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What Loans Does Postbank Offer in Johannesburg? Is It Possible to Apply For Loans With That Bank? If Not, Is There Another Companies That Offer Loans?

            I suppose that if you came across this article, it is because you are making some in-depth research based on some financial organizations you can find in the city of Johannesburg. Am I wrong? If not, let me tell you that you couldn’t be luckier because in this piece of writing you will find everything you need to know about Postbank, its contact details, financial services and even more. On top of that, I will also explore and provide few details about another entity that operates in Johannesburg which is Sanlam. This company is more concerned with borrowing, in case you are looking for taking out a loan.

            All things said, let’s start by stating the exact location where you can find a Postbank office and its corresponding contact details for you to have in mind. You can have access to this information in this well-organized chart:

Address                                     Industrie Wibsey, Kent Ave, Wibsey, Johannesburg, 1717

Phone Number                       +27 11 474 3130

Customer Care Center         0800 53 54 55 (toll-free number)

Email Address               

What are the services offered by Postbank?

            Postbank is mainly focused on having at client’s disposal diverse banking services. If you are interested in opening a bank account but you can not decide which banking account meets your expectations, let me tell you that Postbank savings account has so many options for you to choose, that it is almost impossible that you don’t find one that satisfies your needs. These are the three main products you can find within this bank:

1. Savings account

            This account usually provides constant rates. Generally, it is considered the most basic account a bank can offer, and through which you can save and transfer money, make transactions, etc. Under this product, there are three more accounts available to the general public. These accounts are:

            - Smart Save account, which is ideal if you want to keep your money in a secure place, but at the same time you know that you will make use of it soon;

            - Bakgotsi account, which is designed for associations and groups of people that are in search of a safe institution that allows them to store money under three responsible people, and;

            - Smart Save for underage people, which focus on those clients that are looking for banking accounts available for minors, under the permission of a responsible adult.

2. Term deposit

            This account offers the following commercial items:

            - Term save: this account is quite different from the previous ones. It is mainly designed for making deposits that will be needed in later on in time. There is a minimum amount you can invest in, but the good thing is that once you do so, interest rates became higher and higher.

            - Bonus save: this is mainly a bonus you can get access to if you meet all the necessary conditions under Postbank terms This bonus is one of 0.50% interest.

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            - Term save plus: this account is perfect for you if you have a big amount of money to be stored, at the same time you make it grow. The only thing to have in mind is that the money that is deposited, will be there for at least 24 months. If you know beforehand that you won’t use it, great! But consider that if something unexpected occurs, you won’t be able to have access to it after that period of time (two years).

3. Transactional accounts

            Within this option, three different credit cards are available. The first one, a Flexi Debit card is favourable to make transactions in a flexible way. The other one is called Aspire Youth Debit Card, which is mainly for youngsters between 16 and 24 and apart from letting them take advantage of its benefits it also aims to help them understand and get used to the financing world. The last account is Mzansi Card which is available for everyone who wants to do banking operations at a really low cost. This card comes together with another visa card that you can use in atm.

            Now, as I mentioned before, I will make some comments on another financial organization that is located in Johannesburg but which in this opportunity offers lending options. The name of the company is Sanlam. Fortunately, lending products are not the only thing they provide, since with this company you can invest, save for retirement, and even ask for insurance, among other things. On this occasion, let’s focus on borrowing money and see what does it offer.

Sanlam Personal Loans

            Sanlam loan amounts go from R5 000 to R200 000 and the company offers you the chance to tailor the repayment terms as you want, provided that it suits your budget and that you make the payments on time and manner without major problems. The loan installments are fixed so that you can pay for it easily and smoothly.

Loan Forms and location for Loans in Johannesburg

            Fortunately, you can apply online and before doing so, you are required to complete a form which will tell you if you are actually capable of borrowing money or not. Through this form, which has to be filled in with your personal data and your monthly income, the company evaluates your ability to repay.

            Sanlam office  in Johannesburg can be found at 11 West St, Houghton Estate. Services are offered every day from 7 a. m. to 4 p. m. except for Saturdays and Sundays. If this location is not convenient for you, don’t worry, since you can find other branch offices all around this city. If you want to ring up an advisor, then you just have to communicate over the phone at this number +27 11 359 7700. Additionally, for advisory services, you can also call on 0860 726 526.

            At this point, I’m sure that you are well acquainted with two financing and banking opportunities that are available in Johannesburg city. Whether it is about opening accounts or just asking for a loan, there is always a qualified staff ready to listen to you and help you reach and get the product you need and that best accommodates to your situation. Explore, compare and go for it!

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Questions and answers

Do I need to go to a specific Postbank office to open an account?

No, that's not necessary. You can visit any branch and open your account in any Postbank store.

Are Sanlam personal loans secured?

No, they are unsecure, which means that you don't have to provide any collateral.

Is credit taken into account when approving my loan?

Yes. Sanlam also considers your credits, so your loan depends on your credit approval for sure.

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