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Can Capetown Residents Get Access to SA Cash loans?

    Are you suffering financial difficulties? Do you live in Cape Town? If that happens to be your case, then I can help you. How? By giving you complete data about SA loans, which in fact are four and can really benefit your life.

   That is right, four loans whose amounts can be given in cash and can be a benefit for your life in all aspects. For that reason, in this article you will receive information about those loans and also contact information of SA in Cape Town. So, I guarantee you that this article will really benefit you and your family, by giving you access to many details that otherwise are not given.

SA has developed four loans for Cape Town citizens:

Quick Cash loan

What features compose this loan?

a.You can ask for a maximum of 75 000, which can be obtained in about 72 hours

b. You can ask for an extension of the amount and obtain R 150 000

c.You can get equity on your home

d.You can destine to the money to any kind of purpose you have right now in mind

e.You can be offered super competitive rates that come along with your installments

Personal Loans

What does a Personal Loan consist of?

    It is a loan that can give you as much as R 70 000, and you can begin the application for it whenever you are ready. The application for such loan can be commenced by phone, if you dial up the following number:0861 000 376 or also by sending an email to the next address: Those are two effective means of communication when it comes to starting the application for a loan. That way the members of the team of SA can easily examine your documentation once attached and give you the results of the application.

    Besides, a Personal Loan constitutes an effective way of covering multiple needs with just one loan. And, you will never have to worry about affordability since the company is willing to find the best Personal Loan for your needs and your pocket. As Personal needs you can think of financing your summer or winter holidays in a beautiful place, paying for a new car, financing medical emergencies when an accident takes place and even paying some accumulated debts that you were trying to afford during lots of years but could not solve them.

Transfer Assist

    This is the type of loan that can easily give you R 50 000, which enables you to start with the transfer of your house to your name. It will help you cover the different needs that have to do with your house and its transfer. As you know, there is many paper work to do during this serious procedure, which is great to be able to count on a loan that can give you easy money in short time.

    It is really simple how it functions: you need to apply and in one day you will be given the results of the application. You can also choose from online application, in person or by phone application. You will choose the one that suits you best, depending on the distance and your availability.

    Now, the last loan but also one of the most efficient ones: the 30 Year Home Loan.

You can expect from the way this loan is called, that you will find a program which consists of installments that are paid during a period of 30 years, a lot in fact.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with this loan are these ones:

1.Chances of paying for a loan in 30 years or even extending that period

2.Paying fixed interest rates every month

3.Being able to choose different installments according to your budget

4. Getting access to more than one loan, apart from this one

Remember that for this loan the company asks you to be between 18 and 45 years old, because they want to make sure you are perfectly capable of finishing the financing of the loan.

By applying for this loan, you can also be given an insurance to protect your house and the different assets contained in it, which is great since not all companies offer protection from outside forces.

Now, as a final statement regarding this loan, I would like to stress the fact that this loan costs more than the one that extends to 20 years, since a longer period for financing is given to clients.


Different means of communication can be taken advantage of if you reside in Cape Town, lets see them in detail:

-You can establish an over the phone communication and directly phone the company to this number:27 (31) 560 5300. Remember that is the phone number corresponding to the head office of the company, and they have plenty of details regarding the four different loans found at this company. You can also send a fax to this phone number:27 (31) 562 0362.

-You can enter SA´s official website and enjoy their online calculator, available for all clients that looking for sustainable ways of improving their finances. In such place, clients can also send a message to a representative of the company and also ask for being contacted in the meantime by the representatives of the loan team.

-If you are the sort of client that prefers being given information in person, then what you need is personalized attention. So, you might get a look at the following chart, which has complete information regarding the company´s branch in Cape Town. It includes, phone numbers, quotes, availability and more details that can really help you.


R 75 000 or R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed interest rates by SA

Telephone Number

560 5200


Cape Town.  Malan Street, Arauna

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm


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