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Can the Residents of Durban Get RCS Loans? Contact Information

     Are you searching for money in order to gain financial stability? Do you know you can rely on RCS? YES! RCS is willing to control your financial status through their loan. This company has expanded to many cities of South Africa. And even though it does not have a physical office in Durban, that is not an obstacle for obtaining their loan, there are still other means of contact available.

    In this post, you will first be given all the data you need about RCS loan, including its characteristics and requirements. Then, I will show you two other ways through which you can get in touch with the bank. Finally, I will give you the contact details of another banking company that offers a similar loan and is located in Durban. So, this article will be pretty useful for what you are looking for.

RCS has designed a loan that aims at covering every kind of necessity you might have, which involves more money of course. So, for instance if you are planning to take your summer holidays or if you cannot afford to pay your children´s expenses at school, you can obtain this loan. The bank will only make you follow some steps and then you will be contacted by a member of the company so as to begin the procedure.

Characteristics of a RCS Loan

-You can ask the company for amounts whose maximum is that of R 215 000

-You can repay for the program in monthly payments that are very flexible

-All of the instalments that come along with this loan cannot change

-The bank is willing to make sure you get the money in less than 3 days

-The application process will not take more than two days

-The bank will accelerate the paper procedure

-You can ask the bank to send you a statement each month

-The bank can charge you a service fee whenever your bank account is functioning and operating with the company

You should also know that the interest rates you will pay for this loan cannot be superior to 28% on an annual basis and that the bank will assure that you have access to its insurance named Customer Protection Insurance, in order to protect your finances.

What is more, RCS will not ask you to select an asset of your own as the collateral of the program, but you need to have the NCA with you.

     Let’s see an example for you to know your affordability: if you decide to ask the bank for an amount that ranges from R 7000 TO R 7 600 and you plan to finance the loan in 2 years, the interest rate (annual one) will be of 28%. And you will be paying fees of no more than R 850. However, you will see that the bank can charge you a fee for their service, which in this case would be R70.

     Another important fact you need to bear in mind is that the bank cannot give you the money in hand but only through transfer, because of safety purposes. And that the interest rates will always be subject to the Provisions of the Act, and as said before cannot be more than 28%.

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Such interest rate will appear on your monthly statement for you to gain knowledge about the conditions of the loan.

      Finally, it is crucial that you make every payment during the time agreed so as to avoid paying extra charges. So, be wise and try to pay on time in order to save money.

Interested in the requirements for this loan? Pay attention:

-Being 18 years old or older than that. So, majority of age is compulsory

-It is compulsory that you are a South Africa resident

-You must have earnings of at least R 2000 every 30 days

-You need to possess a bank account with RCS in order to make transfers and transactions

-You need to show the bank´s consultants what were your recent pay slips and financial movements.

How to contact RCS in order to get a loan with them:

As stated above, although there are no physical branches of RCS in Durban, you can contact the bank either by phone or the bank´s website. Let me show you:

By phone

     The bank has developed its own customer service so if you have any doubts or inquiries about the loan mentioned above, you can dial up this number from home and get an answer for your questions: 0861-729727.

     It will also be useful to have at hand their fax number, so that once you finish speaking to the bank´s consultants you can send them the documentation. This is the number for fax: 021-597-4727.


    By entering the company´s website you can enjoy online banking and also send an email to the bank´s professionals. You can even start an application there and get more data about the loan.

Another option in Durban: African Bank

 There is another banking company with a similar loan for your needs. And I am referring to African Bank.

Here you have their contact details in Durban:

You can go to one of its offices located in Cnr of West and Grey Street, which is found specifically at 470 West Street. Its phone number is 305 3851. You will find this office open during weekdays from 08:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

There is another office in Durban on Anton Lembede Street, in the ground floor. The exact address is 52 Anton Lembede Street. Its phone number is 31 305 4209. It has the same opening hours as the previous branch.

All in all, if you are living in Durban and your biggest worry was trying to manage your finances, you can stop worrying thanks to the help of RCS, which has created a loan that will not only adapt to your needs but also to your pocket. Take a detailed look at what this loan offer and contact the bank. And, if you need face to face contact, try the second option I gave you, African Bank. See? There is always a solution!

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Questions and answers

Can I apply for a loan if I don't have payslip and my salary is not paid at the bank?

RCS has established certain conditions for a client to apply. Among those conditions, you will find that you need to earn R2000 per month as the minimum value and you also must have a bank account. Clients are also asked to put forwards documentation regarding proof of income. The bank is needed for debit orders.

Can I get insurance for my car?

Yes, there are insurances for your vehicle at this bank

What happens if I can not pay one of the instalments?

You will need to pay extra charges the next month

Is it possible to apply by email?

Yes, you can send the company an email and then they will contact you to begin the application

Where do i get rcs offices in kwazulu natal since i am interested to visit them . As well as how do i know that this rcs real wen i make an application over the phone ? Is it rcs suppose to be in cape town only ?

Unfortunatelt, RCS offices are not located in Natal, but if you are not close to Cape Town,you can go to their additional office in Golf Park 6, on Raapenberg Road in the area of Mowbray

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