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Can I find SA Cash Loans in Johannesburg? Requirements and Applications.

    If you live in Johannesburg and you are trying to find the most suitable cash loan that fits your necessities you should know that SA Cash Loans has a useful service that is worth paying attention to. The most useful service they provide is online application. Through this method you can apply for a cash loan from wherever part of South Africa you are. This helpful advantage allows you to use the service in a comfortable and fast way without having to waste time travelling to the bank. You can reach them by phone at the number 021 202 1679 or via email to Remember that on weekends and holidays they are closed, but you can find them from 8:00 to 16:30 on weekdays.         

       The requirements you should comply with are simple. You should be at least 18 years old up to 65 years old, be employed for the last three months by the same employer, get a gross salary of at least R3,000 and receive this salary in your own bank account.  Apart from these requirements you should know that there are some other situations that may produce your application to be rejected by some credit providers. For instance, some of them may reject it if when applying for the loan you own exceptional defaults, possess debt review, debt administration or debt counseling or you have liabilities with their accounts. It is important to say that the final decision is in hand of the credit provider, so they would approve or reject your application after having studied and discussed your specific situation.

           The procedure they follow is also very useful and simple for the client.  As they have a group of credit providers they work with, SA Cash Loans is in charge of processing your application with them once you have already submitted it. Through this procedure they can assure you they are doing the best for your loan to achieve the greatest outcome possible. When your application is ready to be taken into account, the credit providers analyze it and decide whether to assist you or not. If some of them goes for the application they would get in contact with you to go on with the process. Take into account that they would send you an answer on the next business day to your email account, so you should pay attention to any response you may receive.  A very important tip to remember is that the application should be filled on a business day and the limit time to do it is at 16:00.

             As they had already set an interest rate when the application was completed, in the next part of the process the credit provider and the applicant decide on the terms and conditions of the cash loan and specify everything on the contract. 

Find the best loan of South Africa

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         Next, after you have presented all the documents the credit provider asked you, and after everything is accepted, SA Cash Loans would last 48 hours to put the money in your account. It is important that you think about this schedule beforehand for you to know when the money would be in your possession to use it. I will point out however, that due to the wide number of credit providers assisting cash loans, SA Cash Loans advises their clients to start the process with enough time as they sometimes cannot guarantee the speed of the procedure to be as fast as they expect to. For example, if you need the money for Monday, it would be better to start the process the previous Monday, or even before, so you make sure you will have the cash loan on the day you need it. Whether you need the money for yourself, or you need to help a friend who is going to a rough time it is really important that you calculate the time needed since the day you apply for the cash loan until you finally get the money in your account.

What about the amount of money you can take in a cash loan?

       As with any cash loan the scope of money you can borrow and the repayment term may vary. But you are allowed to borrow from R 1,000 to R 150,000, and repay it from 6 months up to 5 years.

          Now that we have gone throw the requirements and the procedure, we can focus on a special type of loan they offer. We are referring to The Unsecured Cash Loan, which is a useful option for people who may have doubts when it comes to compromising their assets as guarantee. As you may already know, in order to apply for a cash loan clients are usually asked to provide assets in case the client fail to repay the loan. The benefit of this Unsecured Cash Loan is that you are not requested to provide a collateral asset to take the loan so you can be sure that your capital will not be touched in any step of the process. You take the cash loan and focus only on cancelling the monthly repayment term on time.

Key points to take into account when thinking about taking a SA Cash loan:

+ There are no extra charges.

+ If you are a pensioner or unemployed you do not qualify for a cash loan.

+ Credit providers do credit checks to applicants before accepting to assist the client.

+ Credit profiles must comply with what the National Credit Act requires.

+ Foreign applicants should acquire a proper South African Identification Document to qualify for a cash loan. 

+ Avoid being in arrears with credit provider’s account or they will refuse to assist you.

Make sure you satisfy all the previous requirements and you are ready to go for a cash loan.

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Questions and answers

Can I borrow less than R1,000?

The minimum required to borrow is R1,000.

Can I use the money to pay debts?

When you receive the money you can spend it in the way you need to. You only have to make sure to pay month after month the repayment term until is totally cancelled.

Do I qualify for a cash loan if I do not live in South Arica?

Of course you do! Just make sure to get a South African I. D. and you will be in the right track.

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