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Is Porth Elizabeth Eligible to Obtain SA Cash loans?

    Living in Porth Elizabeth? Looking for new ideas to finance your needs? I have the solution, SA. That is right, this company, with lots of prestige and experience in the lending field, has created several loans that are meant to help citizens cover their needs efficiently.

   Consequently, in the article you are going to read, you will examine different pieces of information related to the four loans found at SA. And, then you will receive contact information, including email address, branch address and telephone numbers. I assure you this article will be really helpful.


Can you tell me the features of this loan?

With a Quick Cash loan you are able to solicit the bank for a maximum of R 75 000, which can be given in about 72 hours. But, you can also ask for R 150 000 if your financial status allows you to and you have given the bank the proper documentation for it. What is more, with this loan most clients build equity on their homes and easily cover their housing needs. Finally, the loan comes along with fixed interest rates.


What can be found in a Personal Loan?

-Obtaining a maximum of R 70 000

-Being able to begin the application the same day

-Being able to cover any type of personal need that the person is experiencing

-Help during financial crisis

-Help in emergencies on the road

-Getting a loan without intermediation of any institution. Just you and the company.

When it comes to its application, it is important to notice the fact that SA offers online application in its website, email application on this address and also over the phone application: 0861 000 376. So, depending on your schedule and how far you are from the office of the company, you will be able to choose those means of communication and also in person application.


This is the loan that gives you access to R 50 000, which will directly enable you to have your property under your name. You know how hard it is these days to pay for the costs of those procedures, which is why you can rely on SA to take care of those charges with their Transfer Assist.

    Explaining how it works is really simple for sure, since you only need to apply and wait a day until the application is approved. You can start the application in a branch, by phone, by email or online. You will choose the application based on your circumstances and conveniences. Remember those are different means through which you can establish effective communication with the members of the company.

    Lastly, there is another loan which also constitutes a benefit for Porth Elizabeth citizens that look to possess their own property: 30 Year Home Loan. You probable guess from its name, that it is a loan that lasts 30 years, which means you are given lots of freedom in terms of financing periods. So, you can plan your finances and destine a small percentage for the installments of the Home Loan.

   One of the benefits of such program is that the installments tend to be lowered, since financing periods are super long.

Let’s see the different features that make up this loan, which is great for Porth Elizabeth citizens:

1. They can pay for the loan in a period of 30 years

2. They can ask for the extension of financing periods

3. They can choose to pay fixed interest rates corresponding to the installments

4. They can apply for another loan if they want to. That means that if the client is interested in a Car Loan or a mortgage, they can easily apply for them and that will not be a problem for obtaining such loan.

5. They can be up to 45 years old to be given the loan so as to make sure they will finish it on time

An extra benefit of this loan, is that Porth Elizabeth citizens also get access to insurances that enable clients to protect their money and also the property they possess. It is a great way of protecting assets and belongings without having to pay so much for an insurance at another company. So, they get a loan and an insurance. Isn’t it great?

As a final comment about this loan, I would like to add that its costs tend to be higher than those of shorter loans, since the company is taking risks and at the same time offering a very long financing period. But, I guarantee you that there is a small difference.


If you reside in Porth Elizabeth and are looking forward to start an application, here you have the contact information of SA in Porth Elizabeth:

- You can directly phone from home by dialing up a phone number designed for doubts and applications: 27 (31) 560 5300. That obviously is the phone number of the head office and, you can also try sending a fax to this fax number: 27 (31) 562 0362. Remember those phone numbers are not for free, so you might be charged a little bit for using that service but it does not represent a lot.

-You can also try the website of the company, where their members have created a calculator to choose amounts, interest rates, installments and more details corresponding to the loans. And, there is a section for application and one for sending short messages to members of the company.

-You can also talk with the members of the company in person so as to begin the application or to ask for further details about the loans. In the preceding chart you will be given information related to phone number, quotes, email address and more.



R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates acknowledged in the application

Telephone Number

560 5400


Porth Elizabeth. Mill Park. 159 Cape Road

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from this schedule: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


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