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Can I Apply for RCS Loans in Johannesburg? Contact Details and Application

If you live in Johannesburg and you are looking for financial support, Eureka! You have found what you need: RCS Loans. Here, we will see you how people who reside in Johannesburgcan have access to such programs. In fact, here you will find contact details, features and requirement so as to make everything easier. Besides, we will include information about other important companies that also work at your advantage.

                RCS offers lending programs that give money for any purpose: to buy a new home, to acquire a new car, to make home improvements, to pay for deserved vacations, to cover education tuition and even to affront unexpected expenses. As a matter of fact, you can borrow amount of money that range from R1000 to R125 000.Regardless of the amount of money you ask, you can get it in cash or in an account.

                Do you need information about financing. In the first place you need to know that interest rates will depend upon the size of your loan and your credit history. However, you can be sure that rates will never be higher than 28% annually and besides, they are fixed. That is to say that they will not make payments change. As far as terms are concerned, you can choose periods that go from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 60 months, based on your needs.

                In order to show you how these interest rates work in the real world, we have tried the online calculator that the company has available in the webpage and we figure out some numbers. Let’s take a loan of R7 500 as example. Imagine you are interested in repaying the money in 2 years and you will be given 28% as interest rates. In this case, you will have to pay R493 monthly during two years. Besides, please take into account that you will have to pay some monthly fees of approximately R68.

                Once you have read about loans as such, let me facilitate you a list with all the requirements you need to apply for a RCS loan:

1. You will need your ID to show you are, at least, 18 years old.

2. You will also need to show that you earn a minimum salary of nR2000.

3. You last three salaries slips will be essential.

4. You are also required to have a bank account where to receive the money once the loan in approved.

5. The company will also need data about a bank account so as to create a debit order so as payments are deducted from such account.

6. Start application! Once this is ready, apply for the loan and money will be available as soon as possible.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Where is it possible to find an office of RCS Bank in Johannesburg?

Let me tell you that, unfortunately, RCS has no physical offices in the city of Johannesburg. However, by no means does it put application at risk. In fact, RCS has developed other alternatives to reach as many citizens as possible regardless of their home address. And here you will find how this is possible: by phone. If you are interested in RCS loans, you can call 0861 SAY RCS (729 727) and start application as soon as possible.

                Fortunately, there are other lending companies that offer financial services in Johannesburg. Some of them are the following:

*Capitec Bank: you can find an office of this company at 28 Harrison St. Representatives will be there during the week. This bank has two main loans for Johannesburg residents that may be useful for you. One of them is personal loans. Current and prospective clients can borrow up to R250000 to finance whatever you want. You can repay such amounts in periods of up to 84 months. And the other is home loans. In this case, you can borrow up to R5 million to buy the home of your dreams and finance it in up to 20 years.

*First National Bank: in this case, there is an offices located in the area of the Bank City. Two important lending programs, among others, that you can take advantage of are the following: home loans and car loans. In the first case, you borrow from R100000 to buy the property you want and finance principal and interests in up 20 years. In the second place, you will get money to buy either new or used cars. You will be able to choose fixed interest rates that range from 7% to 20%.

*African Bank: a branch can be found in Braamfontein. There are two lending programs to highlight in this case as well. The first one is the personal loans. Current or prospective clients can borrow from R500 to R200000 to finance in up to 72 months with rates that range between 10,5% and 28%. And the second one is the consolidation loan. In this, the bank will put all your debts together so as you can make a unique monthly payment to cover them. There are financing periods that go from 18 to 72 months              

                All in all, not having money to make your dreams come true is not an excuse anymore. Johannesburg’s residents have access to the affordable and convenient lending programs provided by RCS thanks to technology. And in case they need more personalized attention, they can also count on the help of other financing institutions: Capitec Bank, African Bank and First National Bank. Choose one and go ahead!

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Questions and answers

When you do a debt intervention, do you guys require a person to give out their bank account number to be able to process the request?

RCS needs the client’s bank account details to be able of setting up properly a Debit Order for the installments to be canceled through this method. Also, before that, the money is transferred into that bank account. That’s why it’s a requirement to present information about it. To go over an affordability assessment, they will revise the applicant’s credit record as, in there, they’ll get the information they need to know if it would be possible to gran the loan requested.

Need to fix my car, can RCS help me?

Sure! The loans issued by RCS can serve to cover different purposes. You need to find out how much will It cost you to repair your car and then, apply with RCS. Before doing that, of course, check the requirements to be sure you’re within the group of applicants this company will grant a loan to. The best part is that, providing you’re approved for a loan, you’ll get the money in a really short time so, you won’t have to wait long to have your car repaired.

can pay out 1000 per month but I’m not earning 2000 in my account. I’m working as a driver

To have a minimum salary of 2000 rands per month is one of the most important requirement RCS takes a look at. Besides, the applicant needs to submit valid documentation to prove that regular income as, for instance, pay slips. So, if you can’t comply with this point, unfortunately, RCS won’t be able to help you. Instead, you can try with another entity that provides loans to self-employed workers. You’ll find, their requirements are thought to fit your needs and help you in the way you need.

I want to find out how much I qualify for

Your application will help RCS to go over how much your loan amount should be. For that, it’s compulsory to give the bank your personal details as well as, income details and bank statements. Through that information they will calculate and inform you about your qualification. After that, once you have the loan amount they are willing to lend you, you can decide whether it works for you or you prefer trying with another entity.

Which is the minimum required salary to apply for a RCS loan?

It is R2000.

Can I apply for FNB loan online?

Yes! It is available in the official webpage.

Are interest rates high?

The highest is 28%.

Where can I submit my documents if I want to apply for a rcs loan?

The moment you go over the RCS application procedure; you’ll be guided through the steps. So, the first step to apply is to get your identity and contact information. The second step is to inform RCS about the loan you want. This will be done when they’ll give you a call so, don’t worry at all. They’ll be in charge of telling you the options you have to upload the documents for the loan. For example, via e-mail.

What may have happened with my loan. I paid but you said I didn't

Installments at RCS are paid through your bank account that is, the money is debited from it. There may be few factors that lead to some problems in this process. For example, there may not be enough money to cover the payment in your account, hence, the payment will be incomplete. Another factor to pay attention to is the when the installments were paid as, it may not be process until reaching a business day.

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