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Can Cape Town residents Obtain SA Home Loans Easily?

    If Cape Town is the place you are currently living in but your finances are not doing well and you kind of need some help, then this article is great for you. Do you know why? Because I have plenty of information regarding this company in Cape Town, and that includes the different loans they have created, which can be taken advantage of by Cape Town citizens.

   For such reason, I will start the article by focusing on the three types of Home loans, then I will move on with the company´s Personal Loan and Quick Cash Loan, and finally I will give contact information of this company in Cape Town.

Variable Home loan

What are the features of this loan?

1-Competitive rates and extras that are really new and innovative, which can be added to the loan

2-Variable interest rate which is based on your personal profile

3-20 years financing periods

4-Possibility of possessing your own home

5-Chances of obtaining more than one property

6-Obtaining protection for your property

7-By choosing the so called Quick Cash option before you apply for the loan, you can get access to R 75 000 in less than 72 hours.

8-Chances of obtaining R 150 00 if you have already signed the appropriate bond documentation.

9-Complete access to surplus after you got the Home loan

You can also insure your house by acquiring several products that function as insurances.

Variable Home loan

What can Cape Town residents get from this loan?

One of the main features is that the interest rates that make up this loan are really competitive. They can finance the loan in about 20 years and the different interest rates will be based on the client´s profile, which include its salary and income. The amount obtained through this loan is R 75 000,which is the maximum. But of course, if your situation allows you to, the company can offer you an extension with no problem.

Edge Home loan

    The third loan granted by the company has the greatest benefit of having low installments, as they will only need to pay the interest for a period of 3 years. That way, clients make sure they can have access to the house of their dreams with this loan. This loan is just perfect for those Cape Town citizens that are looking to buy a better house in the future, and they know their income enables them, so that they can afford higher monthly installments.

   Another feature of this loan is that the client will only need to pay interest rate for a period of 36 months and the installment will be the lowest one found in the market. After that 36 months period, the loan will change its condition and revert to a loan that can extend to 240 months. The features and the benefits will be maintained, of course.

    Clients will not need to make capital payments at the end of the month, since they will observe how their property is totally paid with the loan. However, the client has the chance of paying off capital during the 3 years, which translates as less capital balance. So, the interest rate will be lowered too.

Personal Loans

This is a loan through which you have access to a maximum of R 70 000, which can be given to you in less than one day. The good aspect of this loan is that it serves you in cases of emergencies or crisis, as it will help you improve your finances or buy the assets or products you and your family need.


The application is really easy:

Applying is easy! You will only need to follow some steps:

1. Get in touch with the Loans team of the company by phoning on 0861 000 376 or sending an email to:

2. Waiting until the company completes the affordability assessment with your data

3. Sending the company bank statements and pay slips

4. Wait until one of the members of the company contact you to tell you about the state of the application

5. If the application was approved, you wait until the contract arrives and it is signed.

The terms of your loan, such as your credit limit and lending period, are tailored to your budget. You can also rest assured that your interest rate is fixed for the full duration of the loan, so you always know how much you owe. What’s more, credit protection against death, disability and retrenchment is automatically included.

Quick Cash

   The features that make up this loan have to do with obtaining a Home loan in less than 72 hours, since in that period the company can give you the totality of the cash. You can ask for R 75 000 but also R 150 000 should you have signed and attached the appropriate documentation. Moreover, you can also build equity on your personal property. And, as a final benefit, you can use the money on whatever you need, ranging from renovations for your house, paying your children´s tuition at school or college, expenses, debts or even consolidating and starting your own business.


The citizens of Cape Town can easily get in touch with SA through different means of communication:

-You can phone the head office of the company by dialing up the following phone number: 27 (31) 560 5300 or you can send a fax to this fax number: 27 (31) 562 0362. Needless to say, that number corresponds to one of the offices located at La Lucia Ridge, in Milkwood Park. The head office´s address is 2 Milkwood Crescent.

-You can try the official website of the company where it is possible to find a calculator, a section for applications, a message section and more information about the many loans found at this incredible company.

-You can also go in person to one of the offices located in Cape Town. In the following chart you have all the information:


From R 75 000 to R 150 000 in 72 hours

Interest Rate

Competitive fixed  rates in most cases

Telephone Number

560 5400


Cape Town. Eagle House. 92 Edward Road. In Bo Oakdale. 3rd floor

Working Hours

Weekdays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm


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