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Are There SA Cash loans Available in South Africa?

     Would you like to find the right solution for your financial troubles? Did you know Sa is here for you? That is totally right, this company is present in the country so as to grant you the loan you were always looking for.

   For that reason, in the preceding article you will receive all the information you need about the four loans available at this company. After that section, you will be given the contact details of this company so that you can phone their members or even send an email directly to the loan team.

Let’s begin with the Quick Cash loan

Do you want to know the features of this loan?

-A maximum of R 75 000 can be obtained in just 72 hours

-A maximum of R 150 000 can also be obtained should all the documentation is submitted

-Equity on your property can be given

-The money can be destined to whatever purpose you need to fulfill

-Competitive interest rates will be offered to every client

Personal Loans

What does a Personal Loan consist of?

In such case you are dealing with a loan whose maximum happens to be of R 70 000 and the application for this program can be initiated the same day. You will be able to cover any sort of personal need you and your family are experiencing at the moment of the application.

If interested in the application, you must know that you can make a phone call to the company to this number: 0861 000 376 or you can easily send an email to this address: Those are the two most requested means of communication in terms of commencement of applications for a loan. You will of course be requested to submit special documentation regarding your personal and monetary data.

What is more, the company has several personal loans and will assure that the one given to you is one that can be afforded in the long term.

Transfer Assist

With a lending program like this one you can solicit for a maximum of R 50 000 and be able to transfer your property to your name. This is the right loan for every client that has obtained a property but cannot deal with the different costs of transfers made.

This is how it works for the citizens of South Africa: in no more than 24 hours they can begin the application and obtain the money once approved. That application can be started by phone or by email. And, in some cases clients choose in person application at a local branch near their homes.

And, in the last place, let me focus on another loan that is confidently very valuable for your home too: the 30 Year Home Loan.

The wonderful benefit of this loan is that you can observe how the different monthly installments are lowered. This is a great way of obtaining the cash you need if you want to own a house and finish paying for it in 30 years.

There are multiple benefits this loan can give you:

1. It can offer the longest financing period available

2. It can offer fixed interest rates

3. It can also offer installments based on your income and salary

4. It can grant you the access to further loans available at the company so as to meet other needs you have in mind

However, in order to be eligible remember that you must be between 18 years old and 45, not more than that since being more than 45 years old is not the appropriate age for such a long loan. And you know why? Because the company needs to assure that you will finish completing the financing of the loan as agreed in the contract.

A wonderful benefit of this loan is that you get access to insurances so as to protect your home and your finances. And that insurance will never be charged, as it is part of the loan given by SA.

As a final point, remember that the costs belonging to this loan will vet higher than a 20 year loan, since the company is providing you with a longer financing period for the lending program and taking higher risks.


Getting in touch with the company so as to begin an application has never been so easy. Let’s see in detail each means of communication available:

-You can establish a communication over the phone by dialing up a phone, which is not free remember: 27 (31) 560 5300, which is the phone of the head office of SA. You can try sending one fax to this number too: 27 (31) 562 0362. The phone number is always available on weekdays on business hours, so if you call during weekends or holidays you might not be answered, please remember that fact.

-You can try the company´s webpage, full of sections destined to applications, messages, inquiries and more data about loans and insurances.

-You can go yourself in person to one of the company´s branches in Mayville, in Pretoria. The address of this branch is 366 Fred Nicholson Street.

-A further branch in the country is located in Mill Park, inside Porth Elizabeth. The address is: 159 Cape Road.

In the preceding chart you have full data about another branch, in Cape Town:


R 75 000 to R 150 000 (with documentation attached)

Interest Rate

Fixed  interest rates given by your income

Telephone Number

560 5100


Cape Town. In Bo Oakdale inside the Eagle House. 92 Edward Road, 3rd floor of the building

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African citizen

Find the best loan of South Africa

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See how easy it is to gain protection and additional cash with SA? Why don’t you try contacting the company and starting the application? I am sure one of the four loans will benefit your life in many ways and give you the peace and tranquility you and your family deserve.

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Yes, you will need to fill in a form

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Information about your salary, bank statements and pay slips

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Yes you can!

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