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What Are the Loans Offered by SA Cash Loans in Durban? Requirements, Contact Details and Quotes

                Are you planning your next holidays? Do you want to change your car and you do not count with the amount of money you need? What you need to do is to look for a proper loan that fits your needs. SA Cash Loans offers you a variety of options from which you can benefit. To start with, they have Online Cash Loans to which you can apply for in the simplest and quickest way, by filling an online application form. This particular online service is helpful for everyone living in South Africa no matter which part you may be, so if you live in Durban you can apply perfectly. And for foreign petitioner interested in applying for a cash loan, bear in mind that if you own a genuine South African I.D you are authorized to be assisted by one of their credit providers.

              Once you have filled the form, SA Cash Loans will take care of presenting the application to their Multiple Credit Provider in order for your loan to have the best result.

               They also provide Unsecured Cash Loans. You may wonder why this service would be beneficial for you. Here is the answer: maybe you are worried about being asked to compromise your assets. But when you apply for an Unprotected Cash Loan your assets are preserved. They are not hooked up to the loan as you are not asked to provide a guarantee in order to apply for it. This loan is really useful for people who want to make sure that their previous capital would be safe.

              If you are wondering how long it would take for the process to be completed, you should know that you can expect feedback on the application on the next business day after the application had been submitted. This information would be sent to your email, so it will be possible for you to check it instantly. Even though SA Cash Loans expectation time is brief, it is advised to count on five (5) business days as they work with a high number of credit providers and sometimes time constrains that are out of their control might lengthen the procedure. 

             You must remember that the application must be filled on business days before 16:00 and that the money should be in your account 48 hours after the cash loan and all the documents were approved.

Within the requirements, you ought to:

+be between 18 and 65 years old.

+be hired for at least (3) months by your present employer.

+receive a monthly gross salary of R 3,000.

+own a bank account through which you are salaried.

+be free of any kind of debt.

+avoid owing prominent defaults at the moment of the application.

+not to have liability within credit provider’s accounts.

              There are few aspects you should pay attention to before deciding to apply for a cash loan. For example, you should bear in mind that you would not qualify for a cash loan if you are a pensioner. It is necessary that you are self-employed or employed if you are thinking about applying for a cash loan with SA Cash Loans.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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            In addition to all these facts, you should also take into account two other important aspects. One of them is that in order for you to have access to a cash loan it is imperative for your credit profile to satisfy the requirements established by the National Credit Act. That is why you should make sure to follow all the requirements before applying for the loan. And the other aspect is that even though you comply all these requirements, it is up to the credit provider to approve your application. So, you will not be sure of the approval of the loan until you are properly notified. You should also remember that you will be under affordability checks by credit providers to assure you are qualified to go through the process.

Useful Information

          *  SA Cash Loans allows you to take a cash loan from R1, 000 up to R150,000 and to take the advantage of repaying it from 6 up to 60 months. Of course, the cash loan you can take will vary according to your credit profile and the period to repay it will be determined in the contract when you start the process.

          *  The party in charge of deciding the terms and conditions of such loan is the credit provider, but after the application is approved both parties (applicant and credit provider) negotiate the final terms and conditions. The process goes like this: first, you filled the application via internet and the interest rate is settled by the credit provider. Second, after your application is approved you will be contacted by one of their expert who will offer you a complete quotation and will request you the documents you need to present according to your specific situation. And finally, once all these steps are completed and all the necessary documentation has been acquired it should take forty eight (48) hours for the money to be in your account.

         *  It is important to point out that you do not have to worry about extra fees during the process. You will not find any covered fee while proceeding through the entire loan petition and approval as the service is totally free of extra charge. All you have to pay is the repayment term agreed with the credit provider beforehand.

       If you are interested in applying for a loan with SA Cash Loans or you want to find out more about their services you can get in contact with them by sending an email to or calling the number 021 202 1679. Please take into account that the office hours are from 8:00 to 16:30 on weekdays only. On weekends and public holidays they are closed.

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Questions and answers

Can I get a loan if I’m unemployed?

Unluckily, you can’t. It is essential that the applicant is currently employed to get a cash loan.

How much time should I wait to have the money?

If the process goes on normally you should expect the money 48 hours after having completed the procedure.

How can I get in contact with SA Cash Loans?

You can send an email to or call the number 021 202 1679.

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