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How to Get a Loan at SA Home Loans in Durban? Explore Options, Values and Services

Are you a resident at Durban? Is your aim to find a loan that can help you in more than one way? In the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban can be found. It is located in South Africa. It is populous and it is well known for being a manufacturing hub. Whenever you are looking for loans in a place like Durban, South Africa, you will come across a company that will offer you this and more. Displaying a broad suite of tools, loans of all kinds and services, communities in South Africa have found a company that they can rely on. And its name is SA Home Loans. In this article, you will come across some details that are incredibly useful about SA Home Loans, what it has to offer for its communities and all the additional services that they have.

The story behind SA Home Loans:

            SA Home Loans started to create its own path in 1999. It would seem like it was a much simpler time, but it wasn’t all made of roses. The company needed to create something completely new and innovative that could give a hand to the communities they were serving back then. While the rest of the companies had set their rates at a high value such as 23.5%, SA Home Loans find its way to provide a more convenient rate that would even enable clients to save money out of it. By making small and gradual changes in the system it had, most companies started being challenged by SA Home Loans and the market was affected. SA Home Loans started offering rates of 19.6%, providing these communities with a new alternative.  

Which products and services are offered at SA Home Loans?

            There are different options which clients can exploit and explore at SA Home Loans. Customers can be benefited by the following items:

1) home loan products: these in fact include

- edge home loan

- variable home loan

- 30-year home loan

- overview

2) access products: these include personal loans, lending items, quick cash and transfer assist.

3) protection products: these include

- a cap rate

- cover for the home owner

- overview

- bond protection

4) special offers for home loans: these would include

- one hundred percent home loans

- a housing package considered affordable

- GEHS home finance and overview.

Which loans can I apply for at SA Home Loans, in Durban?

            There are different loans that you can aspire to. You can almost access a total amount of R100000. You could receive this amount after having applied only 24 hours earlier through an application form.

            SA Home Loans will help you out in those moments of crisis and financial anxiety. When you are thinking that you are all alone, SA Home Loans proves you the contrary. SA Home Loans will make sure to let you know that you can make use of your home as an asset. That is right. It would work as an emergency credit, as a reserve. With the help of SA Home Loans, there is no need for you to depend on those money lenders who are not authorized. You do not have to turn to expensive institutions. You can secure these personal loans; you can pay them out, etc.

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Does the process of application at SA Home Loans imply difficult steps?

No, fortunately it does not. It involves just a few steps that are easy to implement. It can not only be completed online, but also over the phone! How many steps are there in total?

            There are only four steps and the instructions are the following:

a) start by contacting the team of SA Home Loans by email ( or phone (0861 000 376).

b) SA Home Loans will carry out an affordability assessment with its clients in full.

c)you will have to send SA Home Loans your Payslip and your bank statements that are most recent.

d) SA Home Loans will get in touch with you if you are approved so that you can sign the lending agreement provided by SA Home Loans.

What are the benefits of a personal loan at SA Home Loans?

            SA Home Loans designs loans in such a way that the lending period, your loan’s term and the credit of limit are particularly designed to fit your needs and budget. During the life of your loan, you interest rate will remain fixed which means that there will be no surprises along the way. This way, clients can be aware of the amounts they owe. SA Home Loans includes retrenchment, credit protection and disability.

            The service provided is made transparent as possible. SA Home Loans offers a group of specialists that are ready to serve you in all the ways possible. The idea is that you can use your property investment the best way possible. Clients should bear in mind that there are certain conditions and terms that apply. The options for products change in time.

The ways to contact SA Home Loans available:

            If your desire is to find a branch in Durban, South Africa, you can find one office in 2 Milkwood Crescent. It is located in Milkwood Park. The specific address consists in La Lucia Ridge, the number being 4051. The email address for this particular location is and the phone number that you can call at is +27315765901. In KwaZulu Natal, there are many different stores spread all over the area that you can visit. There is another office in Pietermaritzburg.

            You can also access advice, tips and news through the blog provided at SA Home Loans’s website. It is really useful since there are many details that can help you relate your situation with the situation of the market or you can find some advice regarding decisions when you are faced with home loans. You will find information of what to do and what not to do, what is recommended and what is not. Start today working with SA Home Loans, you will not regret this!

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Questions and answers

Does SA Home Loans provide protection?

Yes, it provides protection against many different situations, especially against death.

Does SA Home Loans have more locations in Durban?

Yes, there are two main locations in Durban.

Are there any offices in KwaZulu-Natal?

Yes, you will find many stores there.

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