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Are There Payday Loans Obtainable in Cape Town? Quote and Contact Information

  Currently living in Cape Town? Looking out for new ways to sustain your life? You essentially need a Pay day loan. And don’t worry, I am acquainted with two companies that can be really supportive. Cash Converters and Fin Choice.


I will give you now all the facts you must have with you regarding the Pay day loans obtainable in Cape Town:

What does the Pay day loan consist of?

   This credit line gives clients the enormous chance of accessing to R 400 and they can with time extend the number to a figure of R 4000. The good aspect of this loan is that that increase of money can be given in the short term, the next day the application is carried out.

As a QUOTE: If you are interested in getting R 400 once and you want the company to offer you 3 months financing period, then you will only need to pay fixed interest rates of about 30%.

How does it work for the clients living in Cape Town?

The clients of Cape Town will be able to obtain the money in the banking account they have provided the moment of the application. In around half an hour, the client gets to enjoy the sum fixed by the company.


-You must make sure your personal ID has updated data

-You must put forward a documentation of your house

-You must hold a decent income

-You need to be employed

-You must look for your pay slips



Inside Fin Choice, you will be able to select two main Pay day loans, each of which adapt to different needs of the clients: those that want to repay for the loan in 30 days and the ones that want 180 days to complete the repayment.

I will focus on the two of them now:

1) KwikAdvance 1 month loan

With this KIWK ADVANCE LOAN, the client can be sure that the money requested is given and that he/she can repay for in a comfortable period of just one month. Moreover, the client can make use of whatever appliance it has got near, such as a cellphone or computer and be ready to operate with the company from there.

2) The 6 month Flexi loan

This is a really flexible type of credit line, since the company gives you R 8000, being the maximum considered, which can be paid in fully 6 months. What is more, every 30 days you can make use of the money and require the firm to give you extra money. You also have access to data about the balance of the loan.


   The ways of applying to one of the loans mentioned above is really simple, since you can take advantage of phone application on 0861 346 246 and speak in a direct way to a member of the company or you can straight forward speak to a member through chat, whenever you decide to enter the website of the company from your home. You will choose the medium you consider most comfortable to deal with.


+Obtaining a sum of money that will aid you

+Not having to worry about credit records

+Possessing a good record will give you access to maximums

+Access to R 25 000

+Access to insurances for you and your relatives

+Discounts with other banking companies

+Checking on a regular basis your balance of the loan

Find the best loan of South Africa

+Avoiding long paper work

+Avoiding long queues on a physical office

+Access to multiple products and services that the company constantly develops for the clients of Cape Town


Wow, there are many ways to communicate with this ideal firm if you live in Cape Town, let’s see:


There are more than 1 section inside the website of the company and there is also one devoted to the sending of any type of message you feel like, to the different members that compose the company. You can also complete the form with the data requested, and then starting the application procedure. Usually the application carried out online does not last more than 10 minutes.


These two means of communication make it easier for future clients to talk to the members of the firm, so here you have the proper data you need to be acquainted with:87 820 4060 and an email of:


This is the chart you must look at if interested in personalized attention at an office:


Minimums of around 4000

Interest Rate

Insured and set


Car Main Road and Grove Avenue, Claremont Area

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 07:00 pm


Resident of the republic


Now let’s focus before finishing the article, on the contact data of this company in Cape Town:

By phone

This is a quick way of communicating with people of the firm, so you can dial up 0861 326 246 and then wait for a couple of minutes. This phone has a regular schedule that sticks to the one mentioned in the chart.

   In person

One of the many offices in Cape Town is located here: Wynberg, at 78 Main Road.


   If one of the ways you like to talk to people is via website, then check the online communication since in the website there are lots of data regarding application, doubts, questions, chatting and more.

   To sum up, clients that are from Cape Town and need a fast loan and money obtainable the same day, can rely on Cash Converters and Fin Choice to make that happen with a strong help from their Pay day loans. There is a big list of loans, so that clients can take a look at them, analyze their needs and then choose the one they think will give them more benefits in the long term. Both companies have designed these Pay day loans to make you achieve your dreams in an easy way!

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Questions and Answers

Can I apply for two loans?
That depends on your affordability
Are loans secured by act?
The National Credit Act of 2005
Is Fin Choice in another city?
Yes, for instance it can be found in Johannesburg

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