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Can I Get At RCS a Quick and Fast Loan? Contact Details and Features

    If you are having a hard time trying to control your finances and you believe there is no solution for that, let me tell you that is wrong. You can trust on RCS to take care of your financial security. This is one of the leading companies in the financial market, whose biggest aim is to provide every resident of South Africa the economic stability they deserve. This is possible through their loans, which you can obtain in a fast way.

   In this article, I will carefully examine the conditions for RCS loans, the requirements and also the benefits you can enjoy the moment you are given the money. Then, I will go on by focusing on some important piece of information. Finally, I will give you all the contact details regarding this company, for you to be capable of applying for their loans immediately.

RCS Loans are just perfect if your plans are to purchase a new property, a new vehicle and even paying your kid´s tuition at school or university. You just have to adhere to some steps and then the bank will get in touch with you as soon as possible. How is that possible? You need to make sure you give the bank all the necessary data in order to begin the application procedure and then they will be able to contact you over the phone. Once the process is approved you can have access to the money requested in less than 2 days.

     Let’s start by focusing on the conditions for obtaining RCS loans:

-You need to have the majority of age, which are 18

-You need to submit your ID card which proves you are a South African

-You need to prove you earn on a monthly basis at least R 2000

-You need to open an account with RCS

-You need to submit recent bank statements and any other bills that show your movements and transactions

   Here you have the benefits this bank will give you:

-You can start the application from home by gathering all the documents, so no need to go in person to a local branch

-You can instantly receive a lending program of up to R 215 000

-You can make use of the funds in no more than 24 hours

-The interest rates tend to be very competitive and affordable

-You can have access to a prequalification process to know beforehand whether you are eligible or not

-You can choose to apply from home or in person. If you choose to apply from home you can do it by cellphone or laptop.

-Each monthly repayment tends to be flexible and affordable. You have between a year and 60 months to complete its financing

-You can receive a statement each month on your cellphone to know the state of your loan

-The bank will give you access to an insurance to protect your money, which is called Customer Protection Insurance

-The interest rate can range to a maximum of 28% and no more than that

You should also bear in mind that one of the great advantages of RCS loans is that the bank will not request for any kind of collateral, so there is no need to choose a valuable asset to play that role. But, the bank will ask you for the NCA, which serves as a collateral in this case.

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Useful pieces of information regarding RCS Loans:

-The moment your application is approved by the bank, the company will make sure that the amount you requested is given to you in the short time. This can be done in your bank account as the bank does not allow payments in cash, so please bear that in mind

-The bank is in charge of adjusting its fees and the interest rates or any other fees generated by the application procedure and you will observe these amounts in your monthly statement with the bank

-The interest rate that applies to the loan cannot be superior to the annual interest rate that the Act allows. Moreover, it will be fixed and not subject to changes

-You need to comply with all the payments as expected. Otherwise, you will need to pay extra costs that will add to your interest rate

-The bank has the possibility of making modifications to the fee you pay each month. But do not worry, since there is a maximum the bank sticks to.

How to contact RCS in South Africa

In person

     One of the bank´s physical branches is located at theLiberty Grande Building which is in Cape Town. It is specifically found at Voortrekker Road and  Jakes Gerwel Dr. This building is found at the Townsend Estate. You can call this office by phoning on 27 21 597 4000.

     The Head Office of RCS is situated in Mowbray, specifically in Golf Park 6. This office is in the Rapenberg Road.

By phone

     You can communicate with the bank by phoning on the following number, which is a free phone destined to inquiries and questions: 0861-729727.

    You can also send a fax to the bank´s representatives on this number: 021-597-4727. That number can be used for sending all the documentation and personal data you need in order to begin the application.


     In the bank´s webpage you can obtain a lot of data about their other loans, the cards you can get with the bank, insurances for you and your family and there is also a section for online application so that you can right away get their services and products from home.

All in all, RCS is one of the leading banking companies that aims at giving its clients loans in a fast way so as to receive the money they need without complications. So, if you were looking for quick loans, here you have the answer, RCS loans. Get in touch with the bank and find out how easy it is to manage your finances with this company, you will not regret it!!

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Questions and answers

Does this company have more branches?

Yes, there are over 50 branches around the country

Can I start an application on the phone?

Sure, by calling the free number given above

How should I proceed if it is hard to make the payments?

The bank will offer you refinancing options

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