clients and documentation requested

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