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Can I Get a Top Up Loan with RCS? Details and Contact Information

      If you are searching for money but you believe the amount banks can give you is not enough for your needs, let me tell you I have a solution for that. You can always top up your loan. What is that? Topping up is really useful when you have acquired a loan but you still want to add a little bit of more funds. Fortunately, RCS can top up your loan and you will be able to obtain the money you always wanted.

   In this article, I will first explain how is possible to top up a loan with RCS. Then, I will give you all the data regarding their Personal Loan, for you to know the maximum amount you can be granted, which you will add the possibility of topping up. Finally, I will give you the contact details of this company so that you can apply for a loan after you read this post.

Top Up Loan with RCS

    The moment you have registered with RCS and obtained a lending program with them, you have the chance of topping it up, up to R 3000, which will of course depend on your financial situation and how the application procedure is functioning .

   Topping up for a loan means that the bank is not going to add money to the loan you already have, but you can have access to a new loan for the balance that remains and the additional amount of money you want to receive .

    For instance, if you have recently acquired a loan of R 20 000 and you would like the bank to lend you R 3000, RCS can open a loan for R 23 000 and will pay off the initial loan you got.

That new loan tends to have a different interest rate from the first loan and also the financing periods can be different. So, what does it mean? That you will probably pay more in the long term.

RCS Loan

     Loans granted by RCS are perfect if you are looking to make improvements to your house, financing your holidays or your children´s school or college. Any type of expense can be covered with this loan. By sticking to certain steps, you can start the application and then RCS will get in touch with you so as to finish the process.

Pay attention to the conditions you need to meet:

-Being 18 years old or more

-Being a South African citizen and showing your ID card

-Having a minimal wage of R 2000

-Having a bank account with this banking company

-Submitting your latest bank statements and pay slips

-Submitting your bank information so as to determine the method through which you will pay for the loan

Advantages of operating with RCS:

-You can start the application from the comfort of your place, no need to go in person to the company

-You can obtain a maximum of R 215 000

-You can get the money in less than 24 hours

-The interest rates are always competitive in relation to other banks

-You can first prequalify before starting the application

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-You can choose to repay for the loan in 12 or 60 months

-You can apply for the loan by email, over the phone or in the net

-You can obtain a free statement in your phone with your last movements

-Monthly payments cannot change

-The application procedure is quick

Further facts about RCS Loans:

-RCS will not request for any collateral or asset that serves its functions, as you only need to submit the NCA

-The bank´s interest rates will always be lower than the ones for other companies

-The moment you are approved in order to be granted the loan, the bank will make sure to pay on time the amount you asked for

-The bank can pay you via transfer but does not take cash as a method of payment

-The interest rates are always based on a reference, which means that the bank adheres to a maximum and cannot change them

-You must pay each instalment on time, so as not to pay extra charges the next monthly

-It is very possible that the bank will charge you some fee for their service and procedure, as long as your account is active

How to contact RCS and start enjoying their loans

In person

    If you are the type of person that favors a personalized attention, you can take advantage of the company´s branches. There is one located in Cape Town in the Liberty Grande Building. It is found at Voortrekker Road  and Jakes Gerwel Dr. It is located at Townsend Estate. You can try to call their consultants before paying a visit to the office, by dialing up the following number: 27 21 597 4000.

    You can also go to RCS´s head office, which is found in the area of Mowbray, at Golf Park 6. If you need more specifications you should know that this branch is located at Rappenberg Road.

By phone

   RCS has designed a free phone number for those clients and non-clients that have inquiries or questions regarding the company´s loans and other services. So, for those purposes please dial up 0861-729727 and wait until their representatives answer your call.

    You can send a fax to this number 021-597-4727 in order to give the company all your personal and financial information through the documentation they requested you at the beginning of the application.


    Take advantage of the bank´s official website in order to get more information about this loan, an insurance for your money and your assets and also start an application from the comfort of your computer.

    To conclude, it is possible to top up a loan with RCS if you are looking for additional amounts of money to cover your needs. Take a look at RCS loan, decide on the amount that will benefit your needs and then talk with the bank´s consultants about the chance of topping it up!

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Questions and answers

Good day, I already have an RCS loan and want to do a top up loan.

To confirm if you can top up your existing loan with RCS, you should contact the company. Please, notice that you will not be able to visit their branches at this time due to Level 2 COVID-19 lockdown. However, you will be able to call them on the phone or e-mail them.

Is it possible to get a top up loan .

RCS is a financial company that is an expert in providing South Africans with loans that can be easily and quickly applied for. With them you can ask for from 2,000 to 200,000 rand on the basis of your affordability and economic situation. Top ups are not an option at this time.

How can I know if I do qualify for top up on my current loan with rcs?

