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Can I Apply For A Loan With Post Bank If I Live in Pretoria? If Not, Is There Another Company That Offers Loans There? Contact Details

            Are you a resident of Pretoria and you are in a financial hurry? Do you need cash to finance your expenses? If any of these panoramas are familiar to you then there is no doubt that you need an extra hand to handle this situation, but don’t worry, because you have come to the right place. If you are a south African inhabitant who lives in the north of this continent, more specifically in Pretoria, you will find several financial entities that can provide you with financial assistance. The first option is Post Bank, but as this institution does not provide loans but other banking services I will also refer to two more companies: Findbond Mutual Bank and  Cash Converters, which in fact, are the ones that offer borrowing services of your interest.

            As I said some minutes ago, I will start by including herein some data about Post Bank. To start with, I would like you to draw your attention to the following facts:

Location                                                                       497 Jeff Masemola St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0002

Postbank South Africa Contact Number         +27 860 111 502

Working hours                                                             Weekdays from 2 a. m. to 4 p. m. Saturdays from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m.                                                                                                During Sundays, offices are not open to public

Fax number                                                                    +27 12 328 7599

            Don’t worry if you look for more information about this location and you come across with another financial entity called South African Post Office. This company is part of the post office group and therefore it works as part of it.

Postbank Banking Services

            Within Postbank, you will encounter that it outstands from the rest because of the innumerable banking services it has. Mainly, it has a wide variety of savings accounts which are designed for myriad types of clients and associations and it also provides great opportunities for you to make investments or transactions.

            Its banking services are divided into three main groups: savings accounts, term deposits, and transactional accounts. If you further explore these options, you will find that there are many more products inside each of these categories. For example, within savings accounts you will be able to find a smart save accounts, batgoksi and smart save for minors; within term deposit accounts, term saves, bonus saves, and term save plus and so on.

            As you are more concerned with obtaining information about loans in the city of Pretoria, I will recommend that you also bear in mind the following options:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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- FINBOND MUTUAL BANK: This is a bank you can work with if you live in Pretoria. It is mainly dedicated to offering their clients various favorable opportunities that allow them to invest and save money as well as other credit solutions. They aim to empower potential clients so that they can look into a better financial future and eventually gain independence to cope with their finances on their own and for the long term. Through Finbond, clients can have access to banking products that they can use for their own benefit, that is why in Finbond, its representatives believe that all clients have the right to own a stake within the bank and make important decisions, too.

Finbond financing in Pretoria

            The loan that Finbondprovides is called short-term unsecured loan. With this loan option, you can safe quickly, you don’t need security, payments are fixed and installments are made every month. You can ask for a loan amount that goes from R 500 up to R 20 000. This loan can be repaid within two years. If you want to enjoy the benefits that this loan offers, then these are the documents you must present: your ID which has to be certified, three payslips (recent ones are the preferred ones), three bank statements and evidence of residence which has to be certified as well.

            You can give a call to a consultant at 086 000 4249 or 012 460 7288 or you can also send a text message with the word “credit” at 45040 so that a Finbond advisor gets in touch with you in the near future.

- CASH CONVERTERS: this company has more than 70 stores around southern Africa. It started working as a family fair in Australia and as time went by it grew and expanded over the South African territory. As they want their clients to have cash as instantly as possible, this company focus on providing cash loans fast and easy. It has three financing options designed for three different customers. The first one is just a cash advance which implies financing through an item of value that secures your loan, the second one is called Sunny Day PayDay Advance and it consists of a small loan from R400 up to R4000 against your next income, and finally, the third one option is named Sunny Day 1, 2, 3 Mini-Loans and it allows you to get aloan amount of R2000 with a repayment period of three months.

            The loan application is carried out in each Cash Converter branch office. In general, the loan application process implies filling out some forms and then present them to the company. After that, there is a period of time that can last from one to two days tills Cash Converter employers decide to approve your loan application. Finally, once approved you can have access to your money through a card or in cash. As regards requirements, you will have to present an identification, which can be your license driver or your passport, for example, a proof of address, an account statement, and payslip. Contact details are also required.

            If you want to, you can give a call to the customer care contact which is +27 (0) 87 820 4010.

            By now, you are informed about various financial alternatives that are available in the city of Pretoria. Remember that in this case, Postbank, Finbond Mutual Bank, and Cash Converter offer good and viable banking options you can take up whenever you decide to. Avoid keeping your options open and be ready to witness the start of something new!

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Questions and answers

Where else can I find a Post Office branch?

Wherever there is a Post Office branch, there is a Postbank office. You can contact this number 0800 53 54 55 to find one thar is near to you.

Where can I find a FinBond branch?

Fortunately, the main office is located in Pretoria. You can find it at 446 Rigel Ave S, Erasmusrand, in Rigel Office Park.

What are the operating hours of Cash Converter customer service?

You can phone them up from Monday to Friday, from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. and on Saturdays, from 9 a. m. to 12.30 p. m.

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