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Does Postbank Offer Its Services in Bloemfontein? Is There Another Company That Works in That Location? Contact Details And Requirements

            If you live in the capital city of Bloemfontein and you are looking forward to having access to banking and lending services, I will refer in this article to some financial organizations in which such transactions and operations can be carried out. Before I start developing some key ideas in relation to some banks' services which is what interests you the most, I have to say that if you were curious about Postbank, it does not have a location available in the city where you reside. So instead of referring to this bank, I will make some reference to two financial entities named Izwe Bank and Ubank, which have branch offices in Bloemfontein. In order to start, I consider it would be useful to know beforehand some details about most well-known convenient locations, loan amounts, repayment options and other products offered by these two banks.

            Let’s begin exploring the options that are available in Izwe Bank and let’s see what is it that they have to offer to you there.

Izwe Bank services

            The products offered byIZWE BANK are characterized by providing flexible and accessible solutions that contribute to enhancing south African circumstances. Above all, this bank prides itself on providing easy access to a wide variety of financial solutions.

            One of the loans that are actually available if you were looking for borrowing alternatives, is the Izwe Personal Loan. Before referring to it and some of its features, it would be convenient that you have an idea of where the bank is and through which means of communication you can get in touch with an expert on the field. In this chart, you can find this information and together with other relevant and concrete details I will explore later on.

Branch Office in Bloemfontein               72 Charlotte Maxeke St, Bloemfontein Central

Izwe Contact details                                     +27 51 430 2698

Izwe Email Address Loans             

Loan amount                                                 Up to R150 000

Loan term                                                          Between 12 to 60 months

Izwe Personal Loans

            Applying for a loan with Izwe implies avoiding boresome paperwork. You wonder why? Simply because everything is done online, including application forms. Furthermore, funds are deposited in your account straight away once the loan has been approved. For that, you just have to make the repayments on time and every month. Additionally, the fact that from the very beginning installments are fixed is not a coincidence, it is designed this way so that paying back your loan does not become a nightmare.

            The requirements you have to meet to apply for an Izwe personal loan are the following:

1. Fist, have a South African ID. Your driver’s license is okay, too.

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2. Second, bank statements or payslips are also required. You will actually need three of them.

3. Third, be eighteen years and your monthly salary has to be superior to R2000.

            If you believe that Izwe has a loan option that is perfect for you, then the following step you may take is to complete an online form named Quick Check so that a consultant evaluates your situation and call you back soon. If your documents are okay, then you will be able to have access to funds within 24 hours. The loan amount you receive is determined according to your personal and financial circumstances.

            The other bank I will mention is UBANK and it is located in Bloemfontein, more specifically at  Middestad Centre, Oos Burger St, CBD. If you are part of a mining community or a rural one, then you should know that this a financial provider is mainly devoted to providing its services within this two sectors. Ubank takes into consideration mineworkers as well as their families. From the very beginning, this bank has worked hard to facilitate them money by using a linked account facility. Within Ubank, you will find some basic lending products, such as, accounts, debit cards, and lending products such as personal and home loans.

Ubank lending products: features, requirements, and quotes

            Personal loans allow you to have access to loan amounts up to R180 000 which can be payable within 6 years, that is to say, 72 months, you decide! Installments are really flexible. If you want to apply you must generate a monthly income, which implies that you are employed and you earn a salary. Besides, you have to be between 18 to 65 years of age. 

            As regards documentation, you are required to bring a proof of address, your ID or another document that verifies your identity, and in case you are not a Ubank client, you will also have to bring some bank statements (around three). In order to check if you can afford the loan, the company will evaluate your financial situation and let you know in the near future if you can repay it.

Where can I find Ubank?

            For sure, if you reside in Bloemfontein you can find a store operating in that city. The phone number of the office that is located there is +27 860 008 322. You can also send them an email through its website or over this email in case you have general inquiries.             The call center number is 086000 8322 (SA) and if it happens to you that you are outside the continent, the international number to contact them will be  +27 11 5185780.

            Pretty similar to Izwe, once your loan is approved, funds are deposited electronically but in your Ubank account.

What about application forms?

            Before you apply, you have to complete a pre-application declaration in which you will declare if you are employed or not, if you owe any debt, and most importantly, that you permit that Ubank takes a look into your Credit Bureau Check.

            In any case, you can not make up your mind don’t forget that you can speak directly to any of the bank’s representatives who will answer all your questions in just a matter of minutes. If you want to, you can also explore the banks’ sites. You will find that there are more benefits than you think! I'm sure, from now on, unexpected life circumstances won’t surprise you anymore.

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Questions and answers

Does Ubank charge any fees?

Yes! Ubank has three fees. There is an initiation fee, then a monthly service fee and then a credit life assurance premium, which counts as a fee, too.

I want more information about Ubank services, which number should I dial up?

For personal loans queries contact 086000 8322.

Does Izwe Bank charge any fees as well?

Yes, there is a monthly service fee which is charged because of your account and interest management.

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