You will only be able to know this for sure by contacting RCS and asking them. They will probably ask you to provide them with some documents in order to reassess your situation and decide if it is safe for them to lend you more money. Bear in mind that you should be in good standing in terms of repayment.

I need to know what the outstanding balance is on my loan and also the maturity date, please.

When you take out the loan and, RCS grants it, they send you a complete report informing you about all the details you need to know. What’s more, RCS sends their clients monthly statement with no extra cost. You may receive this report on your email or via SMS. If you’re not getting it, you can make a call to RCS to ask them to start sending it to you. There, you will perfectly see your outstanding balance and maturity date among other pieces of information.

I want to make a top up loan on my RCS loan

You can apply for the top up loan with RCS via internet. To start, pay attention to the requirements as, RCS will still take a look at that. Moreover, there will be even more strict on this as, you’re asking for more money without having completely paid your last loan. You have to make sure you’ll be capable of keeping up properly with the payments.

Hi can I borrow again from my credit even if I haven't finished paying my first loan. I mean, it's already in my credit. I just need it cash. Can I ask for cash more than once from my account?

When the loan request is confirmed and, after you send the documents and sign the contract, RCS transfer the money you asked into your bank account. From that moment, the money it’s yours to use it freely. This means that you can take out cash whenever you need until you spend it all. If you spent all the money borrowed and, there’s nothing left in your account, then you can take the chance to reapply to try to get a top up loan.

How much will I pay every month if I top up my loan?

To get that answer, it’s important to have more information about the loan as, the payments are affected by the terms: quote, interest rate and number of instalments to pay for the credit. In general, when you take out a loan, you can ask for the quote and term to cancel it; however, the final decision is on the hand of the bank. In this case, as you’ve already taken out a loan with RCS, they will pay more attention to the terms of this top up loan. As it’s a new loan, and there’s already an existing loan, the rate, for example, may be higher this time.

I have a loan for 10 000 and would like a top up loan of 5000 how would that work?

At RCS you can get an increase of R 5000 for your existing loan of R 10 000, as long as you have complied with the first monthly installments that come along with the loan

Can have a top up loan please?

RCS does offer top up loans, which essentially means the chance of increasing the amount given, if you have complied with the different installments of the loan. I can also recommend you a company in South Africa, that also offers top up loans, and i am referring to Barclays, so if you want to contact this firm you can dial up the following number and get more data:24 7684 2100

Is it possible to top up a loan?

Yes it is possible, by offering top up loans, the company enables clients to increase or what is commonly known as "topping up" the loan you are given, every month by agreeing to paying higher installments. Moreover, there are companies, such as Barclays, that offer Top Up Loans also, for those situations in which you need an additional loan so as to make ends meet.

Can i get a loan top up?

Even though African Bank does not offer Top Up Loans as you are asking, the company does give you the possibility of increasing the amount given through the loan, which enables you to obtain more money in the short term. But, of course, you will need to justify the reason for topping up your loan.

Does this bank have an online app?

Yes, you can download it from the bank´s website

Good day, can i apply for a top up loan - r3000? If possible kind regards!

Hi!Sure, the maximum permitted at RCS to top up loans is the amount you require,R 3000, reason for which I recommend you to contact the company either by phone or in person and begin the application. Remember that the application can also be started online. Regards

Can I also get insurance with this company?

Yes, there are car insurances, personal insurances and house insurances

Can I pay online?


Do I qualify for a loan?

First, check the requirements detailed in the article to see if you can take the first step. Remember you need to be older than 18, from SA, earning at least 2000 rands per month and, having a bank account to get your money through it. Then, RCS will take care of step 2, in which they check your credit record to make an assessment on the amount you can afford.

Can I receive a top up loan of between 25, 000-35, 000?

When banks allow to top up loans, they usually do for smaller amounts. Of course, everything will always depend on your credit profile but, it’s not that common to get an approval for such high quote when there’s an existing loan. Also, it will depend on the number of installments you’ve already paid. If, for example, you’ve paid more than half the loan, you can show you’re a responsible client and RCS may accept to lend you more money.

Can I get a top up loan of 15000 with rcs?

The entity will check, first, if you comply with the requirements. After verifying that, they will make an analysis of the instalmemts you’ve already paid for the current loan in order to check if you show commitment on repaying the new loan. Besides, RCS will try to put together terms to make you can pay for both liabilities.

Can I please have a top up on my loan?

You can go through the process to see if RCS will be willing to grant you more money. This is so because, even though they offer that possibility, the client must have positive results on their new affordability assessment. Keep in mind, how you’ve been paying the installment will also affect the decision as, if you’ve paid a considerable number of instalment with no problem, you’ll have more chances.

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