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Can Gauteng´s Citizens Obtain RCS Loans? Contact Information and Requirements

Are you looking for financial stability? Have you ever thought about RCS to give you the solution? Yes! RCS has developed a lending program that can turn out to be what you are expecting in terms of financial support. This ban has established itself in many cities and even though it does not have a physical branch in Gauteng, you can still get its loan and communicate through other means.

    In the article you are going to read, you will be given all the data you want about an RCS Loan, which encompasses its requirements and features. Then, you will be given details as to how to get in touch with the bank from home. Finally, I will give you a second option for you to consider, which is also a bank that offers loans and has offices in Gauteng.

     Let me start the article by saying that RCS has created a loan that aims to finance your daily purchases, your holidays, your house and even your car. Regardless of the need to have right now, the bank can help you with that. You simply need to apply for the loan and then the company will get in touch with you to proceed.

Of course there will be requirements you need to meet, such as the followings:

-Possessing the majority of age asked by any other bank, 18 years old

-Being South African. So, your ID card is important for this matter

-Earning a minimum R 2000 each month on your work

-Be willing to create an account with RCS so as to proceed with the application

-Submitting documents that state your latest payments

-Giving the bank data about your bank account in order to activate the debit order

What to expect from an RCS Loan:

-All the paperwork will be carried out by the bank´s professionals. Which means you must not go to a physical branch

-You can receive in your account the money in no more than 1 day

-You can prequalify before starting the application, so as not to waste time on paper work

-You can make use of a sms service so as to apply for the loan

-You will be requested to make monthly payments for a year or you can also choose 60 months to finance the loan

-The application process will start right away

-The bank cannot charge you more than 28% for interest rates. That is the maximum established.

Apart from those benefits, you can pay for the bank´s insurance in order to keep your money safe. So, for that matter please obtain the Customer Protection Insurance.

Let me provide you with an example for you to gain knowledge about this loan: Suppose you want to obtain R 7500, you can make monthly payments of no more than R 800 for a period of 2 years.

Other important facts:

-The bank will not make you put forward collateral to guarantee this loan. Why is that? Because only the NCA is requested.

-The interest rates of RCS are much lower than the ones of other banking companies, so you can be sure that you are operating with the most affordable company

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-You can only obtain the money through a bank transfer, because due to safety precautions, the bank cannot pay you in cash. But of course, once the bank granted you the loan, you can go to an ATM and start receiving the money as you want.

-It is strongly advisable that you make every payment as agreed at the beginning on the loan, because possible arrears turn into more money in the next fee

-The bank is authorized to charge you an additional fee for their products and services, and you will see this fee in your statement every month

Contacting RCS

As said at the beginning of the article, although there are no physical offices in Gauteng, you can still get in touch with the bank by phone or by visiting the bank´s website. This means that you can still have access to the bank´s services and products regardless the city you are living at the moment.

-By phone

   You can use the bank´s free phone number destined to give replies to queries and doubts. So, for that purpose please dial up the following number: 0861-729727. Do bear in mind that during weekdays this line tends to collapse and instead of speaking to a person from the bank´s staff, your call can be answered by a machine that will guide you towards the area you are looking for.

   You also have the possibility of sending a fax to the bank in order to give your personal information and all the necessary documentation to start the application for a loan. Such fax number is 021-597-4727.


    The bank has a very complete website, full of data about loans, insurances, a contact section for sending messages and getting replies and also a section destined to online application. In that webpage you can also find your nearest branch in other cities of South Africa.

Another choice with similar loans: ABSA

This is another option I would like you to consider if you are looking go to in person to the bank´s office for more information. Absa has an office very close to Gauteng, in Pretoria.  It is found at 268 Hans Coverdale Road. Its phone number is 0860 111 222, which is a free line available for clients and future clients, so feel free to call there. And you can go to this office during weekdays from 8 in the morning to 04:30 pm.

    To conclude, living in Gauteng and gaining the financial stability you always wished for is conceivable with the aid of RCS and its loan, which will adjust to your needs and your income. And, if you prefer a personalized attention, you have my second option for you in Gauteng, Absa. So, there are no excuses for getting the loan you need to change your life!

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